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Horizon Jewels And Gemz Cheerleading / Fraud and scam

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Horizon Jewels And Gemz Cheerleading
Polk Street
This new organization is a scam. Unethical and unfair business standards are observed in this place of business. Coach is not qualified to instruct students.Appropriate equipment is not present, nor does she have a business/occupational license in Desoto County. Makes student raise funds for cheer program with a promise that they will be evenly credited toward each students competition fees, and the fees have never been credited. We are talking thousands of dollars that have been raised by children and have not been used toward the team at all. She refuses to provide the parents with a statement of the funds raised and how they have been applied to the team. Her of age son attends practices and uses foul language in the presence of the students and she does not do anything about it. The local cheer gym seems to be a make-out center for some of the teenage team members, including her of age son. She has a double standard of kicking team members off for missing a practice, but allows other team members (friends of her own children) to stay on the team. Will not refund competition entry fees payed by parents who are tired of her scam and what goes on in her establishment that have removed their children from the team. Makes promises that she does not keep. Stay far, far away from this joke.


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D  21st of Apr, 2009 by 
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This complaint that was filed is completely not true! This complaint was made in response to the said coach's decision to remove an athlete from the squad who had discipline issues. This report was made as an attempt to discredit the coach and the organization. My daughter is a member of the squad and has been for some time and I couldn't be happier!
N  21st of Apr, 2009 by 
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I know for a fact that this complaint is not true! My daughter is a member of the squad and she has done extremely well with said coach and squad. I wouldn't have her enrolled anywhere else! The coach is an amazing woman and I will always remain loyal to her.

These allegations were a simple ploy to discredit this wonderful coach's reputation in retaliation for a coaching decision that she had made. This person is only hurting his/herself.

I recommend this coach and this squad highly!!!
D  21st of Apr, 2009 by 
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When I read this complaint, I couldn't believe it! I can't believe that this person had the nerve to file this complaint without any regard for the hurtful things that he/she said. I've known this coach for a very long time and none of these allegations are true. I also have a daughter on the squad and I'm extremely pleased with how far she has come under this coach's guidance. The person who wrote this has in fact received a check from the main gym for any fees that were incurred in the form of a refund. This complaint was just made in retaliation for a coaching decision that this person disagreed with but one which the coach had every right to make.

I understand that we have freedom of speech in this country which I'm grateful for. However, it does not give anyone the right to slander a person's good name just because he/she is not happy with a decision. This person needs to move on!!
A  22nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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It seems that maybe you should have been creative enough to post under different user names instead of posting 3 comments from 3 supposedly different sources under the same user name of mc2009.The original report is true.I too was victimized by this organization.I should have known from the start that this organization was a rip-off.I knew some of the parents of children that were members of the squad, but went against my better judgment and placed my children on the team anyway.One look at this so-called coach would tell someone who knows nothing about cheerleading that she is no type of coach.From her presentation, lack of personal hygiene, and the fact that her children wear the same dirty clothing day after day, I should have known that she did not have a very professional thing going on.Her public record states that she has a long track record of not holding up to her end of financial responsibilities, so why wouldn't she misappropriate fundraising monies?Maybe this is why she has been BANNED from fundraising at large corporations (i.e. Wal-Mart) in two counties.Maybe Publix should also know about her fundraising schemes as well since she was recently there trying to beg money.Why were they there fundraising after cheer season had ended?Two teams that had a combined membership of close to 30 cheerleaders dwindled down to one team of 4 (two of her own kids, her best friend's child, and one other child).If this fundraising money was not used for other means, then where did it all go?Were any accounts every credited?NO! Did her children use the internet and other means to harass very young team members?YES! Did she get kicked out of her donated practice space because of her unethical business measures?YES! Did she only kick the ONE child off of the team that confronted her 18 year old son about his inappropriate groping over his 14 year old girlfriend at practices?YES! Did she fail to remove two other members from the team for missing the same practice that the one child missed (due to a valid reason)?YES! Did her own two children use profanity in the presence of team members?YES! Do her squad members (that are left) take inappropriate photos promoting underage drinking and post them on the internet?YES! A link can be posted to these public photos.Did her son call a team mom an "A**ho**" to her face in the presence of this "cheer coach"?YES! Did she sit back and not say a word about it?YES! Since this "cheer coach" was kicked out of our county, she has planning in the works to start another cheer team in Port Charlotte (a neighboring town).If you want your money stolen, your child cursed, your child witnessing inappropriate behavior from her kids, to be lied to, to be embarrassed at competition and then have her plaster it all over newspapers how wonderful her cheer team is when the "terrible" would have been a more descriptive term (it isn't hard to win first place when you are the only team in a division, which is why a group of 5 and 6 year olds competed in a high school division so that they could compete alone and she could avoid the wrath of MANY angry parents) then by all means take your child to try-out for the new Port Charlotte team.If you are like any other normal parent who does not want your child exposed to this type of behavior, then stay VERY FAR away from anything that this woman has anything to do with.Thousands of dollars went amiss and there is still no proof of what it was used for.She only refunded prepaid competition entry fees of team members that chose to leave the team before said money was ever sent in to the competition company AFTER parents threatened legal action, television, and newspaper exposure.This woman will never have a large cheer organization due to her lies and actions.This woman has never cheered a day in her life and is only involved in the sport because she is able to swindle money out of parents that are stupid enough to give it to her.She would always say that she was "in it for the kids".She is in it for the kids alright, to get the kids to earn somewhat of an income for her since neither her nor her husband work.She can't blame this report on a few disgruntled parents trying to "slander" her.Her entire team quit, her lies are documented, and the facts are the facts.This woman is very passive aggressive and is a wolf in sheep's clothing!Don't let her con you too.GO TEAM!
D  24th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I hope that everyone that sees this is aware of the RUDENESS of this person. I think they have a screw loos and need it tightened move on and get over it. It sounds like you got your money and then some.
I know who you are talking about and talked with the owners of the place they were using and they DID NOT get kicked out. Sounds like to much crying going on round hear. Peace out!!! Coach person keep up the good work and you should not let small town folk hurt you..And it sounds like you were trying to be nice to people in That town and they are not nice, considerate or helpful.

