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Household Bank / HSBC Card Services / stay away from this credit card company!

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Stay away from this credit card company!!! They are full of money making schemes. This company has raised interest rates on both of my cards for no apparent reason, I always make my payments on time, and always pay more than the minimum. The raised the rate on one of my cards to 29.99% because they couldn't track down an electronic payment that I had made, I even gave them the confirmation number, but still they argued that I never made a payment. They also canceled one of my cards without telling me(when they cancel your card they lower your credit limit to $5.00) two days after making a $500.00 dollar purchase, therefore putting me over my credit limit, they charged me a $35.00 over the limit fee and sent me 4 nasty letters demanding payment to bring me back down to my new credit limit of $5.00, yes five dollars is correct, this is not a typo. The reason for closing my account was based on derogatory information that they supposedly found on my credit report, I checked my credit report and no such information was listed on it. My credit score is in the mid 700's with no derogatory information on it, I figured this would be more than adequate to meet HSBC's credit terms, but apparently they have a credit manager in training that makes rash biased inappropriate decisions. The kicker is, I called them to pay off the balance on this account and they wanted to charge me a $15.00 check fee for taking my payment over the phone, I couldn't make my payment online because you are not allowed to pay more than twice your credit limit at one time(which would be a whopping $10.00 in my case). I have rotted on hold many times with this company for up to 30 minutes while being passed around from manager to manager, nobody gives a crap what you have to say or how long you have been a customer, they read their responses off of a dialog sheet and apologize over and over to try to get you to give up and hang up. There is no way this company will continue to stay in business if they continue to treat their customers like dirt, this is absolutely the worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. Again, stay away at all costs, pay higher interest rates with another company that values your business, HSBC is absolutely pathetic!!! I am also pulling my monies out of my online saving account with HSBC , as I can no longer stand to give my hard earned money to these misanthropes. I could go on, but please heed my warning and stay away from these jokers!!! Stay away!!!

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  • Mr
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    This company HSBC Card Services will stoop to horrendous levels to racketeer money out of their customers. I received this card very young, still in college and many of my friends did the same. I have been a stellar customer for over 10 years and now they decide they need to make a few extra dollars off of me.

    Essentially they told me the statement I received was not correct and that they processed my next month's payment for the previous month. Ridiculous really since my statement does not reflect this but according to their brilliant CSR's my statement must have been sent early and check processed that night.. Oh please.. I pay my bills before I receive my invoices because they try to get you by giving you no more than a week to get the bill and send them the payment. Now they are resorting to unethical things like claiming my most recent payment went towards last month's invoice,even though this is not shown anywhere on my statement. I'm now afraid of what else they will do reading to the man's statement above because i am raising hell with them. Writing letters to their CFO, to Direct Merchants Bank who's name is on my card and my senator to pass legislation to protect people like us.

    Now that the market is not doing well, credit card companies are not making as much money. They are now resorting to these completely unethical practices to make a buck. Well I wont sit down idily, I will fight them and I hope others will as well.

    I may not be rich but I'm smart and the debt I have is from educating myself. When are we the people going to stand up for each other, demand corporations run business ethically and insist our representatives protect us, the peasants! Email me if you want to join the fight!

  • Ka
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    HSBC Card product devision.

    Dear Sir,

    I am to state that I hve not received my last month credit card statement and as a result the payment could not be made within the due date. I was also out of kolkata for my official works. Since the similar insident happend many times during past and I have been using your card for almost last 12 years!

    You also have many times waived the late payment charge on my request for which I am obliged. I once again request you to kinldy do not charge any late fee this time considering the stated fact . I am enclosing a cheque for the payment as per my eastimation considering a higher margin for the min payment.

    Thanking you,

    Best regards,

    Kaushik Majumder

    Cell No 09433095329

  • Ja
      28th of Oct, 2007
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    Both my husband and I have a credit card with this company, I had done an Electronic Payment for the ENTIRE balance owed on both cards. Apparently something went wrong with the electronic payment and they called me SEVERAL TIMES, I then personally hand wrote a check for the original amount, mailed it out and thought that was it, well it's been 4 days, which usually takes between 7-10 days for them to receive but nope they waited only 4 days and the phone calls began. Today SUNDAY alone I received 6 phone calls in regard to this payment now mind you they should get it by Monday but no they can't wait 6 phone calls within a 2 hour span. I informed them that they are in violation of the Fair Credit Act which protects consumers from this type of HARASSMENT. I am now planning on contacting my Local authority in regard to this harassment and then mail HSBC their cards SHREDDED and WILL NEVER AGAIN USE THIS BANK.

