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IC Systems, Inc. / Rude, erroneous and/or conflicting information

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Phone: 866 903 1001

I contacted my credit card company and was told that the account had been sold to IC Systems, Inc. for collections.

I called IC Systems the first time, and all seemed to go well. I was put on a payment plan.

Then when the first payment came and was supposed to be deducted from my checking account, it wasn't on the day they said it was supposed to be. Finally, 3 days later, they deducted it. Then 3 days after that they called me demanding the payment. I called them back and after speaking with them, they at first claimed that I was not on a payment plan an d wanted to knwo when I would pay. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and after speaking with him it appeared that the account payment plan had been revoked for non-payment on the day it was supposed to be paid. I told them then that the money had been in my checking account and was there now but they had not deducted it from my checking account. The supervisor checked some more and came back and told me that it was fixed and the payment plan put back in place. He said he had found the payment.

Flash forward to one month later and I now have gotten a letter from them (note I still have not received a paper copy of the payment plan put in effect). The letter stated, that due to non payment, they were now demanding payment. I reiterated at that point, that I had already called once about being put on a payment and what had happened last month. Again, I asked to speak with a supervisor and when she came on, her name was Lisa, she told me just to ignore the letter but the payment plan was still in effect.

I tried to tell Lisa that it's very confusing and frustrating to get this type of letter after having set up a payment plan with the company but her only remark to tell me that I wouldn't be getting this letter if the bill had actually been paid in full.

This company refuses to send me a paper copy of the payment plan for my documentation and in fact told me to call my original credit card company for this instead.

These people are rude and very very inconsistent with their information over the phone and via mail.


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  21st of Jan, 2008
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These people are calling me at all hours and EVERYDAY. They are looking for someone with the last name of Taylor, which isn't even me! I have not been able to get them to stop. They are rude, pushy and refuse to stop calling. Does anyone have a suggestion for what I can do to avoid these idiots running up my cell phone minutes?
  19th of Feb, 2008
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According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, once they've been told not to call, you should follow up with a cease and desist letter, sent certified. Keep a record of whom you spoke to, dates, times, etc. They are only allowed to contact you once after receipt of the letter. They are, without a doubt, some of the rudest people walking the face of the earth.
  1st of Mar, 2008
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I have never encountered a company that has such poorly trained, communication deficient, stammering ###s in my entire life! These people have no idea how to handle debt collection phone calls. You can hear the frustration in their voices and the first sense that you're trying to challenge or question them. I just want what I verbally establish with these people to be sent to me in writing. I have spoken with three different people on three separate occasions, and not one of them knew what the other had spoken with me about or what kind of payment agreement was established.

I just spoke with Andrea, ID# 808 (I actually had the mind to ask), and she told me that she had no record of any payment arrangement that I had made with this company months ago. She then proceeded to ask me what kind of an arrangement I could make with her today. I said, "well, what difference does it make to make a payment arrangement? I never received anything in writing regarding my last payment arrangement, so it seems kind of pointless to establish anything verbally with you." She told me that due to "legal reasons" they cannot mail anything like that in writing. I said that I didn't understand why I was told to mail a request for my previous arrangement in writing and wanted her to explain it to me. She just kept repeating herself and getting flustered because she didn't know what to say or how to say it. She didn't even understand it herself.

So, bottom line is, they are not willing to put into writing any payment arrangement made verbally. I again told her that there was no point in making a verbal payment arrangement if it cannot be backed up with something in writing. She told me that she was making a note in my account that I was refusing to make a payment arrangement and that the full amount would be due in her office by March 13. I curtly stated to her that I was indeed NOT refusing to make a payment arrangement, simply that there is no POINT in making a payment arrangement if your company is refusing to give this arrangement to me in writing. She said that if I made a payment arrangement with her today that it would put my account on hold. I asked her what she meant by 'on hold'. Basically what she said was that this would stop the calls from them daily requesting payment. So I summed it up for her and said, "So what you're saying is that if I don't pay my full balance to you by March 13 or establish a payment arrangement, then you'll just keep calling me." She said yes. I said, "well, that really doesn't make any difference to me." I also asked to just have a bill mailed to me stating what my full balance is. She said that the next letter was not scheduled to be mailed out until April. What? I said, "you can't even send a letter to a debtor if they request it stating their balance?" She said no, that it's an automatic letter system.

This is crazy. These people have absolutely no problem solving skills whatsoever!!! A payment arrangement makes no difference, other than to 'hold' the repetitive phone calls you'll get from them daily. You might as well just pay what you can when you can - which is what I have been doing. I almost don't want to pay them just for spite. I've gotten used to the calls. If they think they can bully me into paying and threaten me with phone calls, they're out of their minds!
  14th of Mar, 2008
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I have to agree with the comments posted. I just received ANOTHER call from IC Systems attempting to collect a debt that I had unequivocally said that I was fighting and would not be paying and the woman got soooooo indignant with me and then hung up on me as if the money she was attempting to collect had come directly out of her pockets and was meant to feed her children.

