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Intergrated Bedding Group / Bad service

1 1724 S GROVE AVEOntario, CA, United States

I purchased a Simmons Beauty Rest cal king mattress from Easy Life furniture in Laguna hills and within 1 week of the delivery I reported a problem with the mattress as it was sagging and the pillow top was not holding it surface with the mattress base.

Easy life sent out a request to Integrated Bedding group and a very rude 'technician' of theirs came to inspect and based on his findings - IBG sent a letter that everything is fine with the mattress and nothing can be done.

We used the mattress and after a few months both me and my wife have developed Muskuloskeltal and gastric problems and I now have a bad shoulder because of the wrong posture continuously sleeping on this faulty mattress and my wife has a bad knee . We have spent a few hundred dollars already on medical because of this mattress - It shapes like a boast after you sit/lie on it. The Pillow top is not holding its surface and you get bulges on the portion where there is no weight.

We filed another complaint with Easy Life and recently another technician form IBG named � �Hulio� came for inspection - fortunately he was not rude like the first one and he admitted that there is a problem with the mattress and it is not right and he did write all the findings and measurements on his form and told me that he also observed a stain and needs to report it - which was fine as there is a faint stain from a soft drink.

To our utter surprise this time also IBG sent out a letter stating there is nothing wrong and we are responsible for the stain - well they are not looking at their own technician's findings and there is not mention of it at all and making an excuse about the stain which was not there when we first complained about the mattress within first week of use.

It says Warranty covers manufacturing defects � yes sir the mattress is definitely defective. Any layman can tell that it does not require a technician to figure that out.

It is high time someone should pull up this companies for this 'mattress scam', they are making insane margins on sub-standard products where they can afford to pay dealer margins and can also afford 2 visits from IBG technicians.

I am going to send this letter to Simmons, IBG and to all other competitors of theirs - Sealy, Serta etc. ( I hope they are not a part of this scam too ) along with consumer court and LA times, OC register to bring these cheats to light.

I saw numerous complaints about this scam at also -

I congratulate IBG on being a faithful �Watchdog� for Simmons and not allowing their sub-standard and faulty products to get exposed. They are so professional (read con) that they don�t even print their contact details on the letters (there is no letterhead) they send out except a PO box return address on the envelope and there is no website even where you can find a contact.


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