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Island Hospital ENT Dept / unprofessional conducts

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My name is Tony Roesli, and I am writing to place a complaint on the medical services I experienced at Penang’s Island Hospital today (Thursday, 28 March 2013).
I was booked in for a surgery to get T-tube inserted into my left ear, which is blocked due to sinusitis I have and fluid inside my ear. I have done all the necessary tests (CT Scan, audiogram, blood test, etc) the day before as the procedures required. I was told to arrive at the hospital to get registered at 7:30 this morning and so I did. Done all the paperworks and admitted into day ward D at Island Hospital, by around 11 AM, I was still lying waiting for my turn to be admitted into Operating Theatre, so I got up and inquired to the nurse on duty, but I was given a cold answer of “We don’t know what time you’d be admitted, probably a while”. I got back to my bed and waited further half an hour, but the thirst and hunger was unbearable, because I have been fasting since 10PM the night before (as instructed).
11:30, I got up and enquired again, this time more sternly, and I was given answers:
- Dr. Phang had to perform an emergency surgery on someone
- We’re still waiting for instrument for your surgery
I went down to customer relations to try to get a clearer picture of what is happening with my scheduled surgery, and was told I was supposed to be the second patient to go into the OT, but some emergency case has bumped me down. I would have understood if I was told earlier about the arrangement rather than being left in the ward hungry and thirsty with uncertainty.
I went back up and by 12:30PM, I have had enough because there was no news or updates on the situation. I changed my clothes back and went down to customer relations to cancel the surgery because I felt I have been neglected. The customer relations officers were trying to persuade me to continue with the surgery and said that dr. Phang was ready to perform the surgery on me, however she would check and re-confirm, and I waited again. 10 mins later, I was told that the T-tube that was supposed to be inserted into my left ear was not there, instead they were sent a grommet. At that point, I have lost my patience and requested a full refund on the RM2000 deposit I paid earlier that morning. And I was given everything back, the full amount, and the customer relations officer offered free lunch and coffee and a taxi ride back to my hotel along with a flask as a parting gift. However, my trip from Medan-Penang has been a waste of time, 4 days stay at a hotel (@RM140/night) and airfare of approximately RM400 has been lost in vain without getting my ear problem treated and now I have to fly to Singapore to get it done all over again.
I would like to know if I am entitled to compensation due to this unprofessional services by a hospital (mainly the doctor and nurses and related vendors; the customer relations officers have done excellent damage control and been very helpful) that reputable.

Mar 28, 2013
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  • Ta
      28th of Mar, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Dude, really? IT'S A HOSPITAL and things/emergencies happen all the time. No, you do not deserve any type of compensation for the few hours you spent waiting.

  • Al
      4th of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Island hospital overcharge people and basically they do this everyday, just make sure to ask the price even of the simple cosultaation...they are crook and they deserve to be punished

  • Al
      17th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    Island Hospital Penang is one of the worst hospital with regards to service, safety and cleanliness.

    The entrance and exit for motorists is a BIG HAPHAZARD. There is only ONE exit. The Exit and Entrance are at same place whereby, vehicles entering and exiting the hospital will have to criss-cross. Many accidents already happened but no action is being taken by the hospital management despite many complaints. I hope the government authorities or MBPP will look into this matter.

    The front porch at the main entrance lobby is another haphazard. Crowds of people are found waiting, walking, standing while looking at their mobile phones exactly on the pick-up / drop-in porch. There is not a single staff assigned by the hospital to supervise, to guide and alert the crowds against coming cars.

    The slope for wheelchairs are always occupied and blocked by people standing and looking at their mobile phones exactly on the slope which is meant for wheelchairs. Not a single staff is there to supervise and guide those bystanders and wheelchairs passing through.

    We can hardly find bellboys / concierge at the entrance of lobby or even at emergency entrance to assist patients alighting from their cars with wheelchairs. Most of the time, the drivers themselves are forced to alight from their vehicles to go in and find wheelchair for themselves and to transfer pateints from cars to wheelchairs. No staff from the hospital will attend to or assist patients with wheelchair. One must be on the lookout for concierge or usherer. The hospital "usherers" must be invited out to usher patients inside to lobby.

    The toilets at Island Hospital are ALWAYS very dirty & smelly. The toilets there are the worst in cleanliness and hygiene among all hospitals. Toilet floors are always wet and slippery. No toilet papers or hand wipes are provided. No hand soaps or detergents at toilets.

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