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Innovative Merchant Solutions / Fraud and Scam

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It is unfortunate that another small business owner had to fall pray to the deceiving tactics of two Innovative Merchant Solutions (IMS), an INTUIT (R) Company. Two unassuming representatives pressured a merchant to sign two "Applications" for the purchase of two ATM machines. The merchant continuously stated that there was no interest in purchasing the machines and therefore would not be interested in signing a contract. Preying on a merchant with a limited understanding of contractual agreements and reading the English language, continued their "sales pitch" in an effort to convince the merchant that signing the "Application" would only secure availability of a future purchase if the merchant so desired. Therefore, the remarks made clearly expressed that there would be no contract signed and therefore no liability placed upon the merchant. In demonstrating their lack of personal moral and professional ethical principals, the two individuals convinced the merchant to sign two applications explaining that they would receive payment for simply "completing the applications." Within five days the IMS representatives had processed the fraudulent "deal" and had two ATM machines shipped to the merchant. Upon receipt of the machines, the merchant contacted the representatives and as the typical shady salesmen, did not answer or return the call.

The merchant then contacted the customer service line and was told that the problem would be resolved easily by simply faxing the representatives a statement explaining that, as stated previously, there had been no interest in purchasing the machines. Again, there was no response. Instead, they began billing the merchant for use of the machines that the merchant was not interested in owning or even able to cover. When the merchant refused to make the payment, a series of intimidation tactics began to be employed. On one occasion one of the merchants walked by the small business, taking pictures of the location and the employees inside. When confronted by the merchant, the salesman threatened the merchant with legal action and taking the merchant to collections. Then, in an extreme effort of continued harassment, the salesman drove by the business several times, changing cars after the third drive through with male passengers inside; as to express a direct threat against the merchant and the employees.

Clearly, IMS is either a company run amuck by shady sales people who have no regard for ethical business principals or they intentionally train their sales force to employ such vile tactics in an effort to turn a profit. As for Intuit, the holding company of IMS which was acquired in 2003, and provider of reputable products and services such as QuickBooks (R), Quicken (R), and TurboTax (R), is either complicit in these frauds by approving of and or providing the necessary training, or lack of oversight of their $116 million investment.

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Don’t be taken! If you hear IMS just say NO!!!

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  • Bo
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    Intuit Merchant Solutions

    These people srew you in the small print. They have just told me that they intend to keep my money for 270 because i would reveal details of the customers home telephone when i am in the middle of an investigation whcih could cause all sorts of problems for the client if i was to reveal it. in fact I dont even ask for home phone numbers so that i dont call them by mistake. The credit card was provided to me in good faith, there is nothing wrong with either the client's or my credit. So what the big deal. They can keep your money, the longer you refuse the more money they make. My beef is that they dont tell you this inadvance. if i had known that i wouldn't bother with a merchant such as this. I just wish i had read these blogs beforehand. Seems like its just one nonsense after another.

