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Hoover Acres/ Lori Hoover / puppy

2-5 LaGrange, IN, United States Review updated:

To whom it may concern,
Hoover Acres unethical practices:
Represents herself as a breeder, when she is a broker for the Amish
Lists herself under multiple names in order for people purchasing puppies to be deceived
Sells/has sold more than 15 different breeds
Her veterinarian does not administer vaccinations, worming or tail and dewclaw removal.
Many complaints from multiple people about an assortment of illnesses, diseases and hereditary issues
Has no proof of Rabies vaccinations for any of the adult dogs she is selling litters from
She currently has puppies from 31 different litters listed right now

I went to which is the largest bulletin board website that helps connect people who are looking for a puppy with breeders in their area. We were looking for a Rottweiler puppy and I found an account for Lori Hoover listing two litters of puppies. I checked the box that said other puppies by this breeder and found nothing but Rottweilers listed. I contacted her and she answered all of my questions in the way that I would have hoped from a reputable breeder. She said that she had two females and a male Rottweiler and sent me pictures of those dogs, Nala, Sasha and King. I also asked her if she could send me pictures of any of the puppies from past litters since she said this was a repeat breeding for both dams. The pictures of the adult dogs she sent me looked like I would want my puppy to grow up to look like.
I made an appointment to go and look at the 4 female puppies she had available. We drove to her home in Lagrange, IN and although we were driving deep into Amish country, her home was set on a hill, and was stunning both inside and out. She was clearly not Amish, and that put my mind at ease, I had read many articles cautioning buyers from purchasing puppies from the Amish. Those articles stated that many of the Amish view puppies as livestock and do not give them the extra care both in terms of cleanliness, health care and socialization that you would want a new member of your family to receive.
When we arrived, there was another couple there looking at a puppy. It was a Burmese Mountain Dog puppy and Lori explained that she bred those dogs as well. We looked at the puppies, asked more questions, including the bedding she used for the puppies, her weaning procedures and how the tails were docked. Perhaps looking back, I should have seen some flags raised when she said her sister docks the tails with a clamp and twist method, something that sounded traumatic and brutal. However, I was so excited at the thought of my first Rottweiler in more than four years that we chose Kelcy and put down a deposit.
We picked her up 2 weeks later, and we were in love. She was one of the sweetest puppies I had ever owned, and she instantly became part of our family. On our tenth day with Kelcy, I noticed that while she was normally a very high energy puppy, she seemed a bit quiet. The next morning when I took her outside she barely made it out the door before she had explosive diarrhea. For the next few hours she had more diarrhea and then began vomiting. My husband took her to our Veterinarian that afternoon, and they did a parvo test. The vet said that she had never seen a parvo test turn that dark a color is such a short time. Parvovirus has an incubation period of up to 15 days from initial exposure. She began Kelcy on fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea medication and for the next five days, we slept with her, and did everything the vet ordered for her. We watched her little body loose so much weight she could barely stand. And though we did all we could, we watched her slip away from us just 15 days after we brought her home.
I had notified Lori Hoover the day she was diagnosed with parvovirus so that she could let the other new owners know that they had been exposed to parvo. She said that all of the other puppies were fine, and that she was keeping a female from Kelcy's litter herself and that puppy was fine. (even though she had told us originally that Kelcy's litter only had 4 puppies total, and she was the only female) I notified her again, the day Kelcy died.
Over the next few days, I started to do research on Lori Hoover. I first found complaints on and then on assorted threads on the internet. But what was interesting, was that people were complaining about her selling sick puppies, but they weren't Rottweilers. They were Newfoundlands and Golden Retrievers and several other breeds. So I went back to Puppyfind and started looking at those breeds in the Lagrange, IN area. I found that Lori Hoover has accounts with them under Hoover Acres, Lori, Lori Hoover, Pampered puppies, Our pampered puppies and Huggablepuppies. Each account had 1 to 2 breeds being sold, and most times there were puppies listed at 2 or 3 different ages, meaning that she was selling multiple litters of a given breed all of the time. Just yesterday, she listed a new litter of Rottweiler puppies.
As I investigated, I found that she has sold or is currently selling, Rottweilers, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Akita, Siberian husky's, Malamutes, Newfoundland's, Cocker Spaniels, Miniature Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers, Cane Corso, and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard puppies. I also found her advertising on
I contacted the Veterinarian she said she took the puppy to in an attempt to confirm shot records and was told that they never give any of Hoover Acres puppies their vaccinations or worming. I went to the manufacturers of Neopar and Nobiac CDAPPV which were the labels that she had adhered to the supposed ‘shot record' and found that the date the Neopar was given was 2 weeks too early according to their website. The CDAPPV a 5-way vaccine is highly sensitive to temperature and if it is not properly refrigerated or administered incorrectly it becomes ineffective.
Many complaints from past buyers say that Giardia, a highly contagious and debilitating intestinal parasite has been confirmed in the puppies they purchased from Lori Hoover. There have been claims of mange and poorly docked tails. I found several complaints logged by past buyers saying that she brokers puppies for Amish farmers. I took a close look at the AKC papers she gave me and realized that the name on the papers under breeder is Lonni Miller, not Lori Hoover. No single breeder would be able to physically have upwards of 6 different breeds and multiple litters for each breed every few months. She is clearly brokering these poor puppies for multiple farmers.
I would be happy to speak with you or help you to further investigate this woman and her despicable practices so that no one else has to invest their hearts and their financial resources. Because of her fraudulent practices, a buyer has no way to know where or how their puppy spends its first very critical 7 weeks of life. Please help me shut her down.
Following is the list of breeders on Please note the similarities in each of Lori Hoovers account names. Lori Hoover/ Hoover Acres/Lori/Our pampered Puppies/pampered puppies/Huggablepuppies

