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ICM Marketing Group / Fraud and lies

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I worked for this company for a short period of time. I voluntarily resigned when forced to lie, cheat, and scam people. This company claims to be second to none, when in fact they are just another average listing company thats lists timeshares on a website with a pretty picture and a price tag next to it, the very thing they claim not to be. If you have been contacted by them, do not hire this company. They do not have a buyers department, they do not have an upstairs compliance department, they have one person, Patrick Dunn running the whole operation. I was trained to be rude and arrogant to victims of the timeshare industry, by preying on the fact that they are in debt, just to bring them 1000$ closer to bankruptcy. Everything this company tells you in they're pitch is a lie, take it from someone who worked there. When i realized what a scam this company was, my morals and conscience kicked in and I realized its time for me to go.

I am currently unemployed because Id much rather be unemployed then cheat honest people out of their hard earned money, especially in this recession and economic crisis. Do your self a favor, to avoid this problem, dont buy a timeshare, it will be the dumbest move you could ever make, and you wont have these vultures contacting you, conning you to hire them.


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  • Ji
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    Derek, if in fact you're out there can you respond. I was due to meet with Patrick about a job. I've been in the business off and on since the 80's. Timeshare went through some trying times back then and still does because of offsite sales offices and listing agencies.

    Will you contact me personally to give me a more personal update on what you experienced there. I actually was going to go this past Tuesday and my gut told to me check out website.


  • Ro
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by someone to list my timeshare with ICM Marketing Group for $850.00.

    I'm glad I checked out this website.
    Thanks for the info Derick & Jim

  • Dh
      20th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    They just contacted me about renting.selling my timeshare. When I asked them about Patrick Dunn, no one had ever heard of him! LOL
    They said that was a different company altogether, but they did want close to a grand for listing my property. Fat chance.

  • Al
      11th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Really appreciate the feedback. I got a "cold call" from them, they knew about my timeshare, asked questions to figure out whether I wanted to sell, upgrade, or rent. When I was considering a rent option (my wife and I don't get a lot of time to vacation these days), they offered to do so. Nice guys to talk with, but I got suspicious when they started asking for a credit card to close the deal and were very persistent. I would have thought anyone with half a brain would realize today that you never give a credit card number to anyone who "cold calls" you. Thanks for the info on this company. Seems bad that they would get an A- rating on the website, ..very misleading. I wonder if it's that easy to create a business to "rent" things, but then just go out and collect fees to do so without ever trying to hold up their end of the bargain. Guess it is. I hope people don't get duped by this often, ..but I guess if they get 1 response out of a hundred calls, still makes business. Sad.

  • To
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree, I just got off the phone from ICM Marketing group with a guy named "Jim" who I was transfered to from "Jack". He just went on mumbling about how good they are and trying to "educate" me in how I keep my currently owned timeshares and just trying to butter me up. When I tried to ask some questions he just kept rambling like he never heard me. He said he was in inventory so I asked him want his inventory turnover ratio was. He was clueless!!! He said that would be known in the accounting department, I asked him to transfer me there and he wouldn't, he instead said that doesn't really prove anything because there are so many factors, and I was thinking hello!!! I'm an accountant and yes it does prove a whole lot, it could generally prove if this company is legit or not. Anyway, I continued to ask a few questions that even the janitor should know about this business and he couldn't answer!!! He is trained to say things he doesn't even have knowledge of himsel[censored] That's when you know it's a scam!!! After being scammed once by GMACTD because I didn't take to time to research or ask questions I now know there is nobody out there who I have found honest enough to sell my timeshare. I assumed GMACTD handled things the same as GMAC but I've had my timeshare on their market for about 6 months and not a single offer or telephone call and my very own agent will not call answer my calls or call me back when I've tried for over 4 months now to get a hold of him "Marcus Smith".

    Now you know when one of these companies call: Ask Questions!!! and search Google using their company name!!!

    I'd also like to add that this "jim" guy said that they have only received one complaint and it was handled in two hours. Yeah right, even rolls royce's get complaints they are just never filed because they are taken care of on the spot with no charge.

    Don't make the same mistake like I did and lose $1400 instantly.

    All business with an upfront fee in my mind should be guilty until proven innocent.

  • Ti
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I too just hang up the phone to this company ICM I let them talk for awhile . I told this gentleman I need to make research before I commit to any agreement. He had me go to the website BBB to see their A- rating they been in this business for 3yrs. I said no to the 962.00 they transfer me to another gentleman his offer was same but then I was transfer to the manager he offer 712.00 and again to 562.00. He just continue nonstop high pressure wanted to know why I decline his offer. He continue saying our timeshare for rental was in high demand. I knew something was amiss with this company so glad I found this website to confirmed they are a scam company.

  • Ad
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I hung up on a guy from ICM and he's called back twice. I told him he had to stop calling and he finally said "no problem". I got the same line about the BBB rating and decided to just search on the name and I'm so glad I did. Never give anyone a CC# who has called YOU. What a crock!

