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i was walking around the city the other day. then there was this indian man approached me and said "you've got a lucky face". He then said i was lucky and said he was a fortune teller. seeing that i was a girl, he obviously asked for the name of my love. Then he wrote something down on a piece of paper, crumbled it up and handed it over to me. He then asked a series of questions and later on asked what was the name of my boyfriend or so. And what do you know, he asked me to open the crumbled up paper and open it, the name of my bf was written there! he claimed that he could read my mind.

Anyway, to the important part. he then showed me a few pictures of children, and claimed that they were children belong to his charity called 'happy heart' or something similar. he asked me to donate some money for them. he said most people donate 200, 300 or 400. I said i don't have any money in my wallet. He said he'd walk me to the ATM so i could withdraw money and donate.
I handed him $20 and said that is all i have. He asked if i wanted to purchase a gift on my credit card if i have no cash in me. I was slightly annoyed and said no. so he walked away, saying he'd wish me good luck anyway.

going home, the story kept on bugging me so i do some google on the internet and found out about this fortune teller/ psychic scam that happened pretty often.
so beware people (specially young people / girls!!!) wandering around melbourne city metro area, there are indian fortune teller/psychic scam walking around trying to prey on your unawareness of this trick and try to get your money. I know especially for girls we're all attracted to the psychic mind reading or fortune teller wondering about things such as study, career, love life ..etc. i hope nobody else got trick like i did. luckily i did not go to the ATM to take out any more money to give to him.

further reading on the indian fortune teller scam could be found on this link. and the indian fortune teller scammer that tricked me today did almost exactly the same steps. so it's worth a read.

the info about the scam steps was found on this link:

"So there I was, standing outside a store in New Oxford Street, killing some time before a 3 o’clock meeting when I heard the words, “You have a lucky face.”

They came from a small Indian guy, possibly in his late teens. He’d crept up behind me and when I turned to face him, he said the words again. “You have a lucky face.”
“Pardon?” I said.
“You have a lucky face, yes very lucky. Let me see your hand.”
And I did, I let him see my hand. Instinctively I knew he wanted to read my palm so I held it palm uppermost and sure enough he started to point to the lines on my hand with a pen. As well as a pen he was carrying a small leather folder, the kind with a zipper around the edge. Clipped to the folder with his thumb were several small scraps of paper. “This is the lucky line, ” he said, tracing one of the creases in my palm. “I show you.”

He started to write something down on one of the pieces of paper, rolled it into a ball and then dropped it onto my palm. I closed my hand to stop the ball of paper rolling away.

“Tell me the name of a flower, ” he said.
“Rose” I answered.
“And a number from 1 to 5.”
“3” I said.
“Look at the paper.

I opened my hand, unrolled the paper and saw that he had written down the words rose and the number 3.

He started to write some other things on a second slip of paper and mutter some stuff about this being true, that I was very lucky and that money was coming my way. He looked up at my lucky face. “Do not shave or cut your hair on Tuesday” he advised. “Tuesday very lucky day for business. You will get much money.”

Then he stopped writing, reached into his leather folder and rummaged around inside. I could see other pieces of paper in there and something else, a picture of some kind. But what he brought out was what appeared to be a small red-brown nut or seed. He handed it to me. “This is very lucky stone. You keep it. You will be lucky.”

They engaged you in conversation, wrote something down on a piece of paper and then asked you to think of a flower. Most people said a rose.

And then they asked you to choose a number from 1 to 5. You won't be surprised to hear that 3 is the most popular number.

But there was a third phase to the routine. They scribbled something on a slip of paper and asked for your date of birth. And when you opened the paper that’s exactly what you found written on it. Amazing. And worth ten dollars of anyone's money, which is what the fortune teller usually asked for."


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  • Ni
      9th of Feb, 2010

    Indian man wearing a white patterned turban, light brown eyes, brown beard, some sort of rash or boil on the forehead, hands had pigmented (white) splotches. Name he gave me was Yoji Happy

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  • Ga
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    This indian scam trick or whatever you want to call it has also happened to me.
    This indian man, around 50's or 60's years of age stopped me as I was walking down the street and also said to me like the other encounters written here "you have a lucky face" etc.. Then he said he was a fortune teller.

    He asked if I wanted a reading, I said ok but can't be too long. He then gave me this screwed up piece of paper and asked me to hold it in my hand. He spoke to me for a while as I held this piece of screwed up paper in my hand. He told me stuff that things are going to be quiet until July but in July this year, it's going to be a very lucky month. He said that I would find my life partner in 2011 and that I will never have any illnesses and will die around 93 of age feeling very satisfied with myself.

    Further on he then asked me what my favourite animal was, I said a Wolf, then he asked me my favourite number, I said number 7, then finally he asked me my age, and I said 27. Then he asked me also my month of birth, I said July. As soon as I had answered all this he asked me to unscrew the paper and to read what was written on it. So I unscrewed the paper and to my shock and amazment, on it was written 4 things, Wolf, the number 7, my age 27 and the month I was born July. Freaky.

    Anyway, he offered to give me this tiger eye stone and a few other supersititious smallish items and he showed me amounts people had paid to him for his reading 20 dollars, 30 dollars and 50 dollars and asked me to pay him. So I gave 50 dollars to him and left. He wanted to give me another reading for more money but I refused.

