Hondaxm radio customer service

Je Sneads Ferry, NC Review updated:

Honda accords have the great xm radio and we subscribed/paid for a year of service in october 2017. We just received a notice that there are additional charges and we are about to be turned over to their collections. I can't believe honda will tolerate supporting the xm radio as they are extremely rude and they are guilty of false advertising. (claiming we paid in full too early... Now there are more charges). Honda is an upstanding honest company in our opinion and we've had plenty of hondas and have suggested honda products to our friends an family. If honda continues to deal with such a dishonest and rude company, it would be a huge surprise, but we and our friends will go to another type of car. Abc tv (20/20 for example) is going to hear about this as well. Just wanted you to have a heads up on this. We truely appreciate, so far, your terrific cars and service but the public should not have to deal with the xm company which apparently honda has chosen.

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  •   Jul 08, 2008
    Honda - What should I do?

    I am from Malaysia. I love Honda very much. My previous car is Honda ek4 year is a very good car. Last year I bought the latest Honda civic 2.0 ivtec. Very nice car. Unfortunately the car is very unstable especially during rain. If I drive the car more than 100km per hour, the car is going to skip. I changed a new tire but it still happened. I asked Honda agent in Malaysia, they don't know how to solve my problem. Should I change the absorber? For your information, there is a few characteristic that I am not satisfied with this, please help me to solve these problems...

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  • Mr
      Jul 08, 2008

    It appears to me that your ties may be over-inflated. Check the air pressure in your tires to ensure they are set to Honda's specifications. I hope this helps

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  •   Jul 30, 2008
    Honda - Customer treatment
    Bay Point
    United States

    I have been shopping for a Car very seriously for buying a new one and after I saw the attitude of the sales people, I decided never to buy another Japanese car ever again. I walk in to Autowest Honda and we wait for half hour to get hold of somebody and then some sales guys shows up who has no interest whatsoever and ask us what we want to go for.We were looking for Honda fit & Honda Pilot.First the guy makes us wait for another 20 mins and comes back and says he could not find the key to test drive Honda Fit and then we ask about Honda Pilot and he walks over to Pilot and says we do not have Gas and we can only see the Car.What kind of messed up dealership is this ? Before this I gave my Car for service for a driver window not rolling up, They fix it but they have broken internal structure to get to the glass and they did not even mention it and when I showed it he cooly says "Ohh sorry since it's a old car we don't have parts and we thought you might just be fine with it".

    Dublin Honda : I walk in to buy a car and the very mention of hybrid, the sales guys tells me with an attitude don't bother to show up for another 3 months and then he says the markup is $5000 over MSRP and just don't even think of buying one if you were not planning on getting that much money.Then I ask about Honda fit to test drive which is a gasoline car, He then says I cannot test drive until I buy it and that car has $3000 markup over the MSRP and I got so pissed being a Honda customer from before I just flatly told him on his face that I would rather buy an American Car any day than deal with this kind of attitude.I heard so much from other people about this but it was hard for me believe being an Honda owner but after personally exp. it I have decided to clearly buy an American car than a Japanese Car. The exact same thing applies to Toyota dealers as well because we saw the same attitude from Toyota but they were much better than Honda and at least answered our questions and allowed us to test drive.

    I can go on about other's also within Bay Area but it's a waste of time on my part.

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  • Je
      Jul 31, 2008

    I have to say..I experienced major attitude from some dealerships too, but I was determined to get my Ridgeline. A suggestion...go online to some auto buying sites like, get quotes without talking to anyone...even get several quotes and you deal with their "internet" sales guy with an appointment in hand to test drive once you get there. You don't have to buy it when you try it though they will give you their best pitch. It is a great way to get the best deal too. Don't despair..all Japanese dealerships aren't that crappy and the quality is there.

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  • As
      Aug 29, 2008
    Honda - Cheats
    Honda Bloomfield - Bloomfield Hills
    1819 S. Telegraph Road
    Bloomfield Hills
    United States
    Phone: Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

    The dealership is involved in unfair practices.They sell the same car to two diffrent customers. The dealership, promise false price to bring customer in and then auction the car to the higest bidder.
    We and another family were asked to come to the delearship to buy the same Acoord under false assumptions.It was a waste of time and energy.This particular dealershp has the President's award.I wonder if Honda gives awards for cheating and misleading customers. We wasted time, time which could have been spent with our two little ones.We wasted gas, something that really pinches in this economy and we could have been talking to another dealership and could have saved the cost of a rental.The worst thing is though that the sales rep was not even apologetic about the whole situation.His arguement was that they quoted a better price...Oh well so much for President's award...I thought that Honda had good work ethics and high expectations..

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  • Wi
      Jan 24, 2009

    I also got major attitude from Honda. They want too much money for not enough car! I won't fall victom to the Honda Hype so I took my business else where.