  • Ki
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    It is very bad that financial and credit card institutions like this will get away with virtually anything. Their customer service is nothing to write home about. So insulting, rude, sarcastic and nonchalantness about customer complaint. I was with them for a little over a year. It was a bitter and excruciating one year experience. They messed up my credit just because I wanted to know why they were charging me 33% interest rate. Granted that I was late in my payment once when I went overseas. They said that if I maintained my payment for six month without late payment they will bring it back to what it was suppose to be. After six months, I called them back to reverse the interest rate but they never did. I felt stupid and unintelligent to go on paying 33% on a credit card with this present economic condition, so I resorted to writing them a cheque for the balance of their money. They even wrote me telling me that I payed more than I was suppose to pay. I knew I did but I figured out that it is better to pay more to avoid getting a letter in future telling that there are some money that has not yet posted at that time. My attitude was they can keep it since they need it more than I do.

  • Mi
      30th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    This credit card company is a disgrace. The people who are employed by them should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Sa
      6th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am really upset because of the services HSBC banks are providing. They assured quick process and took all the documents from me long ago that is two months back. After everything was processed they sent me a mail stating that they have dispatched the card to my mail ID which I have not received any intimation from those people. When I try to contact the customer care the service is still worst.

    So I am really in confusion what to do?

  • Be
      9th of Dec, 2007
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    HSBC is the number one looters and robbers of the innocent customers, get out of this company and go to some local and trustable banks for your banking.

  • Vi
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    Yes. I had them for many years. I didn't get them directly. First, my card was with Republic Bank. Then it was changed to something else... I think Astoria Credit. I am not sure. Ive had this card for over 10 yrs. They keep hiking my acct APR for no reason at all. They claim that I was suddenly using it too much... I used it to buy gas only. Occasionally, the store for small purchase here and there.

    I when from 5.99% to 29.999%. I asked them how far up they'd go. They said 29.9999% (helloo!!) I am working on getting rid of them altogether.

  • Gb
      11th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    YES! YES! YES! These guys are true scam artist, why haven't the Fed's moved in on them, it's the same M.O. every time. They are flat out CROOKS. Same crap over and over.

    If anybody is interested in get a Class Action Suit together, let me know!

  • Iz
      13th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I love HSBC I pay my bill on time every month and guess what my interest is the same. I am not delinquent like some others on this page so i don't receive phone calls on sundays overal a great company!!

  • Da
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    Out of the blue I receive a notice from them. They are raising my interest rate from 12.24% to 27.24% due to information from Equifax. I pulled a credit report and could not find anything that could have raised my rate.

    I called HSBC and they said my credit score went down... It is the same as it was last year, and the same as it was the year before when they issued me the card... I have never been late with this creditor or any other for that matter...

    I sent them a letter telling them I wanted to opt out, which will keep my rate at the 12.24%, but now I am worried they will [censored]-UP my credit report...

    I chose them over Capitol One because I thought they has their ### together better... I guess I was wrong!

  • Tr
      18th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hsbc card services is one of the most terrible cards ive ever had I applied online for and I was declined so they said two months later I get a phone call from them stating that my payment is past due the charged me a $100.00 yearly fee on a $400.oo credit limit so I paid by mail the late fees and the$100.00 yearly fee and several times I sent payments they held them and didnt post them to my account where I had to do an over the phone payment which cost $15.00 then the next day after making the payment they then posted my original mail payment I sent to my account I advise alot of consumers to stay away from hsbc card services this credit card company is a rip off there out to destroy peoples credit and take away your money and charge you a whole bunch of late fees and anual fees and to report you to the credit beru as paying late!

  • Gr
      19th of Dec, 2007
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    I wonder how long this "I love HSBC" guy is going to be singing that song.

    ANSWER - Until you get the notice I got today!

    8.9% HSBC Credit Card, paid on time, NO Late payments, paid minimum payments the last few months but never over limit and not used very often >>>>>

    29.99% rate notice increase!!