    Maybe these indians have a gift of some kind but at the same time they do know how to get money out of you. The whole thing of these indian psychics standing on the street giving readings out to the public that walk by, doesn't stand well for me and I won't do it again.

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  • Me
      9th of Mar, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    The same thing happened to me at Flinders Street Station, while I was waiting for the train to Box Hill. A sikh guy (Indian - with turban) came up to me to ask about Lilydale Train and then started telling me that i wasn't too happy but I do not show it on my face or reveal it to people.

    My son was recently been dioganised with Autism and of course i haven't been in the right frame of mind. I thought he was just talking, I had no freakin idea that he would scam me for money. I got alarmed when he asked for money.

    I dont know, if this would relieve you or shock you, but I am an india too But my brain does not work the this individual's was.

    He started scribbling on the paper and asked me the same qustions like he assked you. Long Story short...i was scammed for AUD$ 50.00. Apparently he was asking for $1000 by multiplying my lucky numbers. I said, I have no money, all my money goes for my sons treatment and he made me promise to send him money order when i have the money to some address in India (Some small town call Haridwar).

    I was getting pissed off after this episode. He asked me to meet him during the weeknd to give him some Denims, T-Shirts, Mobile Phone to donate it to the poor. I didn't take the calls from some weired cell phones.

    I get really embarassed with the fact that Aussie immigration actually allows these kinda Idiots to enter the country.

    Believe me, this is a total scam and never fall for it. I am very much into Astrology and do believe in palm reading etc. but this is also an industry which is after money.

    If you really want to get a reading done by Psychics then go to SPELL BOX in Melbourne CBD. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO ANY a matter of fact... RUN FROM INDIANS.

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  • Li
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Interesting and relieving for me to read other posts. I am still very uneasy about a recent encounter I had that is very similar to the stories mentioned above. I was strolling the street with my 7 month old baby when a young Indian man approached me saying I was a very lucky lady. I am a total sucker for this stuff, I guess he could tell and he proceeded to then tell me some very accurate things about myself and identified one horrible thing from my past I have no idea he could have know. I had an abortion many years ago and he called me out on it and told me that it was murder and that the baby spirit is very angry with me which is why I have had the problems I have had in my past, currently, etc. He said it is my dark shadow, always with me. This really hurt and freaked me out to say the least. Please please if you are reading this and feel the need to judge me, keep it to yourself. I have suffered enough due to my decision and would really appreciate help and advice in the direction of healing. Thank you in advance. Anyway, he asked me for a little money claiming that it was to help build schools in India and then wanted to tell me more and sit somewhere, ugh, which like an idiot I did and he did the whole number/flower business and got it all correct. He then showed me a piece of paper with this written on it; "Poor" $1100, Middle $2100, Rich $3100" and he wanted to know which one my "big heart" would give him in exchange for him removing the angry spirit, praying for me, and also to remove an alleged curse someone put on me!! He had me write two names I thought it could be, along with my top two problems and he guessed/knew them all accurately without looking at the paper?!! I did not agree to any amount and was very uncomfortable with him at this point. i asked him when he wanted the money and he said NOW!! I said no way, and that I could not spend that amount of money without consulting with my husband. Conveniently he advised me that I would not be able to tell anyone until his 21 days of prayer were over or else it would not work! So, I am a sucker and said I would go to the atm to give him money and gave him $200. He said he would need the remaining balance soon for materials, etc. He gave me a tiger eye necklace and some bead with red dye in it and instructions for the night and that I was to call him after I had some dream. When I called to tell him the deal was off, the number was out of service. I was almost happy to have it confirmed that I was scammed but then he called ME three days later asking for the balance, yada yada. I declined. Still a scam right? But how did he know what he knew and could he be right? I am sick to think of all of this which I thought was behind me. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Peace and love to you.

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  • Bo
      26th of Jan, 2017

    @Lilah Not sure how he does this trick but really upset with this whole incident. Glad i found this article on net and now i m sure he is just there to make money

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  • Ma
      18th of Dec, 2018

    @Bollywoodreport This man has done same trick with me, this weekend. Be alert and inform the community.

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  • Mm
      5th of Apr, 2010

    Wow... I'm a little shock to realize this is happening all over the country, because Malaysia seems to have the same thing.
    I have been approached 3 times by a a middle aged well dressed man. Starting with the same words "You have a lucky face".
    I walked off immediately after he wanted to tell me why i am lucky, probably cos i dodge a lot of people who approach and ask to sign anything or donate something (when you've been approached too much, you get what i mean).
    Happen to my brother as well, i'm glad hes smart to walk off as well.

    Just turn back and walk on, and don't look back! Who knows what will happen if you look at him again.

