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http://aussiebcrescue.com/ / Dog Rescue service stinks

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ABC Rescue

The also go by the name of ABC rescue. This woman is a liar. This is the third posting of complaint that did not get put up. I hope the people at the complaint board get this posted. On this complaint I found that article regarding to many dogs. She does not just rescue needed dogs. She take also good quality dogs that would easily be adopted from shelters to make a bundle of money on them.
Her attitude is is very bad. She tells you, if you adopt the dog, don't bring it back. She wants to know all your business, you are better off going to the shelter and do your adoption there. The way she treats people. I hate to think how she treats the dogs.


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D  7th of Jul, 2009 by 
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She adopts dogs that are on death row and finds them homes. She keeps ones that are not adoptable herself and spends a great deal of money getting them back in shape. She runs training programs and agility courses in her home and is A TRUE AUSSIE BORDER COLLIE DOG LOVER. Without her, the breed would have lost MANY excellent dogs. She deserves accolades, not criticism. She is very picky about where her dogs are placed because she wants to make sure you and the dog will be happy. As to the price, she vaccinates, neuters, and feeds them until they are placed. The amount she charges is very fair.
D  18th of Aug, 2011 by 
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I disagree, I saw a dog at the shelter I was ready to adopt. By the time I came back to get him, I was told he was adopted already, then I ended up finding him on pet finders. When I came to look at the dog, She was nasty, asked too much money for this nice dog. And told me the same thing as what this other person above said. Plus I did some research online. She been in trouble with the law as there has been complaints from other people about her. I also had someone I knew who wrote to her a nice letter with some ideas and she wrote back a nasty response. Maybe that letter should be posted here. HUH. Maybe that would be a good idea. I would venture to say this woman has mental issues. I don't care who you are, but anyone that have encountered this woman says similar stories.
D  17th of Nov, 2012 by 
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Kathy Givens of ABC Rescue has rescued & placed over a thousand dogs. For every complaint, there are 100's of positives for Kathy's efforts. Rescue is a business & you can't satisfy every "customer." For those who think Kathy is making money on this effort, try doing it yourself. She is not subsidized, as are county shelters. They can adopt out a dog for $10-$100 as they aren't depending on adoption fees to cover all the health problems with which they deal. Often, dogs who need medical attention are put down. Not so with Kathy. She spends sometimes thousands a month on rescue medical bills. She also deals with STUPID PEOPLE EVERY DAY. So, if you've happened to catch her on a day that has been difficult for her, she very well could be a ###. I have NEVER seen her treat an animal with anything but love - and that's what REALLY counts. SHAME on all you people who criticize Kathy. If you feel so strongly, start your own rescue & put her out of business. She would be so happy to have the day when there are no shelters with dogs for her to bail-out, and no dogs left on her doorstep, and no dogs that she had to pick up NOW because the owners were tired of them/moving/had a baby/didn't like their furniture chewed/had an allergy/got a new boyfriend, etc.
D  8th of Mar, 2013 by 
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My husband and I have over the years adopted 3 dogs from ABC Rescue. I just don't understand the complaint. Kathy is devoted to these dogs and saying she is making money is pathetic joke and the compainer has no idea what is going on!

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