    REASON - Something in my Credit changed. Lets see, paid off 2 big loans but did buy a new car - all current and in good standing.

    HSBC can kiss my butt. EVIL and Predatory - What else can one say?

    GOOGLE HSBC Sucks in Quotes and you'll find 2600 returns for that term alone; thousands more with other variations.

    Where are the FEDs when the banks begin to turn on Americans???

    Customer Service?? An American Oxymoron.

    Greg Vail

  • Ja
      29th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have written several letters and have not receiveed any satufiction on my behalf. I writing you once more to state that I cut your card in half and mailed it back to you over two years ago. You continue to send me statements and I do not owe you anything, so I intern return the statements return to senders. I now found out as of 12/28/2007 you have sent negetive information to my credit report. I would appricate it very much if you would clear my credit report as that you had someone debiting my account without my permission. I have tried to clear this matter with one of your respensentives but it seems as if we have a communication problem. I do not want one odf your credit cards ever again because you people do not listen to your customs. All I want is to be clear of you and a clean account with my credit report.

  • Em
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I have received a letter on 12/18/07 in which I was given notice that my credit card account had been closed due to inactivity. I used this card on a fairly regular basis but I never went over my limit. I always paid my credit card bills in full and on time. One of the reasons I didn't use it the past month is b/c I was afraid if I did that I would go over my limit. Instead of being rewarded for my merit and responsible payments, I am being punished for not generating interest for them to collect. Not only that, but canceling the credit card is going to sting my credit even though I have done nothing wrong.

    I might have considered using it more and plunging myself into debt for your benefit oh dear HSBC if you had extended my line of credit to something less affordable for me.

    Thank You

    Emily Edmonds

  • Ry
      7th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same thing here as Emily above. I admit I never used the card except for a balance transfer and so they never did make more than $10 off of me (balance transfer fee). But still, an awful company for not letting me know before they cancel the card.

    Rubbish, all of it. Who ever heard of a company cutting their cardholders loose for lack of activity? None of the other cards I have do this. Not even the terrible Bank of America.

  • Li
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I received an HSBC card last year with a nice credit limit. I don't like using credit cards in general but I do like to have one on back up in case of any emergency situation that I might need the extra money for. I didn't use the card for the past 6 months and received a letter last week that my account had been closed due to inactivity. In all of my years of dealing with credit card companies I have never come across a company that just closes your account at random for no activity! This is a red flag to me and proves that they are only it in for the money. Not the consumer! Luckily I never used the card so I didn't have to deal with any of the billing issues like others and now I'm glad I didn't. They can keep their stupid card and high APR's. I've already wrote a letter to the BBB about these fools.

  • Bi
      13th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree with the complaints here , I have 2 of there cards with Excellent payment history. they sent me the same letter.. Im paying it off right now... BUT MORE IMPPORTANTLY...WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ? LETS MOVE FORM COMPLAINTS NOW TO ACTION.
    Anyway its time for CHANGE no more raping the average guy get our politiicans off of thier pay rolls and stop seeing only elepahnts versus donkeys !..America is starting to look tlike the apakalyptic movies..LETS FIGHT BACK !

  • Do
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    My experience with this company is that i may have looked at an add on line and put in interest enquiries which lead them somehow to my bank account which they withdrew a transfer balance without authorization. Now i must wait until there is an investigation as to how this Ashley Simmons of HSBC was able to get at my account before the monies will be reinstated, all the while i'm overdrawen on accountts and receiving charges as well as delaying other bills and having late fees pile up. The time amounts to damages and this sounds like a case to go class action. I have till the end of this week to avoid child support delinque charges, at which time if the monies have not been restored i will seek legal protection. This is the only action a company like this will understand, action in the form of united legal representation before a court.

  • Ke
      11th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had an account with Household Bank that was in good standing and that was closed without my permission, approval or even noticing me. The only notice I received from Household Bank was that they had closed the account. In this day, with the importance of credit scores, I find this practice absolutely inappropriate! By closing a good standing account, and reducing my overall available credit Household Bank has reduced my credit score 30 points!!!! Their only comment to me was that if they informed people holding cards that had not been used recently, "they would run out and use them." Is that not the point of a credit card, to use it? Why is this credit card company dictating to me when I may use my credit card???

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