  • Updated by bethlivergood, Apr 22, 2018

    we didn't take our puppy anywhere other than our home. No other dogs were introduced. We have never had the parvo virus in our home or yard. There was no possibility that we exposed that pup to parvo. She most deffinatly came infected, just showed no symptoms at first. I know vaccines are not 100 percent effective until they have received all four shots, but the issues with this puppy broker far exceed the fact that the puppy was sick. She sells more than 15 breeds and has puppies from more than 21 different litters. She does not let buyers know these facts. If she did, I and most people would not have bought a puppy from her.

Apr 19, 2018
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  • Ma
      22nd of Apr, 2018
    +2 Votes

    You may want to check some facts. Parvo has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days from initial exposure. So it could of been picked up from when you had her or breeder. Vaccines are not 100 percent effective in puppies that is why several are given until they are 12 weeks old. Moms antibodies will over ride the vaccine. Most breeders give their on shots. I don't know about your experience and sorry for your loss, but don't like to see facts twisted.

  • Ho
      4th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    Beth I will keep telling the “REAL FACTS” to your fabricated story….You came to my home once the pup was 5 weeks of age and seen your pup first hand. We talked extensively that I DO co-breed with other people so while I have access to more than the average breeder, I do have plenty of help. Again I am not a Broker because I do not buy and sell the pup but I literally help in raising the litters with other families. Not sure if your post is about me or about what you have read and think about the Amish. Sad that you are putting a label on people without knowing or seeing first hand. I fully agree that there are many puppy mills out there but I am not one of them or anyone that I co-breed with is not one as well. You are just stirring drama on Facebook, here and anywhere else you can find when the true facts are that you purchased your healthy pup, took your pup home and did nothing until 12 days later when she starting to show signs of being ill. She tragically passed away on the 17th day. You failed to take your pup to the vet and continue the follow up care. You contacted me to let me know and I asked you if there was anything I could do? You said “Thank you, there's nothing to do. I know that I always wanted to know how my puppies were, so I just wanted to let you know but we did try everything with her to keep her with us.” You said that because you were a breeder before so you clearly knew that it was outside the window and not reflected on the breeder. I asked that even before I found out that you voided the health guarantee already by not taking your pup with the first week but I still asked that anyway because it was the right thing to do for another person. I would have worked with you. Then a about a week later I got the nastiest phone call from you husband…Screaming, yelling, cursing and calling me names that no women should ever be called. He was so loud and vulgar that I had to hang up on him a few times and he would keep calling back, texting, emailing to do it all over again
    Your so called facts are so twisted, my sister lives in Ohio and doesn’t know the first thing about dogs. So you stating I said my sister uses the clamp and twist method is such a lie. You know darn well that if you felt uncomfortable would not have ever placed the deposit and you also know that you would not be saying any of this about me if Kelcy were still with us. You are just using me as the easy target and you know with out a doubt that your pup did not get Parvo from me. I even have the sister we kept back to your pup and went to have her checked to prove that we do not have it. She is perfect. The whole litter is perfect but your pup who got it starting 12 days later and died on the 17th day. Another lie is that I never told you that there were only 4 pups in the litter. Your pups was #7 and there were 7 in the litter.
    You might have done research and found a couple of reviews about “sick puppies” but in reality their pup had contracted giardia. Not an illness but a belly parasite that even though we have a prevention for, it is out of my control once the buyer leaves my home with their new pup. That is why most breeders do not cover Coccidia and Giardia in there health guarantee. You were a breeder so should know this. The “mange” review…The person did not even buy a pup, they came to visit and the pup had a bare patch on one of the back paws that we treated, probably some sort of fungus and the person placed a deposit even knowing that but wrote the review when I wouldn’t give his non-refundable deposit back because they found a cheaper pup somewhere. Actually read the review and also my response to them so you get the whole picture instead of making up your own version of the truth.
    I do have other breeds but you are getting me confused with other people. Just because I am in Indiana doesn’t mean all the ones listed in Indiana are mine. You keep spitting out false information and clearly do not know what you are talking about. You even went as far as posting a negative review on my daughters listing because you don’t know what you are talking about only assuming.
    Shots and wormers are given by me and clearly state that on the shot and worming record and it is why it is a separate sheet of paper than the vet check paper. The stickers from the vial are on that paper as well and given to the buyer so no, my vet did not give any of them. We do know and fully understand that you have to keep vaccines refrigerated and we do. The neo-par shot should not be given at 6 weeks along with the 5 way since the 5way also has a parvo prevention in it. again spitting out false information.
    Again, I do co-breed with other families so the name on the AKC paper is the name of the family where they are kept. My name is not on it since they do not reside at my home.
    You can continue to post false and fabricated stories about me and I will continue to state truth, the Real Truth about this whole situation is that you purchased and amazing pup and some how your pup was exposed to the Parvo virus while in your care and died from it. I am not even saying it is your fault, just that she was exposed while in your care and that attacking the breeder will change nothing.

