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Horton Auto Body & Paint / Bad Customer Service

1 9815 Horton Road SWCalgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (403) 255-2882

So I got rear ended back in April, as a result my insurance company sent me to this great auto body place that my dad had already been to and had received great customer service with. I went in with my dad and they took the car in for repairs, two days later when i got it back, because all they had done was replace the bumper, I realized the bumper was damaged. It was scuffed on the sides and all along the top of the bumper. It even looked like it had industrial staple holes on it, and I figured it was obviously from shipping and handling. So i went back the next week and showed Kevin (a manager) the damages and my complaint. My friend was with me, so i have a witness, and Kevin (someone who should be professional in customer service and such) started raising his voice to the point where he even began to yell. He pointed out that his men would never release a job like that and that i was stupid to believe they would ever do that, and that i had created that damage. He was so enraged and blowing fumes out of his ears that he went and got the other manager, Brad. Brad pointed out that yes they had released it damaged because my insurance company had told them they were not going to pay for paint or anything else except the bumper replacement. What my complaint was was that "pre-accident" condition as they always put it, my bumper was never scuffed, my bumper was better off from the car accident then how they had replaced it. Anyways, I walked away from Horton that day yelled at and mistreated from someone who i expected would treat me a lot better.

A month went by and someone went and assessed the damages from the insurance company, she even took pictures of the visible damage, and i told her about my sad experience.

Now go forward four months, I had just side-swiped a vehicle on august the 15 and i went to the police department to file the accident, they gave me a sticker (seeing the damages were worse than just my bumper damages from april, the damages were now my two right side doors and some of my frame). I had an appointment finally for my bumper to be primed, because thats all my insurance allowed, for august 27 (and this was going to be primed at Horton). So i went in that morning, with my sticker present, my doors had not and will not be fixed soon, i left my vehicle in for the priming. I get a call later that day from Brad claiming he never saw the other scuffs all over my bumper, and that once again i had lied and i had created more damage, but he only wanted to call to let me know that the insurance was still putting the bills in his wallet since he was doing the job.

I go in the next day with my mom to pick the car up, i see its fixed i grabbed my keys and started driving to a gas station since my gas was almost out. As i drove into the gas station i noticed my sticker, for the door damages was missing, The sticky residue was still there, showing someone had removed the sticker. So i looked all over the car and it was gone, I called the auto body place the next day and the secretary was pleased to help me but she handed me over to Brad, he once again yelled at my, told me they would never touch the sticker, that if i had taken it off i had to deal with my own problems and to basically screw off, and to put the icing on the cake he hung up the phone on me!

Worst customer service ever! Never going back there to deal with incompetent people like these two managers who seemed to be very discriminative against younger people like myself, because im only 18, and females. My dad has never been treated like this from them because they obviously have more respect for older adults, which is no excuse for anyone.

Sep 3, 2014
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  • Pf
      21st of Apr, 2018
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    I had similar experiences with this company. And I believe I dealt with the same manager. They are a very unprofessional company. I had so many issues --- being blamed for damage that wasn't mine, them not fully fixing my vehicle and leaving it completely torn apart. DON'T USE THEM!!! ~ PF

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