They had made erroneous notes in their system about what I supposedly said to them on a previous conversation --- completely negative and incorrect. And the woman with whom I spoke this morning would not even allow me to speak. Everytime I attempted to speak, she would cut me off and yell over my voice. Then when I asked, "Can I speak?", she hung the phone up.

I understand that they have a job to do, but they have no right to call your home or anywhere else and harass you. So, I don't know about the rest of the victims, I don't know your situations, but I do know that I will be complaining to the Better Business Bureau about this company, as well as the company who referred me to this company.
  20th of Mar, 2008
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Not only do they call everyday, but its several times a day starting around 8 a.m.
This is how it goes:
The phone rings, I answer, a recorded message tells me to hold for an important message-if you don't hold they just call back. They ask for my husband. I say he's not here, then they DEMAND to know who I am. If I hang up, they call right back and demand to know who I am. This is all for a pediatric vision check that took less than 30seconds as part of an annual physical. The insurance should have covered it.They say I owe them the money---not the doctor. They have called as many as 14 times in one day. This has been going on for at least SIX MONTHS!!! They have never sent anything in writing and Not even a bill. Any suggestions as to how I can stop it?????? It feels like a shake down. If I pay them what I don't owe, they won't harass me any more. Is this legal?
  24th of Mar, 2008
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stop ### and pay your bill... stupid debtors always looking for an excuse to not pay. if you would have been responsible enough to handle the bill when it was due you wouldn't have to deal with this!!
  25th of Mar, 2008
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This I.C Systems keeps calling our house but won't say why they are calling. They start asking personal questions like address and dates of birth but won't tell us why they are calling. There must be something I can do short of getting my phone number changed and unlisted! I only found out what this company is all about by going on line to their website!
  30th of Mar, 2008
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I first talked with I.C. systems last fall. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am trying to clean up my husband's credit card mess. I set up a payment plan with the first person I spoke to. I was told that if I called and posted a payment by the end of every month that everything would be taken care of. At first I was very suspicious of the entire thing. I had not seen any paper notices from this company even though they claim to have been sending them. After doing a little research, I made the first payment and continued to make payments for the next couple months.

After a few months had passed, I was told that if I payed a larger sum the account would be up to date and I would not have to worry about overdraft fees any longer. So, I did this. The next time I called I was told that I could pay a minimum of $25.00 every month. So, I continued with this payment for the next few months.

The last time I called I was told that the account was $135.00 overdrawn and that if I simply made a payment of that $135.00 it would be up to date. I was also told that if I chose to pay by online check that I would be charged a $10.00 fee. I have been using online checks from the beginning and this is the first time that I was ever told this.

This is crazy. The rules change with every person I talk to there. I asked to recieve some type of written statement detailing the account and was told that they are a collection agency and do not send out statements, but I have been receiving statements from the credit card company every month. I have never seen one.

I am not sure that I should continue to even try and take care of this bill anymore.
  4th of Apr, 2008
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icsystems called my girlfriends house number which i have never given out so don't know how they got it so i called them back and told them someone called for me he asked for my phone number i gave him my cell he said it's not on file so then i told him my name and then he asked for my social i aked why you need my social then he hung up icsystems is a scam.
  13th of Apr, 2008
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I.C. Systems is the worse thing ever since the forming of that white substance around your mouth when you're very thirsty. I had a WaMu credit account that I let slide into default. I loved the idea of paying it all off and made arrangements with the company. Fast forward to January when I could no longer work overnight and go to school full time so I stopped work. My account gets handed to IC Systems supposedly for the last three months that I'm behind.

When I speak to them they tell me how imperative it is to make the 300 dollar payment to get caught up, I tell them I can't at that moment, they tell me ok 150 will be just as good for now, I say my check hasn't cleared yet, and they insist that with just a 64 dollar payment that can buy me a week! I'm like wtf... I finally run back into a large sum of money that I plan on using to settle any outstanding things and I call them back.

They were very polite and friendly when I called them inquiring about making payment arrangements. I received a bill from WaMu and the balance is accruing interest and what not, so I'm like okay, let's just settle. So this idiot I'm speaking with tells me he's "not authorized to offer you a settlement but if you did want to settle, how much would you offer?" I lay it out on the table that I'm done with the month to month hassles and I want it over with with a lump sum. He said ok I'll call you back.