  • Az
      26th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am so glad I kept searching online. Everything that all of you have said is so true. I have been trying to sell my time share for 3 years now and have paid two different companies to list it and have not heard a thing. At first ICMG sounded so good. They kept lowering the price and saying "Here's what I am going to do for you". Today they got just a little too pushy and told me I can only take 24 more hours to make up my mind. I have also been transfered from one 'Director' in accounting to another big wig in inventory...They are the same. Just high pressure sales and when they get someone that listens they have to make the most out of it. At the begining they said no one should ever give their credit card info over the phone without first seeing a contract. Now they are so it is impossible to create a contract until a payment is made and a profile is set up. Just a buntch of crap!!! I should know better than to entertain them an listen when they call...

    Thank you everyone for writing about your experiences!

  • Cj
      4th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Same experience as AZtimesharehater. Same pitch, same assurances of the BBB rating. We're stuck with a timeshare that we got snookered into upgrading to points after having paid off our week plan. We've never used it.


    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ma
      18th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received a "cold call" about my time shares. I ultimately talked to Isacc Gardner, who really put the pressure on me to get me to sign up with them He touted their BBB rating of A- to assure me how great they were. He also told me my costs would nearly immediately be returned to me by their actions to get one or both rented at more than the cost of ICM's fee. This would take place as they brought me offers to purchase one or both units. He failed to convince me at the time. Since then he has called at least 10 times on a number that is on the National Do Not Call list. When I finally talked again with him, I read him several of the above comments. He became VERY ABUSIVE on the phone. When I informed him I was going to turn his company into the authorities for violating the National Do not call Act, he screamed at me then said he now understood why I was fool enough to purchase a timeshare. At that point, I hung up on him. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE GUYS. They are bad apples, like all the rest.


  • Js
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm glad I read these comments. I would just like to know, with so many complaints, why they have only 5 complaints at BBB, and all resolved?

  • Al
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm considering selling my Westgate, Planet Hollywood timeshare and was working with Chris Hernandez of ICM Marketing. I was offered the one time discount deal of 531.00 to process the selling of it. I checked the BBB and noticed the A- rating. I didn't feel comfortable discussing a deal, till I did more research and now I'm glad I did. Has anyone worked with a Chris Hernandez with this company? Does anyone one of a reputible company that can sell my timeshare?

  • Va
      8th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    anyone know of some other creditable company to sell timeshares?

    I got contacted by a Walter and Rick by ICM.

  • Ha
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    ICM took money out of my account without my permission, and now they don't want to give it back. WATCH OUT THIS IS A BUNCH OF B.S. I did not cancel within the 4 days because my mother passed away. All i can say is SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • De
      25th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes


    Thanks for putting this information out here and exposing this company for what they really are. It is really sad they are scamming people out of their hard earned money.I just wish I had known this before I was scammed out of my money. Kudos to you for staying true to yourself. It's good to see there are people with good morals.

  • Ra
      26th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also have just been contacted by ICM. With the thousands of successful sales, why hasn't anyone given a positive report to support this marketing agency? The ICM representative that contacted me explained that my timeshare was very attractive to potential buyers. Better deal than the thousands of timeshares already existing in their inventory. LOL. What a load of crap. Mine is no better than anyone elses. We too have trusted another company that promised to sell our timeshare. Seven months later and not one call. (Fooled once shame on you. Fooled twice shame on me.). The reason we are being contacted by these schisters is because we are obviously easy targets. We all purchased these useless timeshares to begin with. Suckers we are! Maybe there are some timeshare owners who enjoy their properties and feel they made a good investment. We do not. Would love to sell but do not trust any agency that cold call asking for fees up front. If anyone finds a reputable company that delivers would love to hear about it. Have been surfing net in search of one but unsuccessful. SELLER BEWARE!!! Listen to these testimonials and listen to your instincts. Do not fall for their high pressure sales pitch. You, like I, fell for it once when you purchased timeshare. Don't fall for it again. Good luck!

  • Ma
      1st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went through the same problem with this ICM group. They charged me $149 2 days after I signed up online although I never really used their program. I called them and talked to Marisol, who said to be sorry but would not refund my money.

    I called my Credit Card and told them I never received the package and they said not to worry. They cancel the charge (almost one month after I signed up) and refunded the money to my account. They said it is easy for them to collect the money back from them.


  • Ma
      1st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Call your credit card company and tell them that nobody at ICM Group was willing to help you whatsoever. Make sure to dispute the shipping fee as well since the first thing you should say is that you didn't even receive the package on the mail.

    In my case I only saw the charge almost a month after I signed up, my credit card company (chase) still gave me full refund without many questions being made.

  • Ca
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I tell you people believe anything they read on the internet. All of these comments are from people who haven't even hired this company to see what they can do. Check this company out with the Better Business Bureau and you will see that this is a legitimate company. They have an A rating with the BBB. This company has rented my timeshare out more then once. They call me with offers every other week about renting my points. I was looking on here so I can give a recommendation to ICM, unlike the other companies I hired, not one of them did anything for me. This complaint board is very negative to a good company in the timeshare industry. Trust me, hard to find a company like this.

  • Mu
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received a phone call from ICM Marketing from this phone number: (484) 494-3348. But when googling this number it comes up with the name John Malin with an address in Prospect, PA. Google maps show this to be a very run down neighborhood mixed with factories. And the address does not appear to be on the street. I always check the phone numbers and the companies out before even thinking about giving them any information. I told them we were all set, we'll see if they call back and try to get my husband.

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