Insulet / Omnipod / Insulin Pump Lies and Deceptions

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I switched pumps to Omnipod a year ago. The company rep had lied to me when I asked her about the complaints on the internet regarding the 30% failure rate. She said the problem had been resolved with the new pods, so I bought the Omnipod. Everything was fine for the first 60 days (because you only have 45 days to return it). Then I experienced a 30% failure rate. I tried on my own to get a refund. After being on hold for hours, they promised to refund the lost insulin but not the device cost of $200. They never did. Another lie. I sent a certified letter that they never responded to. I used the Boston Better Business Bureau for help but they were powerless and for some reason have them rated as A+ even though they have unresolved complaints. Political move? I contacted the Food and Drug Administration also and filed a complaint. If you are also having problems with Insulet, please let the FDA know. They can't do anything unless they know about the problems. I am now working with the Massachusetts and Ohio Attorney Generals for assistance. Insulet told them that they would refund me for the cost of the device, lost insulin, and postage costs, which is what I asked for. I didn't believe Insulet but waited for my letter. I got the letter sent overnight by FedEx. It did say that they agreed to send a refund. HOWEVER, there was no check included and NO mention of when I would get it. ANOTHER lie by Insulet. This company is run by professional liars. And don't believe the "reviews" on Omnipod that are written about children who are glowingly happy with them. They are just commercials and not real reviews. I am waiting for replies from the attorney generals on what to do next. A whole year and still waiting for my money.

Apr 5, 2014

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