Long story short, weeks later I speak with them and let them know that until they're willing to settle, it's nothing to talk about. They tell me I'm going to be accountable for every cent and they'll keep calling until they get me. lol. while im running around shopping for my baby to be with my fiance, they call my house, starting at 8:30.. on a sunday, from california, which would put them at 5:30 pacific... who the f*#@ does that!? Now they call getting nasty with my fiance as well... I'm almost at the point where I feel like reverse searching them on white pages jsut to show up at one of their call centers to spit in a supervisor's face.

-Frustrated in NY-
  29th of Apr, 2008
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I must agree that these people are rude, nasty and start early in the morning to try to ruin my day. There were several atempts to work with these people. They don't seem to communicate with their staff and I keep getting mis-information. When I did atempt to work out a payment schedule with them using my fiances checking with his authorization they said instead of just giving the routing number to his bank we also included the check number, which when they went inot the account for the money it didn't go through. Since then I called, he called, we called together to see if we could work something out. They said we broke the agreement so we forfeited our right to another agreement. They called me this morning before I had an appointment with my Crime Victims worker, and I explained to them I will try to do something after I catch up with my rent which I am behind, he then asked me how do I feed myself and I told him with the help of my parents, his response was ask your parents, I told him I wasn't going to do that because they already helped me with something. They have BULLDOG tactics. My thing was before I get all worked up the thing to do is just say have a Good Day and hang up, which I did.

Anotheer Frustrated New Yorker
  3rd of May, 2008
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I just started receiving recorded messages from I.C. Systems, Inc. about a month ago. Firs they were for a Hispanic Gentleman that I have never heard of. I tried pushing buttons as if it were my debt in attempt to speak with someone and tell them to stop calling me. That didn't work. Their Auto dialer calls 5 to 20 times a day - all day long and it does not matter if you answer the phone or not. Today their auto dialer asked for my name and when I pushed the button a rep comes on yelling just verify your address - who are you? Whats your social security number? I asked who are you and she said "you already know" now where are you located? What the Heck is this all about? I have no clue? I told her to stop contacting me. That didn't stop the calls either. They harass all day long every day - weekends included.
  23rd of May, 2008
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I 've worked for several colection agenciies including this one
and yes sometimes their were really rude people on the floor. These are usually the people who do not do very well or make much money and they typically end up getting fired rather quickly due to complaint calls.
The collection agency itself does not want debtors harassed. They just want the bill paid. Its really far past due by the time it comes to collections. And like it or not its has to be paid. I have always been a very respectful collector and have no need to belittle or harass anyone for money. I know collectors who do this eventually get caught and fired. I treat people with respect on the phone and try to come to an agreement. I do however as any commission based sales person would try to get as much money as possible.
Some people don't realize options to settle, or bring current to stop late fees. And different options out there. I like to believe the majority of people there want to pay their bills. Alot of people dont realize some of the opeions and sources that are avaiable and
you always save the most money by making the largest payment possible this is do to fees and etc.
Not all collectors are the same though. I follow a ceratin order in asking for payment where the person next to me may like setting up monthly arrangements. They would use a different negotiatioin order then I would. That is why you get differing amounts sometimes, I see how it is a bit annoying but eventually we all go down to the same minimum payment. Remember, unless you choose to formally dispute it you do owe the debt and are obligated to pay it. And the agency nor the creditor has to accept a minimum payment once you are that far behind. It really benifits no one to take a $50.00 payment. Not the creditor not the agency and becuase your payemnt got eaten up by fees and intrest not you either. We will take and set up arrangments though becuase the majoroity of us want to work with you and help you. The past due amount is the best thing to try to pay if not the balance becuase it wll get you current and stop those late fees.

As far as settlements go not all not all creditors let the agency use settlements. In some cases the creditor still "owns" the debt and is using the agency to collect on it. In these cases the agency may not be able to reduce it. And of they cant they cant. Oh well. They shouldn't have to give you a deal because you fell behind how is this fair to the consumers you diligently pay their bills very month? Don't get me wrong settlements are a great option if they are available and you cant pay it in full. But demanding them in my eyes is wrong.

Anyways the point I am trying to make here is not a collectors are bad. If you deal with someone who broke laws call back during business hours and ask for a supervisor. You will probably help them get rid of that person much faster. Unfortunaly collection agencies are big and some people slide by and get in and seem to be great for the job until they get on a call when their boss isn't around to hear it. Calls get monitored and things like that but so many calls get monitored you have to give the agency a reason to listen to those calls and get rid of that "bad collector", much like a rude rep at a store. Ect..

