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IndiaMatch / Poor service!

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This site, is just another ripoff. I joined as a free member. Then after weeks of getting no attention, I suddenly see that a certain member has looked at my profile 2 times in 4 days.

So, of course I think, maybe this person is interested. Her profile says that she is in a nearby state, so I send her a 'flirt.' The next day I notice that the target of my attention has viewed my profile once again and I have received a flirt from someone.

Unfortunately, when you are a non-paying member, you cannot see who flirts are coming from, so you spend another day or so viewing that profile. Meanwhile, the number of times she has viewed you has gone up too.

So, it is time to take a chance... You pay to upgrade your membership... and you send a greeting email to the target of your affection, and she sends a message back stating that "I am located in Malaysia and I am not interested in someone who is not of my culture." Wait, you think... This is the same person who's profile says she is located nearby and the person who has been viewing your profile multiple times, and what about that flirt?

So, you send a letter back - being polite, but asking. If you were not interested, then why did you view my profile so many times. NO RESPONSE. In fact, her account can no longer be found, and in the views count, she no longer exists anymore.

You look to see who flirted with you (now that you are a paying member you can see who is flirting) and it is an anonymous account with no picture and almost all other information left blank - as if they didn't really exist.

Then you say, well there are others who have been looking at my account, let me send a message to them - after all I am a paid member now and I can email. Then you find out that few are interested and that most of them are non-paying members anyway and that mean that they couldn't even read your email unless they also coughed up the dough.

My opinion... Ignore It is a waste of your money and your time.

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  • Ss
      21st of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    People lie a lot on this site also.. I end up paying and talking with someone for 5 months on the phone. But the end result was all lie. I am a Hindu. This person was a muslim and way older than me.. he was nothing what he told me for 5 months. I found out after doing a background check on this dude. Don't go to India Match..bunch of liers.

  • Ja
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    im honest an a member of indiamatch...if the 2 others in this thread r also real it stands 2 reason that there r others...ive spoken by phone 2 a guy and he told me he met several women via indiamatch but none worked far as i know any1 who meets u in person frm a site is real although mayb not all theyve claimed 2 b...there is a lack of contact w/ members despite the enormous # of ppl who (allegedly) come up as on the site -- ive checked and tried 2 mentally keep track of whos on at various times...i do think there is something fishy tho

  • Cm
      6th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    I actually met someone I really, really like. Although, he is several hundred miles away and we are trying to figure out how to date. I kept having trouble with the site itself. My photos were disappearing and reappearing. Then, I would get messages saying my photos were inappropriate, even though they were just head shots. Then, they said, part of my text was in violation and it was removed, when I questioned them about it. They said, the text was ok, and they could see it and didn't know why it was gone. It never got fixed and I had to rewrite part of my profile. They take a while to get back to you too about issues.
    As far as lying goes, I have been on OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish and I found I was paying far more money for really lame people to contact me. They really lied and some were real creeps that hounded me. On this site, I have been contacted by several men that are far nicer acting and it is less money. I am enjoying it as long as it stops messing with my account.

  • Di
      22nd of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have to say that I am very sad to discover that Indian men lie more than any men from other race. I came to this side beleiving than Indian are hard workers, family oriented, honest, and loyal but I found out they are the opposite. I got in contact with a couple guys. Five months later I found out that he was married with one daugther. Two years later I found out that the second guy was also married and has a son. It was heart broken for me because I really liked the guy. He seemed to be my perfect match. I do not understand why Indian have to marry with the person they dont love and later on they are so dessperated to feel loved. My suggestion for all that are looking for an Indian guy please first ask if He is married. I am very dessapointed. I wish I could take my tume back and never felt for that guy.

  • Ch
      12th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Stay away from this site. I found someone from here and his photo was about 8 yrs. younger than he was. He and many others claim they want a serious relationship, but really only use this to use women for sex and sometimes use multiple women telling them they are all their gfs and the women have no idea there are others. There are also ones that are married in arranged marriages that are miserable and are cheating on their wives and even new babies.
    My account had been hacked three or four times and photos stolen and info stolen. They are slow to help you.
    Really bad customer service. Really bad site with rarely new people, same old faces being recycled over and over again. Dead beats, players, scammers! STAY AWAY

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