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iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / indian head viresh shah is unethical, liar, fraud, corrupt, crook and mentally sick

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Ever since Viresh came to iBASEt (The IT Director Jasdeep Mann brought him and he joined as an employee in Management team), bad reviews started flowing on


Viresh a.k.a. Kali Mirch, used to deploy non branded / pirate hardware as a measure to cut costs in his previous company Dana. He started having monthly

meetings with the HR and other Department Heads in which few people are chosen(Mostly from HR) to write good reviews about the company and him in order to

avoid bad publicity. Viresh even went to the extent of investigating the IP addresses of all employees who have given negative feedback on internet. He even

approached Glassdoor office with a legal notice to remove all these posts - HA HA, Glassdoor told him to shut his mouth!

Alright, now let's talk about some of his interesting achievements:

* Viresh has completed the construction of his 3 story house and second house is under construction - Do you wonder where all this money come from! Let me

give you an example - one of the recruitment agencies used for hiring employees in iBASEt-India belong to a close contact of Viresh Shah

* He bought the fortuner car by taking interest free loan from the company(no other employee has this facility) and then started using his car to pick up

guests from airport. Slowly, he spread the word that this car now belongs to the company since it is also used for company purposes, and started claiming

for all the expenses of the car like maintenance, petrol etc.

* He has purchased private number cars for the company and those cars and the drivers are used to ferry his family members to malls, schools etc.

* He always busy in watching porn movie in his cabin but pretending to all like he is super busy.

* You can often spot him staring at female employees and having long talks with them. Actually, he is a pervert.

Now, after reading this you must be wondering, what is he still doing in the company.

Here is the answer to your pertinent question - HQ office in California, runs all the business in India. They have given him a fancy title of Director but

even an Associate in HQ is more valuable and powerful than him. Worst worrying thing is that Viresh cover his blunder by saying lesson learned When he

makes a mistake, Imaging How Brainless HQ Management are. they are giving him 85 Lakh INR Package to him for Learn the lesson .

Dec 21, 2018

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