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I hired Infinity Logo Design April of 2014 to create my logo and design my website. Package selection was simple and I felt like I was getting my bang for my buck. When I started going over logo concepts for my business they spoke as if they knew what I what I wanted but when came down to what i wanted they could not deliver. They lacked creativity, especially for graphic designers. After MANY revisions, I buckled down and attempted to create my own logo. And I did just that! They only cleaned it up and created the formats for me. After the rocky logo sessions, I still proceeded to do my website with them and this is when the real HORROR BEGAN! I gave them detailed descriptions along with samples of websites that I liked. They could not follow it! I would send them the layout of the website. They would not update it or they would tell me I did not send it. After several months of going back and forth with this, i became very frustrated and requested a refund. They did not want to do it! After several weeks of going back and forth, they finally agreed to a refund for the website, but they held my domain name so I would not be able to use the one I had chosen. After debating this, i ended up having to pay $100 for the domain. Once it came time for me to transfer the domain, they kept issuing me a transfer code that did not work. I called everyday for 3 weeks as well as my new graphic designer and neither of us got anywhere with this company. After i called so much, they stopped responding to my calls and IM's. Needless to say I had to purchase a new domain name because they have ownership of the old one, eventhough I paid them $100. IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, DO NOT ENTRUST THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMS AND CANNOT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM TO DO!

Dec 15, 2014
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