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  • Gj
      14th of Apr, 2010

    Well, I am from Malaysia and I just got scam too!! I was at first reluctant to even talk to this guy but I gave him RM10 just to go without telling me my fortune. He was asking me the same thing like, what flower do I like, and of course all girls will say Rose, if he asked my sister, he might got it wrong in the piece of paper because my sister loves Lilies and carnation. ahahahahaha.. And so, he asked me from number 1 to 5, pick 1 number, So, I choose No.1, he then say, "NO no, number 1 and 5 cannot choose, just between 1 to 5" He says "between", he might think I'll choose No.3 but, I say, No.2 and he told me to choose another one number which force me to choose No.3 because No.4 for Chinese is not a good number!!! He then ask me to open the crumple paper which stated rose 3. Amazing but ###!!! I think I got hypnotized!! After that, he asked me more money and so the stories goes!!! Dammit!!!

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  • Gj
      14th of Apr, 2010

    Oh, but of course I did not give him, I just tell me to go..

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  • Me
      15th of Apr, 2010

    I am in toronto, Canada and the SAME thing happened to me as GAL82 right down to the getting married in 2011 and the month of july being very lucky for me. He was really aggressive and when i wouldnt give him money he said "see what will happen to you"..."go then"... he wanted $120 for the "prayers" that he said would bring me luck. He offered me a gold ring and I just walked away.
    I am scared that he will do some sort of black magic on me or give me some sort of curse so I can't stop thinking about this...
    It's really disturbing that these people put fear into the minds of innocent and vulnerable people. shame on them!

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  • Ba
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Hello people,

    reding your complaints make me very uneasy.

    i am a magician, the entertaining type, that is . what you just have all described is a very straightforward "trick". not the easiest technically but pretty straightforward nonetheless. i will not describe the techniques used, but trust me when i tell you its a "very" weel documented trick of magic litterature.
    Sleep in peace, as absolutely NO black magic will ever occur to you.

    and please do not be fooled, these people are charlatans and deserve nothing more than contempt. youre just a " target" in his day.

    Free yourself from those people.

    and sleep in peace.

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  • Bo
      26th of Jan, 2017

    @babi Thank you helps as he said if i told anyone about him all my good luck will go away ! And he scame me by saying this and yes all the questions asked are similar to what people have mentioned here...just a heads up everyone ..this happened in Sydney today at Bondi Junction near westfield shopping centre so be aware.

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  • Ni
      29th of Apr, 2010

    "Believe me, this is a total scam and never fall for it. I am very much into Astrology and do believe in palm reading etc"
    "Long Story short...i was scammed for AUD$ 50.00"


    I don't see how you were "scammed". You gave the man $50. Next time, just say no.

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  • Sw
      8th of Jun, 2010

    Hi, same thing happened to me in Cambodia, lucky face, number 3, lily flower, and white colour appeared on the guy's written paper, I didn't know how did he know what I was going to answer. His name is Yogi Singh come from New Daily and told me that he's a fortune teller. Absolutely scam!! I gave this guy US$100. Before I gave him my instinct told me this could not be true, this guy must be a cheater. I asked him and doubt him and thought for a while before giving him money, but he said I couldn't think to give him prayer money. But I told myself just gave a charity to a bagger, and think I'm helping a poor guy buy a ticket go back home. So then I was happy. Felt good by his performance, but my instinct was right. I just wanted to go on and see how the trick goes, and prove my instinct is right. Anyway, it pays off for knowing about such psychic and scam. Just avoid Indian guys!

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  • Ku
      6th of Oct, 2010

    No I'm not agree with your complaint bcos they r good guy they help my me they give me some good advice and my is totally changed and they take some donation that's fair

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  • Sk
      8th of Nov, 2010

    I had a similar experience in Malaysia. I was in a shopping mall at KLCC waiting for my wife while she was shopping in a boutique. A middle-aged Indian guy comes up to me, introduces himself as "Yogi", and proceeds with his spiel. I figure he was good for entertaining me while I waited for my wife. I decide to play along but make it difficult for him by only giving yes and no answers, although I am aware that these "fortune tellers" are probably very good magicians and readers of subtle expressions, pupils dilating etc.

    He proceeds to push a crumpled up ball of yellow post-it paper in my right hand, all the while trying to gain my confidence by telling me things about myself, that while while accurate, can be explained as coincidence or making clever use of observations and instincts. He then asks me to write down a color, flower, a series of 10 single and double-digit numbers, and a wish. He then added that he knew that I had had a rough time with business during the last two years, and that one man in particular had given me a hard time throughout - all absolutely true by the way. He asks me to write that mans name down.

    When it came time to open up the crumpled piece of paper in my hand, I was astounded, all the information was accurate, and not in my handwriting. I had wrtten in lowercase cursive, with a felt-tip pen and the balled-up piece of paper contained information that was written in uppercase with a ball point pen. Furthermore, the balled up paper never left my hand. It was an inexplicable act.

    From searching around on the internet, it appears that "my" yogi had superior skills/powers than most others. What is the probability of guessing correctly more than a dozen pieces of information? And by-the-way I did not write down "rose" I wrote "Bouganvillea".

    How did he do it? I have absolutely no idea. All-in-all it was well worth the new pair of shoes he requested I buy him - his were in tatters with his toes sticking out. He was better than any street performer I have ever witnessed, even those on the Santa Monica boardwalk.

