Hyundai Elantra / radiator

We just recently purchased a Elantra from the dealership about 3 weeks ago. On the 14th of September the radiator explosted on the top side. My son pushed his car to Sears Automotive and had the mehcanic look at it. He did confirm the radiator exploded on top at no charge. We had the Elantra towed thru AAA to the Hyundai Dealership on Sept. 15th. and they also confirmed the radiator had exploded. The car, according to the Dealership only has a 90 day waranty not covering the radiator. Now, they want to charge $650.00 for the replacement to the radiator. In these hard times, i feel after purchasing the car for several thousand dollars and only 3 weeks of having the car, the dealership should pay for the replacement of the radiator.

Please help with any thoughts or answers. Please call me on my cell phone [protected] or email [protected]

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