  • Gi
      18th of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Hoover Acres Help diffrent situation any help would be great this is on the weekend and anouther way I’m trying to get help on a 2 year old German Shepherd. He was purchased from Hoover Acres in 2016 his DOB 7/16/16.
    He has lost use of he’s back legs now front legs, x-rays and blood work has been done, no answers so far. We are asking if any of the litter or parents To him has had any problems like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated ASAP. He is a support dog to a veteran this is devistating to him also.

  • Be
      19th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Hoover Acres I continue to find more and more people who have been scammed by lori hoover, hoover acres, pampered pets, huggable puppies ect. Rest assured, we will continue to band together to make sure anyone surching for an ever growing number of breeds that she sells, will at least be informed before they purchase from this woman. There are so many lies in her reply, I truley don't know where to start, but I will go through systimaticlly to point out each one. When we came to your home, you said nothing about being a co breeder. You said you bred rottwielers and Burmese Mountain dogs and Doberman pinchers. And that your sister bred German Shepherds. Fact check, you would be listed as a co-owner on the AKC papers if in fact you had anything to do with the litter, no matter where the dog you co-owned lived. By deffinition, a broker is the middle man, not buying puppies and then reselling them. You present yourself as the owner/breeder that is selling their own litter. that is not what you are doing. You are advertising ten to fifteen breeds continually, year round. that's an awful lot of puppies. Last count you had 87 puppies listed on your multiple accounts. fact, lori told me about the clamp and twist meathod when i asked her who did the puppies tails. I had never heard of such a practice, but she assured me that it was the least bloody way to do it. fact, my puppie began to show signs of parvo on the 7th day we had her. we took her to the vet the next morning. She died 4 days later on the 12th day we had her. I have the paperwork from our vet with those dates, so that is not debatable. I"m sure not every pup from her litter died, especially since she transports them to the vet she uses on differant days, dependent on when the puppy will be sold.The pups from who knows how many differant litters that were transported that day are the ones more likly to have died from parvo, but there is no way to know which pups those were unless she would like to authorise her 'health check' vet to open up her complete records history. I saw my pups litter sister listed for sale on puppyfind at 16 weeks, and she looked so pathetic in the picture it made me want to go save her. Guess they only kept her till they could sell her. If you are reading this and you have already been scammed by this woman, please contact me, I am gathering people to come together in a class action law suit.

  • Ol
      13th of Nov, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Hoover Acres @ginny1961 has the dog been checked For dysphasia

  • Su
      19th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    @bethlivergood Thank you so very much for posting. I put a deposit on a puppy today, and you and many others may have saved me and my family from heartache. And of course this excuse for a human being said I cannot have a refund for my deposit. Thank you again!

  • Br
      19th of Nov, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a beautiful Alaskan Malamute from Hoover Acres. She is the best dog. Smart, healthy and very loving. I will purchase another dog from Lori.

  • Fr
      14th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Britneydennin I am a little relieved to see this. Unfortunately, after our purchase I began seeing the worrying, poor reviews on Lori and Hoover Acres. I am feeling worried and praying nothing is wrong with our 12 week old Alaskan Malamute. She seems happy. She had loose stool but ate, drank and is settling right in after only a few hours. We take her to our family vet tomorrow for a full examination.

  • Mi
      29th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    I bought a Siberian Husky on October 18, 2018 and took her to the vet the next day and she’s in great health and has been a amazing puppy . We love her and it was scary after reading this but wanted her bad enough to take the chance . And no regrets here .

  • Jo
      10th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    We bought our Bernese mountain dog from her last year. No where did it say Hoover acres until where we checked out. At this point i was so emotionally invested, and spent a long time convincing my boyfriend, I wasn’t turning back. I did read horrible reviews that made me SO nervous. We got our puppy and upon pick up, two people got out of the car, took our dog out of the kennel in the trunk. There was about 5 other breeds of puppies in there and our Berner was covered in [censored]. Other wise he was pretty good, very lovable and beautiful dog. When I took him to the vet about a week later he did test positive for giardia, it was a long battle to get rid of it for good but it is finally gone. Our dog is about a year now and does seem healthy. He is only about 75 pounds which is definitely on the much smaller side for Bernese’s, especially when she has the dad was 115lbs and the mom 85 lbs. either way our dog is healthy and we love him so much, I am so worried that he is going to have serious health issues at a young age. I would never buy another dog from Lori to be honest.

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