    I am a skeptic, and rather pride myself on my rationality and logical mind. All my research on the internet has shown is that no one has been able to even come close to explaining what this guy did. I have considered sleight-of-hand, and hypnotism but have discounted those. My wife who saw me talking to a strange Indian man from inside the boutique has attested to the fact that he did not spend any more than ten minutes with me at the cafe where we were seated, a time frame is consistent with my perception. Furthermore, some of the speculative solutions that others have proposed are as ludicrous and inane, such as Jedi mind-tricks, or mind-control powers.

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  • Yo
      25th of Jan, 2011
    Best Best Advice

    This just happened to me today and I am living in Hong Kong.
    A young Indian man in decent clothing and good build around 25 in my guessing came up to me and said I have a 'lucky face' and introduced himself as a 'Yogi'. I smiled to him and kept on walking.
    He followed me while I was walking and started to talk about my personality (which were all too spooky true). This caught my attention and I believe it also caught his.
    He crumbled up a piece of paper and told me to hold it on my palm and I did so and made a fist.
    Then he asked my age, favorite number, a flower, then my wish in life.
    He told me to blow into my fist and open up the paper. I did as he explained.
    And to my surprise, all four were correct.
    Firstly, everyone I have met say I don't look my age (younger in fact ;P).
    I chose the number "4" which a lot of Asians consider unlucky (but it is indeed my favorite and I am an Asian who come from a country that considers "4" as death and unlucky).
    Flower, I couldn't think of so I said "rose" which is very obvious for many people and easy to guess.
    But then, as a wish, I said 'peace', for the world also, but more so for myself and daily conflicts in doing business and life itself.
    He then asked me for a kind donation of the heart and showed me three numbers "poor" "middle" "rich" with some numbers. I looked at the number and thought about my wallet and realized I won't even be in the "poor" spot. So I just took out my wallet, showed him and gave him HKD300 for a good fortune telling.
    Just when I thought it was over, he started asking more questions.
    What troubles I have in my mind and such.
    To my surprise, he then told me I had TWO woman in my life. One younger, one older.
    I halted... and started to listen again as he handed me another crumbled up paper because a divorce contract is just about to be signed. He asked some more questions, animal I like, what bothers me, name of wife, age, if I had children. And of course, he had to guess all correctly.
    He even guessed(?) about my past bad-karma that has been buried for over a decade and very accurate he was...
    He changed the subject and told me I would be in the "rich" group very soon, good luck on coming month, lucky color to wear, and a lot of other good-to-hear fortune telling.
    Maybe because the Yogi guessed all the questions correctly and then told me the good-to-hear information, I donated the rest of the "middle" amount by walking up to an ATM machine. Perhaps hoping they will all come true.

    Some people will think me scammed, tricked, or whatever. But this meeting with the Yogi has given me some pause in my busy daily routine to think about the past and my current situation. And just for that, I think walking up to the ATM to 'donate' was well worth it.

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  • Lu
      15th of Apr, 2011

    I met Singh ogi Bitto on the street in New Delhi Connaugh Place in front of the pool entrance of The Imperial Hotel. He is middle age, jolly looking Sikh Man with lovely warm smile and turban. The gaurds of the hotal all watched as he called to me in passing "Lucky Lady"! Please come, You have a Lucky face, etc. Now I have had bad experience w clairvoyants from the street before but I thought what the hell! I am in India and this will be more fun than trinket shopping.
    He was dead on accurate with a number of things. I think he can read Aura's because he told me I look to open my Third Eye. I am a spiritual person on a quest which has recently sped up and I now meditate regularly and read everything I can on the topic of ascension so that was profound that he guessed that. He also told me that someone loves me but that I don't love anyone and that I look but I do not see what I want in a man. That was again dead on. I have an ex who still calls when he is drunk to spill about his love for me and I don't want to be with him because I know there is someone out there who will be right for me and that is not the ex but I live in Dubai and the man situation is dismal so he is right that I look but do not get involved with anyone because I never see anything to my liking. He also read my palm and told me that I will have one love and he is coming to me this July 21st and that his name begins with J and I will know him when I see him and say to him with a smile "Oh, that's you". He told me I don't have to look for him, he is coming to me and I only need to concentrate thought on him and welcome him. My palm told him that I never had an abortion or miscarriage and that I will be having 2 children with J, 1st meet him July 21 2011, married by 2013 and son to be born in 2014. He told me that he doesn't see my future in the US where I am from or in Dubai where I currently reside but it will be in Australia. A bald man is going to offer me an opportunity in Australia. My best friend Michael is comletely bald and from Australia so I was thinking WOW. And WOw about never having been pregnant. How could he dare to guess that??? What if he's wrong or how about upsetting a woman with that as the other Yogi did to the woman with the above account. He also told me not to sign a contract with the person who's name begins with M.
    He ran the same format as all others with the crumbled papers, guessing numbers, colors, fruits, etc. And also the poor, middle and rich $100, $200, $300. He saw I had a huge chunk of cash in my purse when I 1st drew from it and he is in a great location at the shopping distric in from of such a lavish hotel. I first gave him $100 and he continued my reading and he told me about my father worrying for me and that his health was in poor condition and a prayer that I needed to perform with my father. He said my Dad wants to see me with a husband taken care of so he can rest. Funny enough my dad has never supported me but I can agree he must worry and would be happy to see me find love and partnership. He told me also in the beginning about a fault that I have that I can be too direct and sharp tongued. That I will work hard on a relationship or sale but that I am not clever and with impatience I can spoil everything I worked hard for. He showed me how to meditate. He instructed me to put water by my bedside table at night and in the morning to meditate for 5 minutes chanting Om Namo Shiva with an incense burning to one side and the glass of water on other and then extinguish the incense and place it to my third eye, my lip and my chest and then to drink the water. To do it for 30 days and cure my weakness for being sharp tongued. Then he told me he knows I am not poor and that I am capable to pay the $200 which is for middle class readings. He gave me a necklace of coral and a stone for my father and told me to do another meditation for my father and suggest he donate some clothes to another person or to a river to get rid of some health issue or something. I did give him 4, 000 ruppies or $200US and I was very happy with mmy read. I felt that if I could provide for him tha ability to give good fortunes to others all was good in the world and I didn't feel scammed.