  • Le
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    First and foremost, the people who are out on the street selling are NOT employees of IMS. They are independent sales representatives who answer to the owner of in independent office. That is how the credit card industry is set up. Very rarely will you actually see an employee of a credit card processing company selling the services. This is just how the industry is structured. Next, the Merchant Application and Agreement, accepted at the time the customer applies, is very clear about any termination fees. IMS is committed to transparency of pricing and fees, including termination fees. The application language quoted in the report regarding termination fees is printed in bold and is located immediately above the applicant's signature line to help draw attention to the fact that termination fees apply. The Merchant Agreement, which is an important part of defining the obligations of the parties under the relationship, clearly describes the standard termination fee. IMS takes care to describe merchant obligations in clear and unambiguous terms in its application and merchant agreement. It encourages and expects that merchants entering into such an important relationship take appropriate time to understand their obligations under the relationship. Finally, the issues of holding funds and chargebacks are also clearly covered in the Merchant Agreement. Visa, MasterCard and Discover Network outline the policies and procedures for the dispute and chargeback of sales for their customers. These dispute regulations are by no means arbitrary and are not a product of anything IMS can or has ever done. They are created by the bankcard industry for the benefit of the cardholders and the card issuers. IMS accepts the liability for these sales on behalf of the merchant and will accept the loss from the card issuing bank in the event that the merchant does not have sufficient funds to cover the loss. The associations also dictate the types of investigations that IMS must complete and they are driven by unusual or exceptional activity such as a very large sale. Therefore if you usually accept credit card sale for $100 and you process a sale for $2000, the industry requires that this sale be investigated. IMS is just one member of the entire system that all bankcard issuers and acquirers (processors) are a part of. Some banks may knowingly choose to disregard the liability that they share in this process, but this is usually on the basis of other banking relationships, such as large deposits, that they hold with that customer. Because we allow our merchants to hold their bank account wherever they like, we cannot benefit from such a relationship. Additionally, we cannot dictate whether a customer will dispute a sale. The associations make the rules as to how and when a cardholder can dispute a credit card sale. We are obliged to accept the chargeback if the card issuing bank follows all the rules as set forth by the associations. Unfortunately there are some cardholders who take advantage of that system. But it is their card issuing bank's responsibility to determine when they feel their customer is manipulating the system. Almost every consumer advocate in the world will tell you to use a credit card for a large purchase because it's easier to dispute the sale. As a cardholder you have those same benefits, but as a merchant, you can become a victim of that same system that protects you. Sadly it cannot go both ways and protect you on both ends. But again, this is not a system that IMS has created, it is merely one that we are subject to and work with. Anyone who complains about the Merchant Agreement or the feels is simply under informed, and it is not because IMS is any type of scam. We have been in business for 10 years and will be here for another 10. If you own a business and intend on entering in a business contract we strongly suggest that you do your research and enter into the contract that is right for you. There are better deals to be had, and there are worse deals out there too. The bottom line is what is right for you? Our phones are answered by live operators and you can talk to a real person. We don't hide behind voice mail or telephone recordings that are impossible to navigate. This is not the sign of a scam or a company that is trying to hide.

  • Je
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    The simple fact IMS will holds funds for 270 days, when most other vendors do not, and is very resistant to release them, even when provided with documented proof and a customers phone number for verification, clearly outlines their less than honest position.

    "There are better deals to be had, and there are worse deals out there too. The bottom line is what is right for you? "

    I couldn't have said it any better, there ARE better deals to be keep on looking past IMS (Quickbooks), they are NOT on your side.

  • Nj
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    IMS will not hesistate to breach verbal agreements. They thrive on deceit and double talk. They had agreed to waive annual and termination fees when trying to keep me from switching from them to PNC bank to handle my credit card services. When my business closed, I cancelled my account with them, they made no mention of the termination fee and then they sneakily deducted it from my bank account. To make matters worse, I see hoards of complaints against them on the Better Business Bureau website for similar issues. IMS claims they do not charge termination fee when businesses close, this is a total lie! Bottom line, don't use IMS, it is not worth wading through their double talk, hidden fees and breached verbal promises!

  • Sa
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had same experience.
    Do not belive salesperson and innovative merchant solutions.
    How these companies still exist in U.S.?

  • El
      23rd of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Most merchants are crybabies who don't have the common sense or the brains to understand ahead of time what they will be charged. If it is not in writing DON'T SIGN IT YOU ###S!!! I work in this industry. If my merchants want something in writing that I truly cannot provide then I tell them up front. There are a lot of fees and costs involved in credit card processing REGARDLESS of who you choose to do business with. Do I lose sales because I am upfront and honest?? YOU BET I DO!! But the majority of the merchants out there appreciate the fact that I am upfront and honest and that I am there to put them in a better financial situration. I am not there for the "FAST SALE". Are there "bad apple sales reps out there? Sure there are. But use your heads and stop signing agreements and contracts without first understanding the fine print. Don't sign just because the sales rep says "it is so". If you don't clearly understand what your monthly fees and percentages will be then DON'T SIGN!!! And STOP YOUR WHINING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT GETTING RIPPED OFF OR LIED TO!! Maybe I will start whining and complaining about all of the small business owners out there in the world that don't HAVE A CLUE HOW TO CONDUCT EVERYDAY BUSINESS. How do all you complainers survive in this dog eat dog business world if you can't even take the time to read something before you sign it??!!?!?! Need honest and upfront information about credit card processing (FULL DISCLOSURE!!)? My e-mail is

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