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Internet Biz / Fraudulent charge

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I received a charge on my credit card in the amount of $38.99 today from a company claiming that we had signed up for a work from home program in March 2009 and this was their annual charge. I told them that we had never signed up for this and I wanted a refund and for them to remove my card from their system. Some rude foreign guy told me that he could cancel my account but he doesn't know who charges the card since they are a third party account management company. I told him that was a bunch of bull and there was someone in his company that could tell me who charged my card for this which he in return told me that he was the only one there that could help me!! But he assured me that he was going to cancel my "account". I then called my bank and immediately cancelled my card and asked for a new number which they did. I was able to dispute this charge since it was only a pre-auth. This worry's me since we have been using that card online for x-mas shopping lately.

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  • Ca
      30th of Nov, 2010

    I forgot to add that the phone number this came from was 888-495-7634.

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  • An
      1st of Dec, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me, exactly. I canceled my card and am going to dispute the charges after they hard post to my account.

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  • Pi
      1st of Dec, 2010

    i had the same thing happen to me. they charged me $58.00 my CC company called me to verify an hour ago.

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  • Ak
      1st of Dec, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. The amount was 38.99. I just called my bank and canceled my card. Now I have to file a dispute with my card company.

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  • Li
      1st of Dec, 2010
    Internet Biz - Fraudulent Charge-$38.99
    Internet Biz
    United States

    WOW. This company is total BS. I wanted to look into working at home and got some email claiming to make it a cinch or something cheesy like that. I joined, but the more filling in the blanks and pages I got through the more I realized they were really trying to sucker me for loads of money. Before I'd finished filling everything out, I canceled my membership and thought nothing more about it (that was at least 4 or 5 months ago). UNTIL today when I saw they were trying to charge my bank account $38.99! At the time I canceled the FIRST time they told me I would still have to pay like $2.99 or something for something they were sending me in the mail, which was no big deal (at the time it still seemed legit and they were polite). I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING FROM THEM, so I'm not even sure what the $2.99 was for! And now they've fraudulently charged my bank account! Be careful who you give info to! I've been harrassed for the last two months my telemarketers also (5 + calls a day), and I'm pretty positive it's through this company. I also got a very rude call from someone trying to get me to sign up for something else at "ONLY $2.99." I'm convinced they're all connected, I never give my cell phone number out to anyone I don't know, or rather haven't until I unfortunately ran into this company. I called my bank to get my debit card canceled so they can't do this again and then called Internet Biz to complain (loudly). When I got put through it was to some dude in India and the connection line was so bad it was distracting and confusing at times. He told me his company was just a 3rd party to the real one (whatever the hell that means) and then asked me for my phone number and email address (I almost didn't, thinking it had to be a trick). In the end, he claimed he had totally canceled everything and all my info...WE'LL SEE...either way they can't charge my bank account!

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  • No
      2nd of Dec, 2010

    I just looked at my bank statement after I did some Christmas shopping online and noticed a 38.99 fee from this company. I have never dealt with them before. I am going to go to my bank tomorrow to get this figured out.

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  • Ix
      16th of Dec, 2010

    i just have a recent charge of 70 dollar. can you please send me there number so i can call them i cancel mine last week already! please email me at [protected] im super mad.

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  • Fr
      24th of Jan, 2011

    please close out my account because i am selling out and moving and getting new bank card

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