Another thing to remember to is many and I mean many debtors get on the phone and immediately cuss me out every day. I understand how frusterated they are and taking it out on me I guess makes it easier somehow.
The things I hear on the phone would shock some of you. One man once told me that he hopes if I ever have children that they die of cancer. He said this to me when I said nothing other then my name the creditor I represented, and asked how he was doing today? (this is how I open all of my calls btw like I said most of us are really nice people) .
Just sharing this to let you all see both sides of the coin.
  11th of Jun, 2008
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I work for IC System. I apologize for hearing these things. I can clearly hear the conversations of the people around me and can honestly tell you I've never heard of people being this rude. The reason for all the phone calls is that we are paid on commission and more phone calls = more chance to get a payment. I know it isn't fair, i've been in debt before I know what the calls are like!
  11th of Jun, 2008
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I.C. Systems have taken over collections for a company called HSBC. I was notified around May 17th of a Credit Card debt that I had no idea about. HBSC had my Social and Mothers madien name but no home phone. HBSC wanted to know the numbers on the credit cards that I was holding at the present. I felt this was strange and would not co-operate and hung up. Now I am getting constant calls from I.C. and the problem is I work for the goverment and because of security issues I am not to received outside calls. How did these ppl get my Number in the first place is beyond me. I have reported HSBC and I.C to the federal Trade Commison. Beware of strange calls from credit card and ccolleection companies.
  7th of Jul, 2008
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I have been receiving calls from IC Systems for over 2 months now and have only answered ONE. They still call 15-20 times a day, without fail. So don't think that if you don't answer they'll just stop. Now they call from 000-000-0000 and think that I might answer THAT??? The first time they called I answered and tried to make monthly payments with them. After almost an HOUR on the phone with them we had settled on a monthly payment (with someone who could barely speak his own name in English). I called back not TEN minutes later and asked for our agreement in writing and was told that I had not made an agreement, but if I wanted to settle my debt I could surely do it with her!! Many supervisors later they still couldn't find my arrangement and I haven't answered the phone since. Think about it- They could have had ALL of my money by now! Their loss.

THE stupidest people who have ever walked the earth. (Sorry to the lady up there that says she's never heard anyone say anything rude there).
  8th of Jul, 2008
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hmmm... Where to start. First off. Its not our fault that you cant u all dont pay your bills! try to make an effort. 2nd off... not answering your phone gets you know where, the phone calls are the first step to collections, and if we cant payments that way, then we take legal action. 3rdly... were not retarted. its not our fault that you dont understand how to take care of your finacally obligations, and besides lets see you get a job here... really. Most importantly if you say you dont have money you lieing. were talking to you on phone... that costs money... were here your tv that costs money, were here you lighting ciggs... that costs money... anyways my point is that there are people out there that do care that owe money and send it what ever they can. even if it is a small amount. So instead of yelling at us because you owe money... take the info, and mail in what you can. it will make your life, and ours a whole lot easier!
  9th of Jul, 2008
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The above coment by an I.C. employee indicates the quality of education our school system is producing. It is also indicitive of the hiring practices of I.C., they apparently hire whoever is walking by their store front!! And these employees do not seem to even know the name of the company that signs their pay check!! I just asked two employees what the "I.C." stood for in the name of their company, and you know what? they did not know!!! even tho' they have worked at this company for years!! These people threaten "legal" action, but then never follow through, prefering rather to intemidate over the phone. Paying past due bills via a well maintained collection company is one thing, but to be treated rudely by any person is not acceptable.
By the way I.C. employees, it stands for intelligent ( again, see the employee comment above ) collections.
  24th of Jul, 2008
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IC Systems has been calling me for about two weeks and three to four times a day. I answered the phone again and finally this time it didn't hang up. I had the pleasure of speaking to Michelle (that's a joke)! Michelle was VERY RUDE and Bulling! I tried to explain to her my situation and asked her to work with me. Also, asked to speak to someone else, which she said there wasn't anyone else to speak to. Guess she was acting as boss. Acting is the key word! To sum it up, she told me to get a loan to pay my debt because there isn't a payment plan that I have to pay by 5 days, told me good luck, and then hung-up on me. WTH??? What kind of people do they employ?? I was trying to do the right thing and Michelle didn't care and just wanted her commission. What a sorry and unhappy person! May God be with you!!
  11th of Aug, 2008
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I got a phone call last week from IC Systems, the woman was extremaly rude and intimidated,
demanding 7k payments from a hospital bill from a hospital that I never heard of. I told her that she can send the bill along with proper documentation. Of course she only sent the bill. So I called them to demand detail of the bill. They said that my request has to be in writing. I will follow up with these clowns, since they treat me with my Credit score. I am glad that i found these website. Now I know that I am dealing with total jerks. Any legal advise is very welcome.

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