    Reading the above accunts of others is disheartening but I am still going to concentrate my positive thoughts on Mr. J and work on my sharp tongue and wish the best for Singh Yogi Botto snd those he gives readings too. Oh and he told me I will come back to India and when I do with Mr. J I will give him $1, 000 dollars. ;) let's see what happens

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  • An
      16th of May, 2011

    Ok mine is also just as bizarre, but exactly the same story. except mine asks me to even do some pershadh shopping, and i paid r600 for 2 duvets which he claims he keeps his holy books on and he tells me that i need to pay him about 5000rand to rid evil past spirits. now the good lessons i will take from tjis but the bad ones, def not! i will not spend another cent(as i already gave him 1500) he tells me i will return with my love to his temple and he will be waitiing for me.. so i will give him the balance when i go see him at his temple! think thats fair!

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  • An
      16th of May, 2011

    and yes he also said after 21 july it will be good luck. and yes he demanded money and always made sure there was an atm around. the fact that they so hoioked on money now makes me convinced that they are theives. such a pity because the real holy men then suffer with the stigam we attach. stay away from all yogis and babajis.. mine told me he is from the temple in amritsar, and that he consults with the movie stars!
    it entertaining all rt

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  • Co
      24th of May, 2011

    has anyone had experience of getting calls from Yogi? I met him last year, and he called me from India this year! I am really scared, is it a scam or not?

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  • So
      1st of Jun, 2011

    hi i dont think its a scam!
    if people are saying they guessed all questions correctly then they must have some physic ability!
    anyway if you are handing over money at your own descreet then at the timeit must have had an impact on you- look at david blane who does similar things- but he is famous for it .
    there are many people who have physic abilitys in this world - and maybe you do have a lucky face lol?

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  • Be
      1st of Jul, 2011

    I met an indian boy yesterday. He looked young around his late teens into early twenties. I think it's a scam. First he mentioned, YOU HAVE A LUCK Y FACE. He told me that he is a fortune teller and asked me if I want to know my future. I repsonded and said that when a person is born, god already determines a person's fate (life expectency). I told him that I will let my future unravel for itself instead of knowing my future. Next he said, "It looks like you are thinking about two women in your life. One is very good for you and the other is not." This is common sense beacause in the end, there will only be one person (in this case, women) that will be good to you, LOL. It is like he is using some pyschology or reverse physchology theory or something. What is bogus is that he couldn't even GUESSED my race? I am Asian (HMONG). First he guessed and said, "So you must be Laos, Thai, Chinese, Vietnese, and so forth." (I laughed in my head). He changed the subject and said, "Were you borned in China, Laos, Thai, Vietname?" I said nope. (I laughed in my head again). I am borned in the USA! He finally asked me, "What are you?" I said, "I AM HMONG!" He repsonded, "Hong!!" I replied and said, " Hmong." (I laughed inside my head again. He changed the subject back to---if I need to know my future again? I responded that knowing my future will not do any good beause I won't live up to my expectations and will not have any motivations to live. Next he grabbed a photo and asked me that the people in the photo are poor people in India and asked me to donate money to help them. I said I don't have any money. I told him that I AM A VOLUNTEER. I volunteer for the LAW ENFORCEMENT doing disability fundraising for the disables. I told him that I volunteer for the HMONG MINNESOTA RADIO where I give a voice to my community. I told him that giving your money away to something/someone does not do any good, but giving your time to something/someone is WAY better. He just looked at me and said you are a good man and have a bright future, thank you. He just left, but I knew in his mind that he is pissed off or wishing me a bad life or something. It is funny how the book is different from the pages (FOR EXAMPLE: acting nice to get what you need, but inside you dont care about that person/thing). In this case, acting nice to get the money, but inside it is a scam and this person doesn't give a damn about YOU. hahahhahhah...

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  • Sj
      14th of Jul, 2011

    I got stopped by a man last month who said..” you have a lucky face, you are very lucky, next month lucky month” and then I walked into my office building and that was that. It has bugged me for the past month… why did he stop me, who was he, etc etc.

