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This is a huge scam - / - all asia China, Thailand, Vietnam. They censor all correspondence - and write you fraud letters representing a woman that may not even know she is still online their site. It can cost about $8 per minute to chat, and then they will string you alone, with sexual suggestive remarks, very pretty ladies (touched up pics) and even though I know Asian women do look younger than white women, many look even younger...

Believe me, I have been to S E Asia a few times - if you are serious, you can simply go there, and easily meet many ladies that are in great shape, very sweet, and have a level of respect that American ladies lost long ago.

It is best to know someone here in USA (N America) that is from that country - so get out there & meet someone that will be very happy to intro you to their friends back in Asia, or their pretty younger elder sis.

Online dating is usually a big waste of money, and I have been through all these sites - my next business may be - "an honorable Asian Dating site" that does not rape guys like you and me.

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  • Ex
      24th of May, 2012

    Those dating sites heavily airbrush the images, to make the East Asian ladies look as much like White women as possible.

    People are usually more attracted to those who look like they are from the same race.

    They want to target White men with money. In Asia, they connect Whiteness with wealth. Although we know the truth, that wealth depends on the individual, not race.

    So it makes sense that the images of East Asian ladies are made to look like young and flawless White women, making childlike poses.

    WARNING: East Asians do not naturally have white skin, big eyes, oval faces, curvaceous figures, etc., like White women do. If you see those kinds of images, it's F-R-A-U-D.

    I hope this helps. We need to spread the word to our loved ones.


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  • Ex
      8th of Jun, 2012

    Asian Plastic Surgery: You can't hide it forever.

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  • De
      1st of Jul, 2012

    Hi every Guy From All Over The World,
    My name is shawn from singapore.
    i just want to warn you about this is just a middle men for guy to know girl from her country
    idateasia is not faulty, they will push the blame to the agency or the girl.
    Any question you pose to idateasia, you will not get a happy answer.
    They will side track your question. they will not answer you yes or not
    You cannot contact the girl agency also.
    So when you paid money to idateasia, all you get is the email and the voice of a unknown girl claim to be the girl from the photo.
    i myself personally paid for the dating program, all i get is a broken and angry heart.
    i strongly believe the girl are freelance worker being paid to send email and chat online.
    i do not know who paid girl commission, go think about it yourself
    They will try to hook you to exchange email and chatting online with them.
    Guy please be careful, do not fall into this trap.
    You want a girl friend, just go to her country to find a match making agency.
    At least is real you can see her, unlike online you do not know she is real or not, just a damm bloody photos.
    Anyone want to share your story can email me at [protected]
    Good Luck Guy

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  • Fl
      8th of Jul, 2012

    Very expensive. All messages are filtered for contact information. How do you get to meet the girl when you can not give her your phone number or e-mailaddress? And not get hers? Some girls are chatt-women with sexy appearance. Most likely professional chatters with language ability which is scarce in SE Asia. You dont really know who you chatt with. The business idea seem to be endless messages back and forth on your expense. The initial letters you get are extremely unpersonal and standardized.

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  • De
      15th of Jul, 2012

    my name is shawn i submit the letter said that idateasia is a scam
    i say sorry to
    they are real and i have the ladies agency contact number
    please cancel my complain in this sites

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  • Jo
      20th of Apr, 2013

    I also agree it is a SCAM ! Create multiple accounts and you will find out !

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  • Gs
      6th of May, 2013

    iDateAsia, / is a BIG SCAM!!! Never pay any money for membership, because they hire girls and guys at the main office to pretend that they are the girl who you think you are corresponding with, they write their own answers and not your girl.
    They only motive is to cheat you out as much money as possible, and they do not care about your potential happiness or the girl's well beings.
    They really need to be reported to the FBI, because what they do is not only dishonest, evil and unethical but utterly CRIMINAL!!!
    They take your money ( and a lot of it) and will deliver nothing what was promised!!!
    Yes, you might have a little luck hooking up with an unattractive girl, but all the pretty ones are either fake, or they will never get your emails!
    It will be stopped at the main office with a translator. She or he will decide what goes to the lady or not, and she or he will write fake letters back to you, dragging you along with sexually suggestive teasing and full of promises about the liking of you and endless lies!!!
    You might have developed a true liking and potential feelings of love towards a nonexistent lady who actually might be a guy with bushy dick sitting behind a desk, only to pretend that he is the girl of your dream!!!

    Beware from these thieves and liars!!! I Hate them!!! So should you!!!

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  • Vi
      10th of Jun, 2013

    The degree of callousness at these sites is staggering. The whole business chain at these sites is crrupted, from the corporate offices in Hong Kong to the affiliates throughout China and Southeast Asia. The organization is very much like a franchising model. So everyone has a vested interest in raising revenue, including the translators because they are paid by the piece- the quantity of letters they supposedly translate back and forth, between we fools, who pay for them, and the fake ladies at the other end. Everyone's interest is advanced except that of Western men who are blinded by a preference for illusion over reality.

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  • Ri
      19th of Jul, 2013

    what about the success stories then? are these fake as well ?

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  • Mi
      16th of Nov, 2014

    Ref November 2014
    I joined this agency paid a lot of money never received a working contact from any girl. idateAsia is a SCAM. The girl profiles are fake the EMF letters you think you receive from a girl are in-fact FAKE LETTERS written by people within this scam dating sites or out sourced to other people, this dishonest agency does this to make you spend more money to send your 10 EMF letters to a fake girl & entice you to spend more money to receive her home contact email address. Once you have her contact email address you will never hear from that girl again.

