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Idol lash is a scam!!! Please do not order from here. I ordered 2 to get 3 more free for $126.80. They sent me a completely different product called lash energizer with none of the natural ingredients advertized. I called customer service about returning the the lash energizer & getting the idol lash I had ordered. He informed me that this was the same product and the website was just under revision. I disagreed completely, citing the different ingredients & asked for a refund. He said I could return it by ups & get a tracking #. When they received the product, I would get a refund. He said I would have to pay for shipping as well as a restocking fee of $10 for my full refund. I said that was ridiculous since they sent me the wrong product & refused, again demanding a full refund. He offered a 25% refund & I could keep the product they had sent. I refused this as well, demanding a full refund & said I would be contacting the better business bureau. He asked me to wait while he checked on something & put me on hold. He then came back & agreed to a "just this one time full refund. And you can keep the other product." he said it would take 5-10 business days for the refund to show up on my account. I asked why it would take so long & he said that was company procedure. I told him I was doubtful he would really refund me & that this company was very fishy! He assured me I would get a refund, "i'm sure of it!" I think I must have scared the rep because I actually did get a refund 2 days later! But do not order this product! You may not get a rep as jumpy as mine.
By the way, the bbb said idol lash has an "f" rating with them.

Feb 04, 2019

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