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IDS Fortune / poor service provided

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IDS fortune Company which sells hotel software products does not provide service at all. Their service lacks even the basic standard. As an anonymous helper - I am cautioning all buyers - to stay away from this company or read their service contract - for any penalty clause you could apply in case of deficiency in service -

IDS Softwares Private Limited
# 490 RT Nagar Main Road
Bangalore – 560 032.

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  • Aa
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    i m hardware &network engineer in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India i am deal a one software in my city i m deal with Mr. Devesh, he can speak me 10 % commission i can deal with us but i can relieve total payment but he not paid my commission. i have a other software required but your sales staff is not properly. thanks

  • N
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    This message has been put here by some desperate competitor or a disappointed employee to malign the image of IDS. IDS is renowned for its service across the hospitality industry. Please do avoid such proxy wars. Fight in the market if you have the guts to.

  • Ve
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I am writing this just to show my annoyance at such crass mud-slinging. This complainant is trying to protect would be buyers from buying IDS products. But does he not have the thought that educated and informed people do not look at web-sites to make purchase decisions about software that too for 4-5 star hotels.

    I clearly seems to be the handiwork of a competitor. God forbid such tricks from bringing success to the perpetrator.

    I have used IDS product for over 10 years and have found their service as well as their response to be up to the mark. I have even disturbed technical staff unknown to me for support and found them even answering queries and solving problems while having their dinner or about to retire for the day. Not that there were many problems to solve.

    It all depends how you take up issues and how well qualified the complainant is. If you are completely green about everything, no software support person can assist you.

    I ma taking all this time to write this because as a professional I cannot stand by and watch a good product being slandered just for petty marketing gain.

  • Ma
      11th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I strongly feel this anonymous helper is really frustrated with the overwhelming success of one of India’s Leading Techno Solution Provider to the Global Hospitality Industry. Or may be a psychic competitor, who is unable to fight the competition with an ethical way.

    Being a client we are using the solution for last 20 years and found the support staffs are really helpful in the hour of crisis.

    They do understand the difficulties of the industry and there are many instances where we got support in odd hours.

  • Ra
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    Hi there, the site is a forum to convey an individual or organizations opinion on any genuine complaints they do have. Any formal marketing challenges a competitor faces should be settled through keen effort in enhancing their own services and designing a positive marketing strategy plan. There is absolutely nothing wrong in challenging a so called market leader, but don't demean your own ability as an professional and as an customer/profit focused organization.

    This site pops up on the first search entry into :google "ids fortune", apart from the companies website.
    So obviously it needs to relay someone’s genuine constraints using the solution in question.
    But the point is should we agree or disagree with the first post.

    This is my opinion, through some research made through certain channels within the industry and speaking to clients of this company.

    The company is no doubt a market leader in the terms of it being used by certain mid segment groups and stand alone properties, and also a few 5 start segment properties.

    When a hotel management decides to invest in any software solution, they would like to involve themselves in an evaluation process and in this process they come across other properties which use the solution. Their decisions are affected by the impression that the solution is already implemented and up for many years at a site.

    Next for any solution of this nature, the convincing fact that there will be company to back it both in terms of after sales support, enhancements and administration is important. Next obviously the bottom line being ROI.
    What the really take for granted is that since a solutions provider is there in the market for 19 years, and they claim to offer their services to some 900 customers, they have covered all features for the hospitality domain. Also taken for granted is the support infrastructure. The only sure shot fact which will never be disputed by anyone is in the ability of the sales executive who coaxes you to invest in the solution and the media presence of the company which clouds your decision. Even if the Sales Executive is responding to you after the sale, he is incapacitated to help you as he is constrained by his role in the organization.

    But what they do take for granted is that support involves "people". "people" take time to become professionals, "professionals" need to not only better the software to be implemented, but they also have to understand the specific Industry domain, here being Hospitality. Also the IDS integration specialist/ support engineer needs to grasp the knowledge of the specific departmental and managerial needs of the hotel.

    Companies want to cut cost on support. So the candidates they recruit are candidates with limited or no absolute knowledge of the Industry or technology they are assigned to. and some of the candidates being fresher’s, who are stepping into their first assignment and are getting into grips of handling a client. The other scenario is that the existing support team of the organization is too few in number and are unable to respond in time to client queries’. Also the support team being just a front end, they are dependent on the development team to deliver the solutions the client seeks. In the event the requirement is refused by the company’s core development decision makers, the support team will face the flake from the client and thus affects the reputation of the support engineer and also the organization.

