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1 Everett, WA, United States Review updated:

This company cleary needs to be investigated. I have always had great credit. In 2004 I co-signed on an apt. for my child at the Trillium Union Hills, Phoenix Az. In April 2006 she finished school, was moving back to california so she moved. We worked with the Mgt. Company, Trillium Residential to coordinate the move out. We even signed a release. Since then I've purchased vehicles, opened other credit cards, ect. It wasn't until Aug. this year when I applied for a loan that I was told there was collection activity in the amount of $7, 780.00 owed to IQ Data Systems... Of course this was a mistake so I contacted them. Immediately they requested my SS# which I refused to provide so they rep became very nasty... I was transferred around until I got to Jason... I requested that he provide details on this activity at which point he refused stating it was too late a judement had already been filed and I'm being sued. I had never even heard of this company.. I contacted them to try and clear it up... Instead I'm threatend with civil action... When I asked when I was billed, served ect., I was told they didn't have to provide that information... It was too late... I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, Karen, who immediatley got on the phone and told me they didn't have to provide any info... at which time I told her I'll just go to the "original creditor" listed.. She immediatley threatend to have a Judement inforced... I again formally requested the documentation to support the collection activity and again was refused... AND SHE EVEN TOLD ME THAT GOING TO THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WAS AGAINST THE LAW NOW THAT THEY HAVE THE ACCT... I IMMEDIATELY CALLED HER OUT ON THIS AND ASKED WHAT LAW... AT THAT POINT I WAS DISCONNECTED... Not 15 minutes later I received a call from DOUG JONES who represented himself as an Attorney at IQ Data Systems.. Who told me that if I didn't pay them the total balance owed... that week they would begin wage garnishments... Since then he's called me daily with threats... I feel fortunate at this point as I did go to the original creditor who had sold the bldg. to a different owner. I got letters from the current owners confirming I owen no debt.. I got another letter from the Collection Dept of the Trillium and a copy of my rental history (which didn't come easy) showing at time of move out I owed $262.00... I provided this to the credit reporting agencies and to date (2) have updated my credit to show paid... I'm also getting daily calls from DOUG JONES WHO CONTINUES TO TRY AND GET ME TO PAY THEM... HE'S NOW OFFERING ME A DEAL... HE'LL ACCEPT $5, 500 TO MAKE IT GO AWAY... I'M READY TO SUE THIS FOOL... IN ADDITION... Once I told them I was trying to clear this up so I can finalize a loan...DOUG JONES... THREATED TO SUE THE LOAN COMPANY INDICATING IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW FOR THEM TO LOAN ME $$$ WHEN THERE'S A JUDEMENT WHICH BY THE WAY IS NOT REFLECTED ON MY CREDIT ANYWHERE... SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS PRACTICE... MY DAUGHTER'S RENT WAS ONLY $650/MO!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE... I recommend everyone start sending letters to the BBB, Attorney Generals Office and also, begin the dispute process with the credit agencies... it worked for me... actually, to date IQ Data Systems continues to call not knowing I've already corrected my report to reflect zero balances owed... GOOD LUCK

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  • St
      31st of Aug, 2011
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    IQ Data Systems and IQ Data International are two completely different companies and not related or affiliated in any way. The rent collection company you are referring to is IQ Data International, not IQ Data Systems.

  • Mj
      6th of Jul, 2012
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    My boyfriend got a call from a Doug Jones at this same company a little over a week ago saying that he owed $5, 000 or so for an apartment that his ex-wife forged his name on before they were married. He didn't state that he was an attorney but my boyfriend told him that he wouldn't give any credit card info. The guy started yelling at him over the phone when my boyfriend told him to send the info to our new address so he could send money orders to pay it off...this 'Doug' just yelled and hung up on him. We tried calling them back and the rep we talked to wouldn't let us talk to a manager. The next time we called we talked to a Dale Kane in the legal department...which was a joke. Dale didn't seem to be well versed in law and told Josh (my boyfriend) that his family attorneys wouldn't have a case for a counter suit when IQ Data sued him. We have been getting all sorts of scam calls so obviously we didn't trust some company that called out of the blue 5 years after the lease was over. We totally agree with you and these people should be shut down.

  • Da
      31st of Aug, 2012
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    Me and my husband rented an apartment 6 years ago and was evicted due to him getting lade off and not being able to pay the rent on time. At the time we moved out we had paid our rent and didn't even get our damage deposit back when there were no damages. We thought we owed no money, until we get a call from Doug Jones from IQ data 5 years later saying we owe $2600 due in back rent. We know this is not right considering we moved out the same month as the eviction date and our rent was only $800 a month. We even got papers when we moved saying we owed no money but unfortunately we can't find them any were and the apartment complex has sold to a new company. Doug Jones kept harassing us and threatened to sue us. This is ridiculous we are now paying him so our wages do not get garnished, but we know we don't owe this money but have no way to prove it. This company is bull [censored] and should be shut down. It's kinda ridiculous when they wait 5 years to contact us and let all that interest build up so we owe a lot more. I know they could have contacted us a lot sooner cause we just moved into our house and not even 2 weeks later we got a letter in the mail from them. They are scammers that let interest build up so high so they make more money then go to sue you before the 6 year law.

  • En
      13th of Mar, 2013
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    A few days ago I went to rent an apartment. The apt management told me that I owe money from an apartment I lived in almost 5 years earlier. I know for a fact the I left Granite Bay in Phoenix AZ in good standing. I even got my deposit back. Now I have to deal with this and I cant even find a valid address or phone number anywhere on IQ Data. Are these people legit why cant I find any valid info on them. How can they start calling me almost 5 years later after I decided to move again? I will deal with the credit reporting agency but that will take months to resolve. If anybody has any info on this company that would be very helpful.

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