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IPA aka International Pomsky Association / Fraud

Posted: Apr 22, 2017 by   User 
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Texas, United States
This Association started as a Pomsky registry should be renamed the International Spitz association because they no longer care about breeding pomskies but using any spitz and calling it a pomsky. I was told by Curve Hill Pomskies that my pomsky was Siberian and Pomeranian and it clearly is NOT! It was Siberian, eskimo and Keeshond. Then I don't deal with Mary Fraley of Curve Hill Pomskies but the guy who runs her website and Facebook page and customer Brian Ugorek. How she is supplying IPA breeders with their dogs knowing they are NOT pomskies! They are all calling them Pomskies. I am outraged.

IPA aka International Pomsky AssociationIPA aka International Pomsky Association

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N  2nd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Best Best Advice Agree Disagree +6 Votes
Anastasia420 AKA T.C. Pomskies AKA Tanya Flores-Calderon - You are a liar, a fraud, & a hypocrite. You sold many Huskimo litters as Pomskies telling your customers they were F1 50/50s without disclosure to them.. ie: Huskimo Louie, Luna, Abby, Eowyn, Trey, Tianna, Xena, Fara, Mercedes, and many many more. You built your business selling Huskimos as Pomskies to the tune of 3000.00 + You & Joanne Humphrys of Humphrys Pomskys aka Cocoafrost Pomskies defended them as Pomskies, and deleted anyone the questioned you stating they were the same breed. Now that you have it out for Mary you are trying to smear her name. SHAME ON YOU!!! I am outraged!

N  3rd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
@CallingYouOut Maybe you should check your information before you go making derogatory comments about a breeder. Humphrys Pomskys purchased a husky cross Eskimo when they were IPA members since the IPA was and is on board with registering them as pomskies when in fact they are huskimo. Humphrys Pomskys will have defended it as that was and is the IPA guidance at the time but in no way have they ever deleted anyone or anything of such nature. You can't shoot someone down in flames when they are just following an associations guidelines at the time but a husky cross Eskimo is not a pomsky it is a huskimo. Breed an F1 pomsky to an F1 huskimo and you do have f2 pomsky.
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@CallingYouOut I don't know who you are, but Thank You for the support.
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +4 Votes
@Mary Fraley That was intended for Anastasia420.
N  5th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
So let me get this straight one of Mary Fraley of Curve Hill Pomskies customers finally filed a complaint Mary can't delete and now I'm to blame and she takes a shot at Joanne too?! How is your dog flipping our issue? Just so everyone know I'm Tanya of Tcpomskies and I use to sell dogs for Mary Fraley for almost 2 yrs and in those two yrs she's been on scam report (got me on there too thanks to her shady practices) and she's numerous complaints but most she deleted. This customer contacted me begging me for help because Mary lied to her .. once again Mary threatens to sue her for slander etc.. the same thing she did to Lisa Mitchell of M.I. Pomskies when she wrote the scam report. Mary has bred two litters of pomskies (I think) because they weren't DNA'd.. but the rest were NOT her litters. Now IPA is acting like they are a legit association.. what they forget is I helped Snowoof Pomskies start that association and I left once I realized she was too weak to actually regulate and control the website and the breeders. She was supposed to require DNA on all dogs and verify breedings.. now they state Parental DNA which is the most falsified DNA test on the market is accurate. Now they say they accept any spitz breed as a pomsky so According to them a Huskimo is a Pomsky. It is NOT. Why would you pay $2500-3500 for a dog that you can buy for $800-1200? If you do you're stupid. If you want to buy any of Mary Fraley's dogs buy them directly from the breeders themselves and cut out the middle man. You can contacted Larry at Huskimos.com or Leroy Yoder at 330-401-5706 or Lancaster pets where she looks for other Amish breeders to purchase from. Don't worry Mary threaten to sue me.. problem is when I took back your cell phone I got access to all your voicemails too. Want to hear the messages?
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Tcpomskies Oh, my God. Where to start here.
First of all thank you for FINALLY posting something under you name. Rather than contacting people behind my back with your lies. I've been waiting 6 months for that.
This pup has nothing to do with you, and you know nothing about this situation.
The customer did not contact you! You contacted her looking for dirt when she posted something on Pomsky Corner. Then continued to cause drama there. As a result you were banned from the site. (I should say ANOTHER site, you are banned from many)
The reality is you are bitter because you were fired! And afterwards you actually had to get a JOB! You have bad mouthed me to anyone that would listen since you were Fired! You have contacted customers that have purchased pups since you were FIRED! Trying to interfere with my business that has NOTHING to do with you! Then you tell everyone that I'm harassing you? No, I'm responding to your lies. And unlike you... I'll say what I have to say to you.
You sold hundreds of my pups and you always knew what their mixes were. Some were mixed with Pom and some were mixed with Eskimo. You even posted it on your website. And told some customers, others you didn't .
Yes I work with other breeders. You knew that from the beginning. Everyone did and I never denied it. That's also none of your business! But they were all warned about you, especially after your ego took over and your forgot who you were working for. When I fired you, you contacted those breeders (so yes you knew who they were) And you contacted the new breeders that proudly posted pics of the pups that they were including in their breeding programs. All of them told you off didn't they? I have those messages too.
About my 'so called illness' It's called MS. You remember my stay in the hospital right? Or maybe you don't since you never contacted me to see if I was okay. Even then I was transporting pups that you made money off of. I blacked out and crashed totaling the car I was driving.? But again I'm sure you don't remember.. when my daughter called you to tell you what happened. You asked about the pups, but not if the two of us were ok.
That's the day I decided that you had to go. THATS WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Even now on the posts you are making fun of my illness, which you have many times since I was diagnosed.
My friends and family have told me many times that I needed to let you go. You have been rude and demanding with every one of them. Even my youngest daughter. I knew that all of this would happen when I Let you go. But it was still worth it, not to have to listen to you rant about customers, breeders and all of your BS. I I figured you out a long time ago.
You are one of those people that crave attention, and negative attention is better than none at all isn't it? This is why you fight with everyone. It makes you feel important. It's sad really!

