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Intercapital Freight Forwarding / Scam to use bank of america credit card to purchase items

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Company responded to a resume for a job. Company had job candidate complete fake job application, background checks, etc... Company had potential job candidate believe they was in a job training class that would last 5 weeks. Company sent candidate daily study material with a weekly test. After 2 weeks, company informed candidate they was selected to take part in a part-time project to earn extra money while still taking the 5 week training. After candidate agreed to engaged in the part time project, company sent candidate the following: i'm writing to let you know that i've set up an interesting project for you in our procurement department – something to keep you occupied and earn you some pocket-money whilst you're doing the training. We're currently opening a new office in europe and they need several items of equipment – things like laptops, cameras and phones. Apparently, our procurement department won't be able to find any reasonably priced suppliers for at least another month, and obviously the office needs the equipment in order to be up and running in time for the official opening. The department have therefore decided to take on part-time managers to source the necessary items until they sign a permanent agreement with the suppliers. You've done well in the test; your resume is very impressive so you should have no problem getting onto the program. The position comes with a salary of $400 a week. There will be approximately 5 hours' work per week. The job will mainly involve purchasing computer equipment online – laptops, scanners, printers and the like. Finance will send you a manual explaining how to access funds and make payments. If you have any questions in that area, please contact them immediately. As well as your salary, they will also be sending your commission on a weekly basis. You won't be required to share any of your personal information. The job will run concurrently with your stage one training, i. E. It finishes after you've taken your final training test. It's not only a nice way to earn a little extra cash, it'll also give you some great practical experience, which will be a distinct advantage in the long run. Furthermore, it'll earn you some extra training points, which will come in very handy against the stiff competition in fl. If you're interested in applying (And I strongly advise it) , just let me know and i'll pass the info on to the training department. By the way, if you do take this job it will improve your prospects significantly and double the size of your training paycheck ($3, 600 instead of standard $1, 800). It'll also put you in line for a much better paid position with the company. The project is due to start tomorrow, so please let me know asap. Next email the following day: congratulations! Another flawless test. Terrific work! Study 5-2 is attached for your inspection. Good news on the job front. I got the go-ahead an hour ago and i'll be sending you the details later today. Best regards, george a. Dorsey, special projects - [protected] intercapital freight forwarding (Usa) co. , ltd. Next email the following day: good news – you've got the part-time project. The job basically involves the following 2 steps. Step 1: transfer po (Purchase order) money from intercapital account to your credit card; step 2: procure, purchase and ship po equipment in accordance with a detailed list of specifications. Please find the manual for step 1 attached. This explains how to apply for the funds you'll be using to purchase the equipment. Read it carefully, and let me know if you have any questions. Throughout the project, you will first receive the payment and only then you will process the purchase order. I'll be sending the intercapital account details later today along with the instructions and list of specifications from the supply department. I'll also be sending the final part of your instructions.In the meantime, please read through the manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the procedure. I've attached samples from two banks, but the procedure is the same for all the major banks. Please note: you will not be required to use any of your own money or share your personal information (Account numbers) on this project. As soon as you confirm that you understand the procedure, i'll forward you the intercapital bank details and the equipment specs list. Best regards, george a. Dorsey, special projects - [protected] intercapital freight forwarding (Usa) co. , ltd. Bank of america all payments can be made by phone. Please call the number on the back of your card. Or on-line: to make a payment on your bank of america credit card please follow the steps: - enroll your bank of america® credit card in online banking by visiting Cgi?Section=gslsignin&update=yes&cookiecheck=yes - once enrolled, log-in and go to the “bill pay and e-bills” tab. Click "go to bill pay". - click on "add payment account". Enter account info provided by our manager. - then click “pay bills” tab, select your credit card and click “pay”. - choose the account you just created, enter date and authorized amount. Click “continue” - done. Next email the following day: the project guides and instructions are ready for you. According to the accountants, the funds for the po are expected to arrive 1 working day after the application is made (See the manual for how to apply). You've been put on the list of authorized users for this account, limited to requesting the po amount. Log into your online credit card account and transfer the payment from the intercapital ff account to