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Everyone Beware!! These people are using all kinds of different names such as Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Davis, etc offering Data Entry Positions. After you sign up you will get a phone call saying they are looking for a person to make a Success. They smooth talk you, ask for your credit information, and then tell you how much money you can make in the $30, 000 to $60, 000 in 3 months. Sounds so good you sill say yes. They only allow 3 days to cancel. They do not even honor that. They will try everything to not give you your money back. The training goes nowhere. That's when you know you've been SCAMMED. They go by Ivy Capitol, Fortune Learning Systems, VianetWebzone, Business Developement Division, Whole Sale Match or the Shipper, and now are using Apply Knowledge Institute. They will lie to the Better Business Bureau and say you quit or that you aren't studying enough hours. After paying a large sum of money they will tell you to take things from your house and sell them on e-bay to start making money. You can sell on e-bay all by yourself. I tried real hard and got nowhere. What they do put you in touch with is there other agencies to get more money out of you. They promise to make you a success. They are really taking your money. You get nothing. We can do something about this together. [protected]

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  • Ja
      Jun 24, 2010
    ICI Success - cancellation of contract
    ICI Success
    Las Vegas
    United States

    This company tells you that by paying them they can help you be a success and if nothing else, make your investment back. Have been with them since 03/09/2010 and have not made any money or am I a success.

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  • Mm
      Aug 09, 2010
    ICI Success - not giving refund
    United States

    Was talked in to revoke my first cancelation which was made within the 3 days, canceled again the next day also within the 3 day period. Now I am being told that I will not get my money back no matter what.
    Either I do the program or no refund.

    M Parker
    Widow, Cancer patient

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  • Sa
      Aug 30, 2010
    ICI Success - Disceptive Sales Techniques
    ICI Success
    Las Vegas and Salt Lake City
    United States

    Everyone beware of the salesmen who claim they want to make you their SUCCESS STORY. Believe me when I tell you that it is very hard to make money from this company's instructions. They charge different amounts to different people based on how much credit you have available. They will tell you this is one-time, short-term investment and you will be able to be successful in this type of business. They flatter you and tell you how much faith they have in your abilities even when you tell them you have hardly any computer experience. I tried and tried to learn everything they had for me to read, and after months, I was still trying to understand e-bay. Believe me when I tell you they want your money. They also go by the names of Ivy Capital, and Fortune Learning Systems and the newest one is Apply Knowledge Institute. Do not be taken in by these fast talking salesmen. Run - don't walk. Just read all the complaints posted on the Complaints Board, and you will know what you are up against.

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  • Ex
      Nov 05, 2010


    If you have not received a refund from these guys its because they closed one company and opened a new one. They are making money and have money to refund, but you have to complain to state officials and federal officers. Here is how I got my refund.

    Nicholas Johnson, Josh Lindsay, & Jeff Nielson are former owners of 6 figure as shown at the BBB.

    Now they are operating under a different name Online Success INC. They are not registered with the state or BBB to avoid people finding them. But there address is listed as 7440s Creek Road Place, Sandy UT 84093

    I complained to the Utah Consumer Protection Agency & the FTC. According to the FTC this company is already under investigation Case # [protected].

    If you complain to those agencies about this being the same owners and the same company you will surely get your refund fast. It took me 14 days and I purchased 12 months ago!

    Hope this helps...

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  • Sw
      Dec 21, 2010
    ICI Success - cancellation of contract
    ICI Success Team
    United States

    Interested in internet business, was called to join group to be coached in internet business, signed a contract (online) to repay $169.49/mo for 24 mos to pay for coaching. Decided during the interview (after signing contract) that I didn't want to do it, told the interviewer I didn't want to do it. I was herewith cancelling our contract, he said we didn't have one that I "hadn't been accepted yet" & that no further action would be taken, but I don't believe it. There is no address to mail a cancellation notice to. I've emailed the "info" address given by automated menue at he phone number given me. No FAX # was given either. I wonder if email cancellation will be sufficient.

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