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I bought the Infinity Crystal Blanc beauty product thinking it was part of the Nano Blanc collection. When i started to use it i realised that the product was not working at all. I contacted Nano Blanc asking them about it. I then found out that this product was not related to Nano Blanc at all. They informed me that Infinity Crystal Blanc was a copycat product.

Infinity Crystal Blanc

May 15, 2017
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  • Ng
      May 24, 2017

    I am a customer and have been using Infinity Crystal Blanc for two months and the results are brilliant, I can swear to this as I had pigmentation on my face from the birth of my baby, and my skin is almost clear, I have put my 20 year old son on the product as he has problematic skin and have seen a difference in two weeks. It is an amazing product!!! The have approved certification on their website to prove the amount of Glutathione in their patches. Glutathione is produced naturally in our bodies so I cant understand why Nano Blanc would call it a copy cat product???? Glutathione is available all over the Internet, all over the world. The claims above regarding Infinity Crystal are incorrect!!! and really a bad attempt at false information. I have also used Nano Blanc for a few months and saw little difference in my skin this was over a period of several months. I couldn't understand why ??? It would be nice to see certification from Nano Blanc on the quantity of glutathione in their product as Infinity Crystal Blanc has this proof . My before and after photos will be sent to Infinity Crystal Blanc soon and be on their Website. Thank you Infinity Crystal as you have made me feel more confident !!!...Thanks for a brilliant product :). What I am confused about is that I approached Infinity about the complaint and it is a newly launched product and not yet supplied in Cape Town. So maybe the person making the above statement should say whom the product was purchased from. Makes one wonder if it is truthful...

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  • Bo
      May 25, 2017

    @NGovender Would you mind giving us there website to have a look at these products?

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  • Fa
      May 25, 2017

    @NGovender I am glad that you had good results with this product just keep in mind i was only sharing my review. I never mentioned that i bought the product in Cape Town, and bought the product in Durban when i was visiting my family. Also keep in mind i am not speaking for Nano Blanc i phoned them about the product after i realized that i am not getting good results. They just told me that it is not there product and they would not take any blame for my results.

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  • Fa
      May 25, 2017

    @bothamichelle Michelle even though i would not recommend the product here is the link to there website

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  • Sd
      Jul 31, 2017

    I completely disagree with that complaint. I had bad pigmentation on my face and found out about these nano Blanc patches and gave them a try and I hadn't seen any results at all not even the slightest so I decided to stop using the product, until a friend of mine had managed to convince me to start using this product again but a different brand which was the infinity crystal Blanc which up until today I still use because of the amazing results, I myself had seen results after a week of using the glutathione from infinity crystal Blanc.

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