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Hoodaki - would not touch them with a barge pole.
My wife booked two tickets for her and a friend to go to South Africa for a family wedding in September 2011.
Tickets were booked at beginning of February 2011 through Hoodaki. They conned my wife into paying on her debit card by announcing an extortionate charge if paying by credit card.
The flight was indirect stopping in Tripoli, Libya on the way. Then all the trouble kicked off in Libya and we half expected it to be over by time flight came and half expected the travel company to refund or find an alternate route.
Not the case. They left it until July to tell us that the flights would be cancelled and that we could have a £500 refund or an alternate flight but will need to pay the difference.
10 minutes later the story had changed and they could not offer any refund or alternate flights.
After many letters going back and forth they stated that the contract was with the Airline and not themselves.
Letter from the Airline states the contract is with Hoodaki and that the funds will be released back to Hoodaki to provide us with a refund.
14 months after the tickets were booked and paid for, we are £898 down the drain. Now looking at legal options to take someone through the small claims court as surely it cannot be right for a company to take all that money and provide no service and no refund.
Hoodaki's customer service manager was nonexistent and never returned a single phone call.
I hope I have key worded this review enough to make others aware that Hoodaki travel are not to be trusted or given any money as they won't give it back should anything go wrong.
Also note that the airline nor Hoodaki travel went bust.

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