You built your business selling KY pups, Eskimo mixes and Pom mixes. You had about 2000 followers on FB when you contacted me asking to sell my dogs. So Yes, Ms Calderon without the marketing dollars that were brought in for selling my pups. You wouldn't have what you have now. The breeding world knows this and many have told you that. So you need to deflate your ego. You are not Queen Pomsky, you do not set the standard for the Pomsky breed. You are one breeder that has a big mouth, trash talks everyone who doesn't bow down to you. And frankly we are all sick of it. Most have chosen to try and ignor you. I would do the same, if you would stop making posts like this and stop messaging my customers. But if your need for attention is so bad that you do things like this, I'll call you out on everything! I have nothing to hide. Im willing to take everything public if that's what you want. Personal and business. I know many people who would love to see it. What you fail to realize there are people on your page that just stay to see the train wreck. 😊 They are laughing at you and your rants. They send me the screen shots of your bla bla bla about everyone who has better looking pups than you do. ( and that includes most breeders) Your ego has caused you to become entertainment.
Maybe you need to stop and think about that for a second.
N  22nd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Tcpomskies I know what messages were on the phone. Dan asking if I wanted to try and sell his Aussi mixes, and Leroy asking if I was going to transport two Huskies for him. And about a dozen ignored messages from you. 😊 So stop acting like it's anything from you. I don't answer my phone when I'm driving. And I never erase anything. That's why I have hundreds of messages from you that can disapprove every lie that you are telling now.
N  6th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
Mary Fraley of Curve Hill Pomskies is nothing more than a dog flipper. I, Tanya, the owner of T.C.Pomskies opened T.C.&Curve Hill LLC because I sold Marys litters and a litter from Maine Aim, Acacia pomskies and studded for Arctic Design & Spice the Pomsky(I was required to per contract never again). I closed T.C.& Curve Hill Pomskies because Mary lost her mind literally and began to do as she pleased .. making mistakes w genders, not answering customers calls or emails, sending out sick dogs (worms, coccidia, Giardia, ear infections, etc), not showing parents, not doing DNA tests unless they were Parental (because they could be falsified), not providing updates on time, not showing mom w puppies, not showing videos and not allowing customers to her home. So as I told her I was no longer happy with our arrangement she not only accused me of hiding money which wasn't possible, but selling her dogs as breeders and then when I said I'd had enough of her irrational behavior which was always due to her so-called illnesses she started to threaten me. She would lash out for days and then call to apologize and tell me I was the best to work with... She threatened to tell people that I knew she reverse bred, which I didn't, she threatened to tell people that she wasn't the breeder and I knew which I didn't, she always told me she had some part in it.. ex) her stud, her females, she supplied a dog etc.. NOT true. She then threatened to not send me my stud, she threatened to not ship the last two litters and then she threatened to run with the money and say I stole it. So I kept her on until all pups were delivered and I got my stud. The last litter she sold where somehow she doubled sold one puppy, one ended up with a broken foot, and with those two customers she changed the pups out because she was wrong about eye colors.. regardless it was too much and I worked on dissolving the LLC. Which I did. Now she is working w IPA to claim that it doesn't matter what spitz you breed together it's a Pomsky. Let me explain something.. the IPA is not a legit organization.. you will never hear from the actual founder which is Snowoof Pomskies. You will only hear from her spokes person Pomsky Northerns or one of her flunkies.. they are not recognized by AKC nor will they ever be because they don't follow any quidelines. Joanne and I have been working hard w other breeders to not only come up with a breed standard but a legitimate club. Anyone who owns a Pomsky should be able to perform a DNA test and have it come up exactly what it's supposed to.. a Siberian and a Pomeranian.. unless the breeder tells you ahead of time there is a 3rd and 4th line. NEVER a Parental DNA test unless YOU the customer are performing it WITH the breeder and leaving with it. Any breeder you buy from should be able to not only show pictures of the puppy with the mom in the same shot but also provide you video within minutes of asking so you can see them and know they are being raised indoors. If you don't do this then don't blame the breeder, blame yourself.
N  6th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
This is the poor customer who ended up buying Mary Fraley's Pomsky and ended up with some other mix..