    I am in the process to inform the Australian Crime Commission this dating site is a SCAM

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  • Ti
      15th of Dec, 2014

    All I can say is, avoid this website at all cost. I was stupid enough to spend so much money when i realized either the ladies are lying or its not even them.

    Recently I found one of the ladies I spoke to with a Facebook account. I told her I found her there and have added her as a friend. The response I got from her? "I do not have a Facebook account". I don't even think she knows what facebook is.Then I realised all the pictures she sent to me can be found in her Facebook account.

    Next, not 1 but 4 ladies i have chatted. I tried to meet them by visiting their country, despite me saying I will be there for work. Their excuses: 'Busy with work", "Its too soon", "I have some important things to do" etc.

    In short, just avoid. I highly suspect they are not the real ladies whom I am chatting with. And, I have no idea how the conversation can be such that they claim to 'Love me', 'Miss me', 'You are the only person I am chatting with' etc. Not once but many times, I was called the wrong name!

    I guess there are success stories but I can conclude, perhaps 1 out of 100 are true. Guys, they may look damn attractive but do not get conned into this. It makes us men look like FOOLS!

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  • Mi
      15th of Dec, 2014

    REF December 2014 You are correct I further investigated the scam dating site. Early in 2014 POLICE raided iDateAsiain Philippines in Cebu because iDateAsia encouraged some Phil girls to post nude photos of them selves for extra money for special accounts you pay extra money if you want to see them. When guys arrive to meet that in girl in Phil she never was available to date or marry so staff would bring in a different girl for you to meet. Some of the Phil girls you meet within Phil iDateAsia Cebu agency were in fact were prostitutes or Phil girls desperate to leave their country Staff also admitted to police they use fake photos fake female profiles & staff write fake letters to guys it all about getting as much money from you as possible. I will be setting up a web site soon in January 2015 to also warn all unsuspecting guys all over the world iDateAsia is a scam. I will be posting links on a web site to back up all information I collected is correct & accurate concerning Police raid on iDateAsia.
    Thank you.

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  • Ou
      20th of Jan, 2015

    I agree thease dating sites are a complete fraud, but I have managed to get a couple of girls phone numbers when the translators were half asleep .
    We all know Filipino Cupid is full of scammers, but there got nothing on idate Asia or chnlove I wish someone would close these thieving no good dogs down and prosecute them to hell and back !

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  • Ss
      1st of May, 2015

    I agree..what a scam. But a lady actually kept e-mailing me as I was able to sneak my e-mail to her.
    We then actually communicated by QQ.
    I know this was only because of a very determined person that desired to communicate with me.
    I ask her to e-mail a recent pic holding a another framed pic with her name written on paper clearly visible.
    But dont get me wrong, I consider my experience VERY unusual. We chat...but not yet sure where this will go.

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  • Ad
      21st of Aug, 2015

    Even before I saw this site I knew I had been conned. Different, but similar, photos with the same id. Multiple id's. Huge expense in comparison with any normal dating service.. No password provided. 2 requests for replacement password. Told to contact if not received within 24 hours. Unprecented in my experience. Went through the process 2 times - no p/w. Iff complaining will let you in without a password. If they don't need to know you at the time you need a p/w. So they tell you to contact and not keep the lady waiting and then prevent you from contacting. It is such a con to see through I m surprised they have not been dealt with before. I could go on forever. I feel for the the men conned but also some women may be getting conned. Please take this advice seriously. Last rsort go to your profile if you have one and change everything you can to grbage e.g. change email, country e.g. Somalia and so on. Start an account with garbage like that. It works. Flood them with that - it will stop them in their tracks.

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  • Re
      18th of Nov, 2015

    They have a policy that men with convictions for sexual offences are not allowed to use this site, however I have complained about one man I met on the sites having sex offence convictions in England. AND THEY IGNORE ALL EMAILS from my friend and from me. last week, I see that he is still has membership and I am made very sad by this. they do not protect women. his membership number is CM63959095. Andrew Ward. Please do something to get his removal from these sites to protect me and my friends that date with sites.

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  • St
      4th of Oct, 2016

    A few years ago I meet a lady on iDateAsia and we started to communicate but after a while I started to be suspicious that something was wrong and I was lucky to find the lady I was communicating with on iDateAsia on Face Book and she appeared to be a Thai model that the Thai agency (iDateAsia in Thailand)used without her knowledge. I believe her ID was hijacked by the agency. At that time you was able to see the name of the agency and where the agency was located in Thailand. I google the address and the address ended up on a road beside a rice field outside of Ubon Ratchatani a city in the eastern region of Thailand. I even asked a Thaifriend who lives in that city to check up the address and he ended up on the same spot as I did as well by google the address. I bring this information forward to iDateAsia but they claimed that my information was wrong. After a few weeks later iDateAsia stop to show the information about the addresses and the agency's name. There is many iDateAsia agencys in Thailand and most of them are scammers. Another time I discover 52 ladies on line at same time from the same agency four a clock in the morning Thai time, in my time ten a clock. I even asked iDateAsia about this as well but they answered back that it must be a coincidence. Coincidence up in my ### as you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. iDateAsia a real scammer site.

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