Idol Lash / Unauthorized charge to my card

1 PO Box 7574, Milton Keynes England Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

ON January 18, 2016 I made an online purchase for a free trial through Idol lash, and was asked to pay the shipping of $4.95 The trial was for 16 days However I did not even receive my product for 18 days, at which point I called and cancelled because I did not even have a chance to try it out to decide if I even liked it or not, in the meantime my credit card I used was having charges made on it that I had no idea about so I canceled my credit card and reported fraud. Then on March 7, 2016 I received a notice from Collect Pros that I owed $85.94... For what? I would like this taken care of please, I will pay for the postage and handling and return the tube of Idol lash, but I will not pay the amount being asked, and will never order anything again online like this. I have good credit and do not want this to affect it. Please let me know what to do! Thank you.. The Collect Pros reference # 1012320

Mar 08, 2016

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