N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Tcpomskies First this lady did not contact you. You are nobody. You contacted her.
Her DNA test was bogus. She wouldn't tell. Me who did it, or submit another, even when I offered to pay for it. Nor would she return the pup for a refund.
In case no one told you, You don't work for me any longer! I fired you!!! And yes I did have to threaten you with legal action to get the LLC with my company name shut down. I'm sure that you know I have those messages. 😊 And why did you create that again? Because I have that one too. But unlike you, I'll save that for the right time and right place. I've been waiting for you to get comfortable enough to stop hiding behind your buddies and sign your name to something. Don't bother trying to take it down. Too late. I've already saved them.
N  6th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
This is the result of another one of Curve Hil Pomskies Dogs from the litter from the scam report .. Havasu which Mary has on her page as bred by her .. owner is Sue out of Arizona who provided this to me
As Mary said These are her dogs not mine.. on the scam report she states I had nothing to do with this litter she asked me for help selling them. She stated to me the mom was an F1 pomsky and dad was her pom.. then she told me later she used her own stud. Then it turned out it was a Piekbald Siberian when in fact it was a Merle Siberian because the mom was a mutt and not a true Siberian. She threatened to Sue M.I.Pomskies as well if she used her name that's on the scam report to. I found out about the scam report about a month later from Mustain Pomskies ... I had no clue any of this was going on.. then sue contacted me ..

N  20th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Tcpomskies Tanya, I told you about the report. I have those convos. You were trying to do damage control. And YOU convinced the owner that the DNA report was flawed. I also saw those messages to Sue. The owner of the dog above. Now you are using it to call me a fraud.??? You are a real piece of work!!! You called and cursed Lisa and YOU threatened to sue her and call the IRS . Not me. What I said to Lisa is posted on the complaint. As far as me causing your name to be posted on a complaint board? I would think that someone who has an entire page dedicated to exposing their lies on FB would be used to it all by now.


I have yet to expose you on here. But I don't mind doing it.
N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Mary Fraley I did not breed this dog or sell this dog. I transported and took this dog to the vet. I only recouped what I was out for transportation and vet bills. Tanya, you sold this dog to one of your customers on your waitlist. Because you couldn't produce pups for years. Anyone who was around back then knows that. I was only breeding Poms at the time.
N  6th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
Here is the copy I obtained of the so-called "Pomsky" sold to Joanne Humphrys .. Breeder:Larry Boston
Breed: Huskimo and guess what he owns ? Huskimo.com which is where Luna, Bentley and all the other dogs up above Mary Fraley listed as hers that I sold for her. The others came from Leroy Yoder and Dan .. Amish breeders from Lancaster puppies

