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Howard Toshmn

Howard has been in the music business for donkeys years they got stoned of the stage in Reading we know that you are part of this blacklist group commenting on any and everything all promoters hate you, really distasteful, I don’t know why these companies don’t sue you for your badmouthing no matter which company you have a take on, you have done much **** sucking but I hasn’t gotten you somewhere you are older and bitter no money at all the new band that you are managing how is that going, I see you are posing as an intellectual these days underneath you are still that same you shouldn’t have joined the site that says pay to play, you are a sad person who should not be allowed to.

Symptomatic don’t need to pay for it seeing you in our group has really turned me off you should be in pc where the at sort of people are

Howard Toshman

Aug 31, 2016

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