    Then today as I was walking to Berkeley Square when I saw an Indian man stop another man and say the same thing, so I stood back and watched from afar, when he finished I approached him to ask him what it was and why they stop people etc. he then asked me the flower and number question etc and had predicted it all correctly and also told me a few truths about my personality and my friends. Then he asked me to put money in the wallet, I thought this was all part of the trick or whatever it was. I got my purse, went to get a pound or two out and he said no coins, paper money, I put in a fiver, he then pointed to the £10 note in the my purse and told me to put that in and then showed me £50 notes and said that is what it should be and it was not for him etc, I panicked and took the money back and ran away! Freaked me out, went back to the office scared and thought he was going to curse me.

    Reading all of the above comments and stories from others shows you it is a massive scam carried out all over the world and no doubt 8 out of 10 people give them money. Let’s hope someone can put an end to it.

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  • Bi
      28th of Sep, 2011

    just encountered one in marylebone... at first he seemed honest, and he guessed all the stuff about me, everything...but after I've read some posts it appears that they're telling everyone same thing...everyone fancies someone, everyone's gonna tell a stranger that they're healthy, everyone's gonna have done something wrong in the past...that paper thing may look amazing, but that's just close up magic, which means they distract you and write it without you noticing it... it was so believable that I even paid him £150 (not much for me, I've got the money no's just this scam...) but later when I research internet it did kinda make me angry about it you know, he's no different to normal beggars, why not just ask, why lie... I'd have given him money anyway if he asked me honestly... now, he just made me feel bad.

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  • Wa
      10th of Oct, 2011

    Well my story is very similar to everyone else. Suprised about the fortune reading, got home and gooogled fortune teller scam in Hong Kong and landed on this website. Same encounter :' You have a very lucky face' and asked to shake my hand. His name was Raj then started to tell me next month will be very lucky for me. Started scibbling something on a piece of paper. Asked me to pick number between 1-10 i picked 7 then asked 2 of my favourite colours? which is blue and purple Of course all prediction was bang on. I was still skeptical at first but he started to describe my personality, my work and my love life again bang on target. Piqued my curiousity i listened on and tells me i have a SIN i need to disperse as its negative Karma. Something about a 'baby' from my Ex girlfriend. The shadow of that baby is haunting me. I was scared and shocked at the moment because i was definitely not aware of any baby from my EX. Started to doubt him at this point. Then he tried the scribbling paper thing again, placed on my hand and grasped it tight. This time asked what i wished for : Happiness, then my age? : 28 How many sibling i have? 1 brother and sister and how old my gf is? 21 what a suprise is was all there. Still strucked by awe he then asked for donation and money to help bless my happiness. He asked if i was poor, middle or rich. I said poor and asked for $6K HK dollars. Yeah normal reaction i said i didn't have that kind of money. He then asked to walk to the ATM to push money out ofc at this point i called it quits and gave him $200 from my wallet and walked off. Dunno if you can call it a scam but it was hell impressive. Like other commentors of this post take it a good perfromance and know that you have a very lucky face.

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  • An
      19th of Oct, 2011

    same thing just happened to me (in austria). some indian guy told me I had a lucky face (I wonder if they ever approach people who don't have one). I had a feeling that he was about to beg me for money and stuff, but I was curious because I already knew that I was going to walk off without giving him money, so maybe, just maybe there's this one little honest guy left on earth who's going to give me a good advice for the future just because I really do have a lucky face and not because he needs the money. Of course I was wrong, he did the trick (what do you long for most in life, a fruit and a number btw. 1-100) and got it right, but he forced me to take the paper in my other hand, so I guess that was the point when he switched. Told him that it was a nice trick, so he tried to prove me again that it's not a trick but giving me four numbers to choose from (66, 77, 88, 99) wich he got right. That might have been guess-work, I don't know what the trick really was, but anyway he finally asked for money. I told him he was a beggar after all and walked off with an angry expression on my being the only thing to give him.
    Still cusious how the tricks work, but reading your replies make me think: 150 pounds here, 200 usd there. These guys really make a good living, I wish I did this kind of money in my (what I think) legit job teaching geometry.
    Btw., I'm not proud of being able to ignore beggars and walking by without looking at them. Talking to a scammer/beggar for ten minutes, looking him in his eyes and telling to his face: "you don't deserve any money", that's what I'm proud of, because maybe some day there's gonna be someone who really want's to help you and doesn't only want your money. I'm still optimistic :)
    and please do me a favor (all of you): Don't tell yourself that the money you gave was worth the trick when you realize it was just a scam, because no trick is worth more than ten bucks, just face that you have been scammed and you will learn something for the future: to be more careful and more rational.
    (no offence to anybody)

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  • Ah
      23rd of Nov, 2011

    This is not a scam. I do believe that whoever they approach has something related to luck or such in some way. but anyways the two yogi brothers approached me and my mother in Delhi. They revealed many personal stuff and secrets that we were just in awe! We couldn't believe our eyes, and we weren't carrying enough money on that trip and they said they understand and they are not asking for that much money which I thought was totally fair and they were super amazing people. I don't understand why people would post and say such things about them when all they are doing is helping you and telling you stuff that is OBVIOUSLY not a trick! how in the hell does placing a piece of paper with all the answers written on it before they even ask you the question!!! and you are holding the paper in your hands. We just choose to be ungrateful and that's why we are never happy in life. I am not saying they are some sort of a prophet or anything, but they are definitely people with special abilities like MANY sadhus and holy people in India. And well they ask for your money in exchange of their service. Which again is totally fine with me. For many reasons "maya" needs to be exchanged in these matters, which is what many people don't understand because it is beyond their capacity. Well god bless you all and god bless these people because they are not ROBBING anyone, they are just spreading good words and positive energy and I respect them.
    Hugs <3

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  • Ku
      1st of Dec, 2011

    exactly what happened to me in Thailand, Australia, and London.. within a 3 month period. the one in Thailand guessed way too many names, etc. they all wanted 200-300 aud and carried the same leather folder.

    i refused to give them any money as they had not added any value to my life. they got disgruntled and insisted on ATM withdrawal. i am a BIGGG guy so stood my ground!

