Hydrolyze And Hydroxatone / Being overcharged before trial expires

1283 E Broadmoor St, Springfield, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 417/350-1664

Prior to the expiration of the "Trial Period" which really wasn't a trial period, I was charged over $200 for this product. I called to cancel and was told that I would not be refunded because my "Trial Period" had expired. It was for about 7 days instead of the 30 days. Besides, I feel that this company misrepresents the free "Trial" of this product, I was told that I would only be charged for the S/H charge but in reality, I was charged, OVERCHARGED in my opinion an outrageous amount of $200. I had a hell of a time cancelling this product and the customer service reps are EXTREMELY RUDE AND TALKED TO ME LIKE I WAS WRONG TO COMPLAIN!! Unbelievable!!
On the positive side, my dark circles have faded and some of the wrinkles are somewhat diminished but not like they "touted" in the commercial. I am pleased about my dark circles but it took ONE WHOLE BOTTLE to achieve this. Hydroxatone for the wrinkles, I can take it or leave it. Hydrolyze and dark circles did work after one bottle with no desire to purchase anymore.

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