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I guess this site is pretty one-sided... Where do I go to dispute the complaints on here regarding Infinity Group Services, and more specifically, Kirk Smith? These complaints are ridiculous. Look around you. Call other lenders. Verify that rates have jumped EVERYWHERE and therefore rate locks expired and could not be extended without the entire industry and Infinity Group Services collapsing (and then, NO ONE would get a loan). Infinity Group Services has funded thousands of loans to satisfied customers, and continue to do so. Your timing was nothing but UNLUCKY. Get a life and just take your business elsewhere if you think they are not for you. Or just wait for rates to drop again and take advantage of Infinity Group Services lowest rates at their lowest costs. It's called Freedom of Choice.

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  • Ig
      Jun 25, 2009

    Infinity has not funded thousands of loans! They havent even funded 500 loans. This Company is not able to fund loans because they have a 12 million dollar line of credit. IGS is a company that got started ripping people off by marketing Hope For Homeowners on KFI radio. They took over [protected] people's 995.00 upfront payment. They never closed one H4H loan nor could they because they were never set up to fund H4H loans. IGS used a bait and switch and told people who signed up for H4H that they would not qualify for H4H and that they would only qualify for a loan modification. After they had over [protected] borrowers money they stoped advertising for the H4H and started to advertise 4.375 30year fixed with a 995.00 upfront closing cost. They would take on as many refi's as possable and never lock the rate wich the borrower was promised. Instead they floated the rate in hopes that the market would work in there favor and the rates would get lower so they could make more money on the Refi. Once the market took a turn for the worse they had lost the game of making extra money on each and every deal. They told there loan agents to resell each person who had signed there loan documents at low rates and not refund there 995.00 because it was not there fault rates went up. It was there fault because the never had the money to fund these loans and they never even locked the rate. This was once again a bait and switch tactic used by IGS to benifit them as a company. The loan agents at IGS are not to blame it's the owner Kahram Zamani so contact him at [protected]

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  • An
      Jul 01, 2009

    KIRK SMITH is part of the problem at IGS! He is one of their "LIARS" How can one employee tell you that you are locked into a rate, charge your credit card and then have the CEO Kahram Zamani tell you that you were never locked into a rate because we don't lock rates at IGS. You guys are worse than car salesman...all I know is when your lips are moving... lies lies lies. Misleading!

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  • Ig
      Jul 26, 2009

    I agree 100%. Kirk Smith is a liar. I'm going to find out if he is licensed by the DRE as well and file a formal complaint about him. If he has a license, he should have it taken away so he can't continue to rip people off.

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  • Sm
      Aug 02, 2009

    This website is not one sided... IGS has scammed too many people-- that's the problem. I have already started the process with the DRE... They recently sent me a letter notifying which agent/employee was assigned to investigate my claim and asking me for whatever other information I have regarding my experience with IGS. At least KFI-AM 640 has removed them from their advertising.

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  • Co
      Oct 05, 2009

    These people are rip off artists. I put up 995 to get the documentation that said I was to send in my 995 with the documentation. I knew then that this was a rip off. They told me my 995 was in escrow until the process went through. I declined to fill out the documents and all they ever said was we will refund you money. This never happened over 180 days. I am going to small claims court. I will also file with every agency I can. I should have been able to get the documents to fill out first, then make a decision if I wanted to. Based on what they told me they could do verses what a lawyer told me after seeing the documents was the difference between night and day. Actually I don't agree with this guy. They are far sleazier than he claims.

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