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  • Ku
      1st of Dec, 2011

    just to re-iterate on my previous post- they guessed my mother's name, my girlfriend's name. if they are not psychic then the only thing i can rink of is a sleight of hand trick especially considering they get you to write things and pass the paper back and forth. they might be putting you into a quick trance - like hypnotists and nlp practitioners

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  • Ro
      3rd of Dec, 2011

    Today an Indian man named Singh apporgached me and asked me a few questions, crumbling a paper in my hand, what is your favorite flower - Rose I replied, 1st answer correct, then he asked my favorite color, Green, again crumbled paper correct, then he commented about the 2 people in my life one big one small, he went on and on, asked my wifes name, told me how many marriages I had, told me about my health issues in 2008, 2009 and asked what I wihed for my daughter, myh wife etc. I was ALL IN, a little freaked out, I continued to listen, he put the last paper in my palm, I opened it, it had my wifes name, my age, her age, my favorite color. WOW very impressive. He showed me pictures of Indian children and sought a dontation in the three tier format in this thread. I feel better now becuase I gave him $200 US dollars and feel as though he earned every red cent holding my attention, entertaining me and most important, giving me a reason to research this scam and the outcome so I can share it with others and never get scammed again. As for the colorful beaded neckace and the 2 beads he told me to hold onto, I just might to remind me that I am not as smart as I think I am sometimes.

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  • Ge
      13th of Jan, 2012

    Same thing happened to me...although instead of giving answers like rose i said, Tulip, and Turqoise for a color...which he Guessed correctly. Anyway to make a long story short he pulled out 2 was a white opal looking stone that he told me to put in my wallet...because i'm a man with money but i never hold onto it, and this stone was going to give me more money...then he said i was too trusting of people (obviously if i'm giving money to him). He also said that i am honest and i do good to everyone but everyone does evil to he gave me this black stone with a red image of a God or something...not entirely sure. Muslim God or something. He said that if i wore it around my neck that it would ward off evil... So after the experience i felt like just another sucker and it was bothering me to know i just lost 90.US dollars, so i stopped at a gas station where i knew some Indian guys for a long time and asked him if he knew what the stones meant. The cashier proceeded to show me the same exact stone imbedded in his ring saying it was for good health and fortune and told me to put it in my wallet and if it works to make a ring out of it. He then told me that the other stone (black and red) was a religious stone, that if i wore it around my neck to never do bad while wearing it and it will ward off evil. So now i'm even more convinced...So you be the judge of it. Scam or reality. I don't know which to believe at this point.

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  • Sw
      23rd of Feb, 2012

    Indian man in Cambridge, MA doing the exact same thing! He wouldn't leave unless you give him $20 or $40 for a supposedly "lucky stone". BEWARE!

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  • Ia
      25th of Feb, 2012

    this happened to me today, in central, hong kong. a supposed yogi with a little leather zipper bag. he told me i had a good aura and i should meditate, and some true enough but vague comments about my personality. he gave me the little yellow ball of paper then asked me to think of a colour and a number between 1-100. i said purple and 88 and sure enough there on the paper was purple and 88. i figured he was gonna ask me for money (for his travels apparently) but it was a cool trick so i gave him HK$20... of course he was dissapointed but hey, it's just like a tip or sth. it was worth HK$20 (about US2.50) haha.

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  • Sx
      20th of Mar, 2012

    Happened to me today.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    I was at work. An Indian man, about 40 years of age came into the shop I work at. He handed out a red laminated card, stating his "profession as a fortune teller". Off the bat, I told him that I had no cash available. He said that it was okay, that he was going to tell me my fortune anyway and whatever I felt like paying him was enough. I told him that I could do $5.00. He agreed and insisted on finding a piece of paper to write on. At this point, he mentions that I have a friend that is talking [censored] about me and that I have two men who are loosing sleep over me. He wanted to sit with me and discuss further my fortune. As I was walking close to him, he mentioned that I had a very beautiful face (I don't mean to sound smug, but I get this a lot from everyone, so I really pay no mind to this). He gave me a hug and told me how good hearted I was.

    I am a sucker for people being nice to me, to the point that even if I get nothing in return, I can sleep like a baby, because I know that at the end of the day, I [censored]ing made a difference in the world, instead of being another @$$h013 in South Florida (which its chock full of them already). I'm not a hippie. I am just a good person in general.