N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Tcpomskies You aquired it? How about I SENT IT WITH MY HUSBAND when HE took the two dogs to the U.K.? Why would I do that if I were trying to hide anything? You and Joanne both knew what mix Xena was. And at our last convo she intends on breeding her soon.
So stop trying to make it look like I did something wrong.
D  19th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
This is Mary from Curvehill Pomskies.
I have spoken to Tanya (TC Pomskies) and she claims that she didn't post the above comments. I also spoke to the customer who this is supposed to be about. She says that she didn't file the complaint.
As the breeding world knows, Tanya and I are no longer working together. And whoever is posting this stuff... needs to get a life. You have way too much time on your hands.
It's no secret that I work with other breeders I always have. My closet breeding partner is a USDA certified breeder, of more than just Pomskies. His faith is his business. I wish half of the breeders involved in Pomskies had his integrity. I for one don't judge others on their personal religious beliefs, It's not my place. That statement offends me more than the lies about me. You are a disgusting person. What a world we live in, where someone's religion is viewed in
a negative way. especially by someone who is emotionally disturbed enough to post all of this.
If anyone reading this has concerns. Feel free to contact me personally. Life is too short and I'm too busy for these childish games.
My Pomskies can be registered. That is all that I have to say. If Anyone doesn't agree with that, that's on you. But until the breed standard is established, majority rules. And I have three lines that are all classified and are regesterable as Pomskies. Anyone else's opinion is just that. Their opinion, and they need to keep it to their self, or at least have the courage of their conviction and stop pretending to be someone else.
D  19th of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
As it turns out Tanya admitted to writing the comments above after all. I tried to speak to her reasonably once again today. But she did what she always does when she gets caught in a lie. She blocked me. Lol some gifts just keep on giving long after they have been discarded. It's time to put an end to this. So much for the high road.
N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -5 Votes
@Mary Fraley No I, Tanya, told you that I did not write the initial post on here regarding you and your customer complaint. But I did in fact respond when you or your buddies dragged my name into it ... I have nothing to do with this dog mentioned, it's failed DNA test or anything else regarding this sale. I obviously didn't lie as I told you via messenger that I wrote MY response that says MY name. You keep contacting me not the other way around. You admit to stalking my personal page and having others take snapshots. I'm sorry your so bored but that's what happens when you're not the one actually breeding. If you don't mind I'd like to move on.. stop bothering me. I'll unblock you if you want to pay my phone bill but otherwise my phone isn't for you to message me with all day. I told you to stop and you keep going. 3 lines that are classified and registered through who? IPA? πŸ˜‚ IPA isn't even a recognized association or club if they were they'd be on AKC's page as a new breed club recognized first to show and then you have to have a breed standard. None of you have that. None of you DNA and parental DNA is not a DNA test unless the customer is there while you are performing it. Keep trying.
N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +4 Votes
@Tcpomskies I messaged you, to try and be civil, not because I like talking to you. Lol. I'm not the type to make anonymous posts or talk behind your back. If I have something to say to you. I will say it to you. And I would be happy to take this private. But you start something that you can't finish, and block me like you do everyone else. Coward!
But I'm very happy that you were finally woman enough to put your name on something. I find it odd that this complaint 1) attacks the IPA and me 2) is on the same complaint board that you attacked Apex on when she let you go too.
You post BS about me and others who don't associate with you almost daily. That not only shows you're a nasty person. But that you have a guilty conscious. As long as you continue to slander me. I will continue to respond.
And you have nerve enough to even use the word registration? Or did you finally get some dogs that have registration? πŸ˜‚ That would be a switch.
I had really hoped that you would evolve into a better person. But apparently not.
Everything that you posted above is a lie. And we both know it. So you tell me do you honestly believe that I won't expose you??? Really??? After all of the time that we worked together, have you not figured out that you can't bully me?
Everyone who knows you, knows who is keeping this going. You live for drama. Fight with everyone! And we traced the IP address on the original post. You are as transparent as glass.
My customers are sick of you contacting them. And your customers are sick of your rants. Your true personality is showing Ms Calderon. You may want to put your mask back on.
N  21st of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +5 Votes
@Mary Fraley Also, you said that you would take it down if, I could find out who Wrote the first reply and get them to take your name off of it. So you did post it. Otherwise how can you take it down?
N  23rd of Jun, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +4 Votes
@Tcpomskies No Pomsky breeder has AKC registration (YET) You certainly don't!
The reason for the IPA is to track DNA of the foundation lines. The same way AKC and CKC does. SO YES THEY Do require DNA to registerTanya! You were totally on board with the IPA when you convinced me to join . 😊 Your problem came when you tried to take over. Like you do everything. You fought with them, and they called you out. You did not found IPA. And you did not leave because of me. You left because they created a Classified page...and did not want you to have anything to do with it. Once again you over estimated your worth to the program.
I'll say it again. You are one person! You do not have CONTROL over what other breeders decide to do in our programs. I know that really upsets you, because in your mind you are everyone's boss. None of us has anything to prove to you. I think all of this makes it very clear why I ended the partnership! You need to stop saying that you did. Just another of your twisted truths. We call it the TC shuffle😊

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