    But the fact is the client places the order with the software company, with the perception that investing in this brand called IDS would provide him such and such results and the solution would prove as an excellent tool to control operations, analyze information, plan and strategies the progress of his business. And the client does not have time to monitor the software installation and wait for it to normalize which does take its own time based on the efficiency of the IDS support engineer and the hotel staff-managers. A flawed and hurried implementation would mean a solution which is rendered useless. Its an expense rather than being an Asset.
    In such a flawed scenario, it happens that the hotel staff-users are disgruntled, since they find it difficult not only to service guests but also find it difficult provide the required reports to their supervisors and mangers, as they are occupied with an incomplete hotel solution. Majority of the time they end up making reports in Microsoft Excel manually so that they can complete their task without much hassle.

    Why would this arise in the case of the hotel software provider? This because of the policy of this organizational team, wherein any modifications to the solution is discouraged as the core team which would have initially involved in development have long left and there is lack of proper documentation which affects any further change in the solution. Hence any custom reports or features expected would take a very long time-span to complete or it ends up in the back-burner. Any feature offered as customized report tool is rendered useless because of the complexity of use or due to lack of knowledge of the support engineer.

    To conclude, Overall though the product is good and is implemented as an integrated solution covering all departments of the hotel. It has its limitations in back office and majority of its clients use the operational modules only, being guest operations and point of sales. The lack of knowledge of the support team affects the implementation and after sales support wherein the support engineer passes the buck and says he would get back or it has been reported to his manager. They usually expect the hotel staff to move to their next assignment, manually do the expected task or report, just forget the issue due to the delay or move to on with his career wherein the issue is automatically resolved since issue can be dumped.

    The topmost managers or owner of the hotel company are unaware/ignorant of the flaws of the system and believe all the reports as being provided by the software, despite it being manually worked upon by an hotel staff/manager, wherein he/she could have contributed in a much more better way to the hotels growth.
    Though the support team does respond in time to critical issues wherein the software has crashed due to networking and hardware issues, they take perpetuity to respond to client queries’. Though the company offers a CRM system, wherein the customer can input his complaints, the monitoring and response is rendered useless by the disinterest of the support managers.

    So maximizing the entire investment in such a solution is purely dependent on you as professionals of the hotel involved in the operations focused 24/7 behind IDS. Do you have the time to be behind them always? As a decision maker decide what is the level of solution you seek and speak to existing customers-users/manager through whom you will understand the actually utility of the solution. A large organization always lacks the inclination to respond in a positive manner on any specific changes required in the solution as your business evolves.


  • Am
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    You sound like some expert consultant. Though i agree with you to an extent.
    i disagree that this ids fortune software is good. i must let you know that, after we installed the enterprise version of this software we had so much issues getting the modules on-line. many features in the software which is assumed as there is never there, and requires customization. all our managers and owners had a tough time both during implementation and later on with support. we understood from their support person that the software is not flexible enough and the management of the company is not open to change. they sell a software structured and developed some 20 years back with some latest updates and changes here and there. even an ordinary front office bill is difficult to configure by their own support and development team, we wait for 3 months for just a front office bill. when they implement financial accounting and payroll, we see the software has so many problem with reports, the ids support team dont know how to install their own software properly, they told our team to define parameters and set everything, while they just sit in hotel room and watch tv and order from room service, they say everything will be done by user defined reports, but after 6 months of haggling with them till date after 1 year no proper reports, we forgot ids and are doing in tally, the user defined reports option is useless for many of the standard financial reports for the top managements, no proper government statutory reports also. simply said this software although used by so many groups in india as they say, it is uselss...frankly a dead investment. same price we could have purchased a cheaper software and done whatever we r doing now manually. i see some small hotel softwares locally and internationally sold, they are much more better than this ids

    when salesman from ids company came, he said all is possible etc, they made us sign SLA and after that their support manager says all those we assumed would be in an standard hotel software are extra would be charges seperately for and we have to wait for 6 months. i heard from some senior support people of this company that they dont do modifications and they will provide the features in the next version, after 1 year we still did not see any change in this fortune enterprise ids software. when we call they say they will do but not do even after repeated asking. even their general manager who came many times before order to meet our owner not responding now. during demo we see only once and whatever we ask they said all features are there and can be done. recently another ids manager in delhi said we will get whatever we ask in .net based software, but we have to pay...i told the management that this is another story where they make more money and get away...who has time to follow up with them, we need to do our work in hotel not worry about software. i felt the problem is with some people in the company initially but later realised that all are in chain and they just want to sell, not customer centric.

  • Kn
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am a IDS client and i am using the software from last 8 months.Frankly speaking i did not faced any problem.see the problems comes when people missuse the software or competitors of this company are not happy the way company is growing it.I personally feel all above comments have been provided by the competitors.

