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I was booked for a job for a commercial with Iris Talent. After completing the job I inquired about the pay through email and the owner, La Monica Campbell said it would take 30-45 days to get compensated. After a couple of months, I followed up with another phone calls and emails and each time it was a different excuse to delay payment. Another month went by and I emailed her and called her, still no response. I found out that they had moved locations and changed numbers. I called that number and the owner, La Monica Campbell said I should get the check within 2 days. I did not.

I was fed up so I threatened to sue her and take her to a small claims court. She finally agreed to write me a check 100 days later (there's a 30-90 days grace period for Agency's to pay you as a talent) which was long overdue. She told me I had to pick it up from her accountant. I picked up the check of $850 but it was post-dated to a week later. La Monica informed me to cash it and not deposit it. I went to the multiple times and tried to cash the check but each time the bank tell told her Iris Talent Agency did not have enough funds to cover the $850 check.

I was so frustrated and furious. I emailed La Monica Campbell that writing a bad check is a fraud and is considered a crime. She finally agreed to wire some of the money to me of $400 than the next day- the rest of the balance of $450. She later told me she also cancelled the check for $850.

She did wire me the $400 but I am still waiting on the rest.

Not only is the owner of the agency unethical but also will lie to your face. She had me running around just to get paid for the money I'm entitled to. I am in the process of filing a small claim on Iris Talent Agency and going to the Police about this Agency.

For aspiring actors and models. Please, do your research and know your rights. Avoid scams such as Iris Talent Agency.
It's been 5 months now since I have not gotten paid.

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      Feb 07, 2011

    The exact same thing happened to me. She was my agent for nearly 2 years and was totally on the up and up. Then, I booked my first job (on my own) and brought her in on it. I booked the job a year and a half ago and thus far she has only paid me 7% of the total owed to me and this was only b/c I got SAG involved. However since it was a non-union job, SAG couldn't threaten her anymore and she didn't pay any more. I eventually contacted a lawyer; she signed a Confession of Judgement, but has since not upheld the payment deadline in the confession. I'm currently working with my lawyer to take her to small claims court. Please do not sign with this agency. From what I understand she is quite underwater.

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