    I sat down with this "Indian fortune teller" He makes me write down on the paper my name and my age. Then, he proceeded in handing me this crumpled piece of paper, for me to hold it in my right hand. He tells me at what age I am going to kick off, and how peaceful my death will be. He asked if I believed in god, because I was wearing a rosary. I said not really. I told him that I like religious art in general. He said that God is being good to me for being so good. He mentioned not to cut my hair or toenails on Fridays, not to wear black on Saturdays and to walk slow on Sundays. He told me to choose a number between 1 and 5. To choose a favorite color, and to choose a favorite flower. I said 5 and he said no. He made me choose another number! lol! He made me choose a color, and I said "Teal". He did not understand what color this was. So to make it easier, I mentioned Red. In the end, my choices were: #2, Red and Rose. Sure enough, those were the same things that were written in the crumpled piece of paper that I was holding in my right hand. I was amazed. I am not going to lie. He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said yes. He asked me his age and I told him. His face turned a bit mischievous when he learned that my boyfriend was 14 years my senior. Then (this is were it gets weird) He asks me how many times me and my boyfriend have sex. I refuse to tell him, and told him that the question was too personal. He kept on insisting and left him with the doubt.
    That's when I kind of thought it was getting a bit weird. He wrote on his notepad poor, medium, rich. And placed 30 for poor, 40 for medium and rich 50. This was the amount that I can give to him. I told him that I only had 20 dollars for me to spend. He asked me if I has a credit card, but I kept on saying no. He handed to me a weird bead and told me to keep it and tell no one I have it. That it was "lucky". He also made me throw the papers away where my fortune was written.

    Suddenly, I remembered that I was saving money for a little present I was going to buy a friend of mine that lived overseas. At this point, I knew he was desperate. He smelled like if he has been walking all day under the Floridian sun, with no chance of escaping it. He was also asking for directions on a map after the "fortune telling". He was lost. I knew I had 30 dollars saved up for my friend's present, 20 dollars for food and 280 bucks that I made for the day (I am a tattoo artist). I gave him 30 bucks. He was happy. He gave me a hug and told me a lot of indian sweet nothings and left.
    I felt good, despite the fact that he tried to suck more money off me. Because I know that he didn't have much luck today finding suckers in downtown. I hope those 30 dollars can help him get to where ever he needs to go or be. Even though I have to save up from scratch again for my friend's gift, I could care less. Because I know that he will have money in his pocket. It's brutal out there, especially if you are visiting another country, and have no money. You hate being scammed, but we get scammed all the time. We just don't realize it.

    Y'know... I listen, I smile and I agree, but in the end, I do whatever I want to do. So I kept the little crumpled paper and I will show you the magical bead to you guys!


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  • Sx
      20th of Mar, 2012

    This is it!

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  • An
      4th of Apr, 2012

    I just had Yogi in my office! He did the whole nine yards routine..Lucky face..flower..number..The bad news is that he didn't reveal much Yogi said I've had a rough past 2 everyone else..More bad news..He took my lunch money..$8 Yet he wanted more..but I knew it is all just too fishy...Yogi owes me lunch!

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  • Sh
      29th of May, 2012

    I am from South Africa and Yogi Singh came to my office and just started telling me my fortune. I refused at first as I was always given bad news. he was spot on about everthing he said. the flower and lucky number etc didnt make any sense. He told me everything i wanted to hear. Now after reading these posts I am shocked. He claimed to be a seva worker from the Sathya Sai Ashram in Prashanthi. Well i will know if it is true after the so called auspicious dates have passed

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  • Co
      27th of Jun, 2012

    I was also approached by the You have a lucky face guy. He was convincing enough to get $200 from me. It is when he wanted or rather insisted on more, I let him know that he should stop while he was ahead and that i considered his $200 an entertainment fee.

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  • Mm
      1st of Aug, 2012

    London. today.. same deal. funny though. I really have no money. Haven't worked in nearly a year and just started a new job for which i will not get my first pay until tomorrow. had approximately 18p on me...I told him it was his unlucky day. you should have seen his face. :)

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  • I have got some fake fortune teller but many cannot get much money from me--but got a person who predicted 3 future happening [he took minium money from me] he
    did not tell me that no one can change future so no need of any money--surprisingly
    his 3 predication became true
    but he died and cannot find any genuine fortune teller

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  • Le
      13th of Aug, 2012

    Literally the same exact thing happened to me, I live in Las Vegas and this Indian man in a turban approached me in the parking lot, said I have a lucky face . He then wrote down on a piece of paper some things crumpled it up and asked me to hold it in my fist . He then asked me a flower and my age . when I opened the paper it was the flower I said and my age ??? He then did another paper and put in my hand, He then asked my bf name and i said Michael, of course the paper said Michael . He was then insistent that I give 200 300 or 400 and I said absolutely not, I then said I would give him 20 and he was like no give me 88 that it was a lucky # ? he waslked me to the ATM since I had no cash, I got suckered for $40, I still do not understand how they do it ?????????????? Has anybody figured that out yet ??????????????

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  • Ry
      19th of Sep, 2012

    Same story with me he name is singham he come to my car I say already he say no listen me he give a paper he say I tell you mother father name and gf he tell correct after he I have black magice he I remove for me I am in think to romove I ask to remove how much is cost 7700 but I give him my school money after he run but I am finding him..

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