I also think this mean person should have said something to this coach person if these things were going. Because if you keep you'r child there knowing all this instead of saying something you are a bad person. so it must not be true because you are wanting to smell like roses as if yall did nothing.. wrong!!!wrong!!!wrong!!!
A  24th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Ummm, I dont understand you.None of the parents were bad.They all removed their children when all of the deceit emerged.Coached dodged all of the questions that the parents asked and got all defensive.Mom would ask too many questions and coach would take it out on the kids at practice.
No, you are right.All thirty of the parents lied even though they all have the same story.Coach couldnt keep the same story from one day to the next.All the parents are nothing but a bunch of small town folk with small minds and small mentalities.Nothing but a bunch of inbred hicks without a pot to pee in.In order to show our sincere apologies and ignorance and to beg coach for worthiness, we are all gonna round up our youngins' and bring them to try out for the new team next month.Maybe we can get some of that book learnin' from all ya'll big city folk.Heck, maybe we can all get together afterward and roast some weenies with coach at her single wide trailer at the trailer park.I'll even bring the good ole' country music.I reckon I'll even take a bath, wash my clothes, and shave my armpits before I come.Hope coach does the same.Yee haw, cant wait until try outs.
N  26th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Can someone please give a little more info on this Kristina Woman and what she did because i was going to take my daughter to tryouts in 2 weeks but i am a little scared now. Thanks in advance for the info
N  27th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Inform Shelly Proa the owner of Horizon gym in Port Charlotte..She is a wonderful ethical business owner and would want to know what happened with this satellite team/coach.
N  28th of Jun, 2013 by 
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Please, please, PLEASE tell me that Shelly Proa's husband, Todd Proa, is not allowed anywhere near these young girls-- is he? This man is a complete pedophile. A sicko. A full blown psychopath! He was fired from New Gate School in '07 for his sexual misconduct with young girls--- then stalking them and their families along with the then headmaster and other school staff members, after he was turned in by the girls that he'd molested. His arrest (by Sarasota Sheriff's Dept) was in May of '08. He continued to stalk and harass the girls, as well as the mother of his other children (he has 2 other kids with Shelly) and doesn't not pay his other children any child support (has been arrested for that, as well). This is all widely known, but somehow he and Shelly have managed to keep it under raps. He hangs out in nasty strip clubs in the ghetto of Sarasota and with druggies on Siesta Key. He is soooo creepy. Just a real creeper!! Who would allow their children to attend or practice cheerleading or gymnastic's (of all things) when this gal, Shelly, is still affiliated with this monster?? She knows how sick he is, too! She filed for divorce and full custody of their 2 kids for these very obvious reasons. Get your kids hell outta this place---- now!!
A  13th of Sep, 2013 by 
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Anyone see the huge article in the Tampa Bay Times newspaper exposing Shelly Proa's husband, Todd Proa (Aug 29th 2103)? He's finally being exposed (at least partially, that is). This psychotic/sociopath is an absolute nightmare of a human being. A real parasite. Narcissistic Personality Disorder to the tenth power! How did this go unchecked for so long? The police knew of all his pedophiliac activities, too-- but yet they expunged all his records anyway-- in exchange for police informant work. Really?? How sick! I knew all about him-- as did many, many others. Just one look at the freak and you clearly know that something just ain't right with him. He's always got the creepy sunglasses on-- day or night (like Michael Jackson, another pedophile). He can never look into the eyes of an adult. Just a creep! Why was he ever even allowed to be around children-- especially at a school in Sarasota (New Gate School)?

This psychopath has led a triple (or even quadruple) life for many, many years-- long before he even served time in prison for burglary back in Ohio. I'm sure Shelly is only staying in this sham of a marriage out of fear-- and only fear. I'm sure she is scared shitless! That is what he does... he inflicts fear and terrorizes people (his victims)-- stalks them endlessly. Vandalizing homes, slashing tires, peeping in windows, beating people up, impersonating or posing as others-- prank phone calls, letters by mail, feigning cancer, etc. He easily becomes obsessed with his victims... then hacks into their computers/Facebook, etc. This very, very sick and twisted man smashed in the windshield of the mother of one of his other children when she went through the courts to try to obtain a little financial support for his child that she raises single handedly (another young female victim of his). This is just one small example of the terror he inflicts upon his victims. It's endless!

Why has he not been killed yet? Shelly clearly lives in fear of him, but by staying with him, allowing him in her life (at all) as a coach of young children, she is placing all of our own children at great risk. I hope some druggie recognizes his ugly mug-- and shoots him (and not in the foot, either).
N  17th of Apr, 2014 by 
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Wow, someone doesn't like Todd Proa. How do you know him?
N  12th of Oct, 2014 by 
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yes- how do you know todd Proa? His bad behavors should not impact on Shelly. She is a good women. He is gone away anyway)

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