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iMediaPro / Bad service

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As a new real estate salesperson I attended a free seminar on increasing real estate sales. Unfortunately I bought a $5, 000 package from iMediaPro last July (207) and then our local market crashed as it did in most of the US. I immediately and persistently asked for a refund of my money as the company had not yet undertaken the expense of creating my multimedia business card. I continue to ask for a refund and have yet to receive a reply. However, Stephen Anderson, CEO of iMediaPro continues to send me e-mail solicitations! I admit that I got excited about the product and "jumped the gun" while attending the seminar, but the truth is that I cannot afford the package. I have told Mr. Anderson repeatedly the hardships my family is going through and how much we really need that $5, 000 refund. Deaf ears.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I am a business owner and I get one loser complaint like this for every 10, 000 happy customer testimonilas. I hate complaints like this! This person admits buying something under contract and now is giving a good company a bad review because they had buyer remorse! The person admits they bought something they can't afford, right? NUFF said.

  • Sa
      19th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am not sure about the case above but, I have the money and can afford this product, but this is a scam, he asks to pay upfront, and is now taking me for a ride for months, first they demand from you many things, that could take even for a sofisticated company many days to produce, then they drag each little proccess for so long that you forget what you have done before and what is outstanding, and when they see that dont give up and follow through on it and come forward with all the demended stuff that costed you hours and days of your precious time, then they try to confuse you especially if you try to do any changes, on what was done and what not, and so to sum it up, they can dragg you for so long until you become so very pist off, and they find something to accuse you for not having the product finish.

    I am calling them and emailing them, it is not a joke, every little piece or move even an email reply to get can take between a week and 2, I have signed up mid June of 2008, i was promised to have my product within 3 to 4 months, If i remember good> if you look at their contract they are even stating to the clients that if we dont supply them with what they need to do this within a certain time frame, (i think it is 4 months) they will keep the money and not have to do it, i have given them everything they asked, it is now mid November, 5 months later and they are still at the begining of the procedure.

    I am starting to suspect that this is a scam, and i am starting to think that the reason for them putting in the contract that the client must provide within a few months everything is a good tool to have a good excuse for most clients who cannot accomodate their demands combined with their confusing tactics and time dragging.

    I will give them a last chance offer either to finish my product to my full satissfaction within the next 3 weeks, or to fully refund me my $14, 000. or else i will have to take them to court, and hopefully if needed we can come together as many victims of this scam and do a class action and hopefully also have the D.A. of california open a fraud investigion against this company.

  • Bi
      16th of Nov, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Let's face it, MIKE BROWN above is actually Stephen Anderson himself doing his best at damage control. Anderson is well-known on the Web. Reutation is poor.

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