    Aquasphere Group

  • Va
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    This message is to all those who have posted complaints about services from IDS.
    We have been trying to locate you to find out more about your issues but have reached a dead end in each case.
    Could you please post your name, designation and property name with contact telephone number so that we could reach you and meet up with you to understand further about your issues and take it forward? Further, should you have any issues that need to be escalated, you may please write to and my cellular phone number is +91 99161 34608.

    Varadharajan A
    Head - Global Customer Service
    IDS Softwares Pvt Ltd.

  • Ma
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    Hi! I am manish working as Network Administrator…. I have really very disappointed with the services provided by IDS Fortune…..So I would like to inform every one please do not purchase this software for Hospitality purpose because the software is not for the professional Engineers & the most worst part of the software is service which is very pathetic… I agree with the comments given by the people and that’s really true…

  • Ma
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    H! This is Manish yadav (Network Administrator) I am using IDS Software form last 2.5 years but I haven’t faced any major problem related to the software but I was disappointed because of services. May be I’m not perfect so I would like to apologies for the above statement. I hope you excuse me for what I had done.

  • Xi
      16th of Jul, 2010
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    i don't know abt support and all ... IDS did not paid my 6-7 months salary of around 75, 000...

    I am one of soo may

  • Ab
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    I am a hotelier and in the industry for last three decades. I have been associated with IDS software in many properties i have worked in India & abroad. The complaint made here just doesn't hold any ground whatsoever, otherwise 90% of hotels in India would not have been using IDS in their properties for many years.
    I am sure this complainant either is from a competitor company or just a disgruntled inefficient ex-employee.
    Its best to know about IDS to talk to the people who been using them for years. As a die hard fan of IDS i strongly and vehemently reject such malicious complaint .
    Abhi Talukdar
    Vice President
    The Crown

  • An
      27th of Sep, 2010
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    I have being using IDS for the last 10 years and have never had a complaint. This is posted by some competitor who has obviously taken to mud slinging because they cannot compete otherwise. The product is being used all over the world and cannot certainly sustain itself if any of this is true. This is truely a fabulous product.

  • Ak
      23rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    IDS Support and Installation procedure is TOTALLY FLAWED - Every Property Manager and employees know that - Just because IDS has a large client base does not prove its worth - the only PLUS point IDS has is that a pretty large number of institutes teach IDS alongwith Fidelio Software etc - so you have can easily employ IDS ready employees - THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH - Someday, the attitude of IDS Management especially the indifferent Top Management - will affect this company
    I hope that IDS knows that its so called Support Engineers - or should I say TRIAL Engineers - use USB Pen drives ( infected with Viruses ) on Servers - sad to know that the basic security is to stop using USB devices which anyone will tell you are most susceptible to viruses - THIS IS THE WAY IDS FUNCTIONS - HAPHAZARDLY - Chalta Hai Attitude

  • Aa
      6th of Dec, 2012
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    IDS Fortune - very poor service
    aankur inn

    poor service. when we taken the software all promisesmade regarding the software made but all in vain there staff doent care about the client they r only to complete the formalities while taking money and then no one turns up for the complaints

  • Ho
      10th of Apr, 2014
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    IDS software is not good for smooth hotel operation. very very poor service.all payment before installation. After payment nobody responsible for customer problem.every staff attitude will suggest everybody please don't purchase this type of software. my property open last month but soft ware installation was still pending.

  • Ho
      10th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    IDS Support and Installation procedure is TOTALLY FLAWED .Nobody responsible for entire IDS Team.everybody call forward next person. it is a big brand but it is a down very soon.very very poor service. Please Please improved your service & staff attitude FOR ids BRAND IMAGE.

  • He
      27th of Apr, 2014
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    Dear sir
    We are a renowned chain of hotels having 100 rooms. We had ids fortune expresses earlier. And had no problem for making 100 rooms one single bill. Later we upgraded ids fortune expresses in to your ids fortune 6i version . We informed your customer care service ( Mr Satish, Ms Radhika) who advised us to print two bills instead of one bill . where as the fact is the customer required only single bill . you are requested to make necessary amendment as per our requirement. We have sent you many e mails massages regarding errs in your software but no action has been taken so far please do need full immediately .

  • Sk
      8th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I am a brand ambassador for IDS and inspite of being so i am quite disappointed to see here that IDS is trying to hide its umprofessional attitude and practice to cheat its own brand ambassadors by pocketing our commissions.

    They cannot be trusted either for service support or for keeping their written contract for commissions. Its a cheat company with a bunch of liars who have no morals or sense of doing business.

    Shame on IDS.. You guys are disgusting.

  • Ch
      12th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes


    Worst Hospitality product and services our hotel has seen.
    I can give you 200 reasons for not buying this product and wanted to make sure our industry people doesnot suffer from IDS fortune company.

    Please be sure i am not a competitor and a user of software and you can mail me to check it.


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