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We, too, have been receiving calls from [protected] on a daily basis. The recording is the same, that it's "important you call us back ". What I'd like to know is this - how is it that these people have been allowed to continue their objectionable behaviour for so long? Judging by these complaints they've been at it for, minimally, 3 years. Can they not be stripped of their rights to possess telephone lines or some action that would be equally effective? I have not bothered to return any of the "important" calls as I maintain if something is THAT important, a real human being ought to be calling me directly.

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  • Si
      20th of Jun, 2012

    You are not the only province that is getting these calls...I live in Quebec and got a direct call from an individual today and he asked to speak to my wife. When I said she was not available and asked if I could take a message, he responded by saying..."yes, have her call Luc from ICOR at 1-866-441-1930, it is important" I asked "WHAT WAS THE SUBJECT MATTER and he responded "no" to which I shot back "if you choose to not say the subject matter, she will not call you back" He responded, "too bad for her" and I again shot back "too bad for you". He immediately hung up the phone. They obviously have multiple numbers as this number is not the same as the one mentioned above. It is high time that the Government step in and prosecute this predatory type of direct harassment.

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  • Sl
      22nd of Aug, 2012

    I am also from BC and have been getting recorded messages from ICOR Canada for a few weeks. A stern male voice demands that 'This is an important call from ICOR Canada" and that it is urgent to call back at an 866 number (different from the other BC complaint). The caller does not identify WHO needs to call back. It has always been the same male voice recording and not once a live person on the line. It calls at 7:15 am Monday to Friday. Not nice if i want to sleep! I will not phone back.

    What is the point of the calls and why can they continue to harass people?

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  • Mi
      17th of Sep, 2012

    I live in BC and have also been getting the same call as stated above. This happens two or three times a week, and the voice is definitely female. Although I now hang up when I hear the word 'ICOR', the calls persist. Is there no government agency that can put a stop to this annoying nuisance? Some Googling has shown me that this situation has been going on for years across the country.

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