iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd.ibaset is good company but becoming worst due to newly appointed worst hr & vp

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Newly Appointed HR Manager Sneha Fidelis is absolutely shameless and sly. She has No Manner how to talk anyone often she overreact on employee. Even though She advice people How to groom, how to speak.(Really ridiculous she doesn't t have own any sense for grooming and talking.)
If someone have any issue and ask her she pretend like she have lots of work really she doesn't have any work.
She sees her profit first then after company interest.She often takes commission/mediation from Vendor. Recently She has changed So many Vendors for taking her Profit. Recently She is taking huge commission from Consultancy for hiring new Employee.(Newly Hired employee are the same from her previous Company contact) She supports non-technical and unskilled people those people are dumb. Skilled people are not identified and appreciated by her.
Due to her bad behavior/habit she has fired/terminated so many time from previous employment.

Newly Appointed VP Viresh Shah is Most overrated undeserving and extremely moody Person. He has not any Technical or Management capability.He is more interest in playing Paper work rather than do work in some practical and smooth way. Which create lots of un necessary confusion and headache.Recently He have introduced new event(I would say it Drama) GPW to remove the attention of Employee and HQ Management from ground reality.(without knowing our product, domain knowledge or any technical stuff). Because he have not any single ability and caliber to show the HQ Management. He often talk hypothetical stuff without any logic(in reality He has joined in company by showing all these lies). He is more interested in Jumping in each and every stuff whether it is belonging to him or not.Often he likes to interfere in work of people Whose Reporting authority in HQ to just create his impression.(Really he does't know anything.). Sometimes I found that he calls Newcomers employee in inside the cabin and introduce him I am VP overhear. blahhh... blahhhh.
to just show of his impression at newcomers. this is really ridiculous(If you are general manager then I believe you don't need to show of these stuff.)
if he's talking to you with utmost respect and care, don't fall in the illusion. On the very next day, you'll be insulted by the same person .You may never find him (including the HR Manager) calling others 'aap' (the respected form of 'you'). It's always 'tu' (the disrespected form of 'you'). Calling someone 'tu' gets these guys(HR Manager& VP ) freedom to use any insulting language.

Right now he is trying to convince HQ Management to pull financial and strategic stuff from HQ to India just of Personal Interest (same taking commissions/bribe from local vendor. HQ Guys are innocent they comes in his humbuggery )

Both have created very frustrating and Pitful environment for employees.

May 02, 2017

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  • Pa
      May 03, 2017

    very good company and people are very nice, Sneha Fidelis & Viresh shah are changing the face of company and are making company successful, jealous people are trying to bring them down since they are in secured, but good work Viresh Shah & Sneha Fidelis you are the best

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