yours. The manuals are for chase and american express, but the procedure is more or less the same for all cards.In most cases (Bank of america for example) , the easiest way is to apply by phone. Intercapital ff account: routing number: [protected] account type: checking account number: [protected] authorized amount: 6, 939.00 please apply today. Complete the po as soon as the payment arrives. If you manage to get the transfer sorted out today, the money should be on your account by tomorrow morning. Let me know if you have any problems. As soon as the payment arrives on the account, please buy 4 (Four) apple macbooks from your nearest best buy store. Go to the nearest usps office and send the order via usps priority mail express international to the address on the po list. The po should be addressed to the broker or duty manager, not to intercapital ff, because the office has not yet been officially opened and equipment has been known to get lost. The payment will appear on your card one working day after you apply. It's very important to make sure the payment has been credited to your account before going ahead with the po. As soon as it is has, print out the po list and take it to usps. Keep the po list, all your receipts and any other paperwork for the monthly report. As you can see, the po includes $5, 596 for equipment, $503 for tax (Approximately 9% sales tax) , $440 shipping and handling fees and $400 for your commission, which you can cash through atm. Anything that's left over, goes towards your commission. Finance says no need to reimburse anything to the company. The usps shipment is unlikely to exceed $100 per item. Pack and send everything in usps boxes. Don't forget to keep the po list and all receipts. The list is a company document, and as such will be needed for the report later next week. Please confirm as soon as you get the po and let me know when you apply for the po payment. I know our accounting manuals are sometimes a little vague in places, but I assure you the procedure is much simpler than it looks at first glance. All you need to do is pay off your current balance with the company's account information and use the payoff amount to charge your card for new purchases. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask. Finally, please note that the commission ($400) is included in the authorized amount, and you will receive it together with the po funds. Thank you, best regards, george a. Dorsey, special projects - [protected] intercapital freight forwarding (Usa) co. , ltd. Followup email please, note that your credit limit = available credit + current (Outstanding) balance so the maximum you can apply for is your current balance. They also call it outstanding balance in some banks. This rule doesn't apply if you use bank of america credit card - they don't have current balance restriction. You can also use multiple cards to request the po money. Please apply and keep me updated as you proceed. Best regards, george a. Dorsey, special projects - [protected] intercapital freight forwarding (Usa) co. , ltd. Here is the purchase order intercapital freight forwarding co. Us branch: 247 centre street new york, ny 10013 u. S. A. Phone/fax: [646] 395 9740 equipment department ny city, ny / europe project purchase order the following number must appear on all related correspondence, shipping papers, and invoices: p. O. Number: 985-4012 to: intercapital freight forwarding co. , ua ship to: manager-on-duty: anna ortman address: ul. Salutna 29b - 34 city/country: kiev, ukraine zip: 04111 phone: +[protected] *shipping method: usps priority express mail international® p. O. Date requisitioner shipped via f. O. B. Point terms 12/23/15 eu dept. Ny equipment dept. — - office equipment qty unit description unit price total 2 — - macbook pro mf839 13-inch: 2.7ghz, 128gb $1, 299.00 $2, 598.00 2 — - macbook pro mf840 13-inch: 2.7ghz, 256gb $1, 499.00 $2, 998.00 — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - subtotal $5, 596.00 sales tax 9% $503.00 shipping & handling $440.00 other — - total $6, 539.00 1. Please send via usps, united states postal service, priority express mail international® 2. Please save a tracking number and send to your assigned manager g. Dorsey 3. Please notify us immediately if you are unable to ship as specified. Manger in charge: george a. Dorsey, ny dept manager in training: xxx - xx, ny dept commission sent: $400.00 authorized by equipment department of intercapital freight forwarding co. , ny.

Jan 3, 2016
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  • An
      4th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    My husband was solicited by them as well. His emails were verbatim to what you reported. The website is now down, but when conducting research I found all of the addresses belong to other businesses, all phone and fax numbers are the same, and the New York number is a VOIP, which means they can be anywhere.

  • Sa
      19th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I was a victim of this as well! I went through the training completed the test. In the end I also received an email about flying to New York for a week of paid training. I picked a flight and never heard anything else from them. I could not reach George Dorsey nor his so called assistant Heather. My emails were verbatim to the description above.

  • Ke
      2nd of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am currently in training. LOL Same exact language, this company is called Seway L&W. I received my part time project yesterday and knew this has got to be a scam. Sure enough, thanks to google.

    I will be reporting them to the FBI, hopefully they will get caught.

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