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  • Jo
      Feb 24, 2009
    Honda - lies and car damage
    Honda of Superstition Springs
    United States

    It started with the purchase of a new 2017 Honda Civic at this dealership. I was told upon the purchase of the car I would receive a year of free oil changes and that oil changes would be 19.95 from then on. I had to beg for the first free oil change, but the remainder was not honored and I was charged 29.95. Honda gave out my information to various warranty companies and now I get an average of 20 calls a month trying to sell me warranties. Honda says they can't do anything about it, and all their numbers are blocked. The latest incident was last week when I went in for my 29.95 oil change. Damage was done to my car and no one fessed up. I asked to speak to the manager and he refused to do anything about it and told me that it was old damage. This was a lie and when I asked the manager to give me a number for his manager, he stated that there was no one above him and I could write a letter. All that Honda had to do was admit what they did and spend a few bucks to correct their mistake. Instead I get to spend hundreds.

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  • Az
      Mar 13, 2009

    They recently pulled a loan from us after we had the vehicle for 5 days. We were under the impression that we were totally financed. When we turned the vehicle back in to them (after putting up with their trying to get more money out of us) they charged us for the days we had it and took it out of our down payment check. Nothing was ever signed by us nor was anything even disclosed that our loan was not approved. If you are trying to buy a car I have purchased 3 vehicles with Earnhardts with absolutely no problems and one with Coulter Cadillac (excellent service).

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  • Ss
      May 20, 2009
    Honda - Rear Breaks
    United States

    I have less than 10, 000 miles on my new 2017 Honda Accord, which it less than a year old. I took the car in to the dealership for its 2nd oil change and was told I need new breaks. Then I was told it is something that occurs with 2017 hondas. Who in their right mind would buy a car that they will need to spend 232 on breaks EVERY OTHER oil change. No one would purchase the car. I feel I have been cheat and mislead. There is an obvious defect. I think I am going to call the local television stations to see if this problem can be resolved without me having to pay for breaks about every other oil change. Reasonable repair is fine, but having to pay for breaks before the car is a year is unacceptable.

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  • Je
      May 26, 2009
    Honda - warrant odyssey
    honda of america
    United States

    We purchased a Honda odyssey with 60, 000 miles on it for 13, 000 dollars in 2017. It is a 2017 model. We have spent over 3, 000 dollars in problems with the automatic doors. We started having problems with the transmission at 80, 000 miles after they had extended the warranty to 109, 000 miles because of so many problems with it. We were then instructed it was the engine mount and we fixed it. We have now been through this same thing 3 times. After fixing three engine mounts our car finally registered the transmission problem with a check engine light and now they are telling us we need a new transmission. Because it is so labor intensive to actually check the transmission it was easier for them to tell us that it was the engine mount instead of finding out the real cause for a hard shift. Since they have put us off for so long they are now telling us it is out of warranty and they can do nothing for us. We have now paid for this car twice and Honda is not willing to help us out. We were treated very poorly and after an entire month while they were “reviewing” our case they tell us we shouldn’t have bought a used Honda. They will not stand by their cars, they will not treat you with respect and they will not listen to your situation. I will never buy a Honda again. We have now had to get a new catalytic converter, a new transmission, 3 engine mounts and 3, 000 dollars in door motor parts. This is not the make or the model for you or anyone!!! I would never wish this mess of a car on anyone!

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  • Au
      Jun 28, 2009
    Honda - bad quality in design & materials
    United Kingdom

    The HONDA civic since 2017 till now (2017) has many many problems (e.g thin paint, rear window lets in water, corrosion near windscreen, brakes wearing excessively in short period of time, handbrake not working properly, suspension faulty) & honda dont actually address the problems. E.G the honda civic- if its within warranty HONDA will just replace / keep replacing the part at fault -but same fault happens again & again because the root cause isnt addressed. Anyway but what happens after the 3 year warranty?? the customer has to pay up again & again-when a permanent solution should be offered. (btw the thin paintwork they wont even admit to) just search the net & youll see what I mean.

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  • Mo
      Aug 29, 2009
    Honda - Honda Dealer-Prathul Honda Hyd

    I booked a bike--unicorn black more than a month back. Prathul Honda said it will be delivered within 30 days.
    When I call the showroom, they dont reply properly. They cut phn in middle of conversation.
    Sometimes say will calll in 5 min but dont call then...
    Before the bike is purchased this is the response...I dont know how will they serve once I get the bike...
    Really bad...
    Dont know if all showrooms in Secunderabad are like that...

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  • Be
      Oct 29, 2009
    Honda - A/C Compressor Failure
    E. Hopper
    United States

    My 2017 CR-V had the "Black Death" issue last May of 08. That seemed odd enough to me that a compressor would go that soon in such a "reliable" car. My whole family owns Hondas. The dealer told me that it would cost 3200 to fix it. That my compressor "exploded" (lol, I am not an idiot, unfortunately for him). I immediately took it to my personal mechanic, who showed me the locked springs inside the compressor, and said it was indeed "odd" to see an AC failure that soon. After he fixed it up for 1300. I got a call from the Honda serviceman offering to maybe "work something out" on the cost of parts. Well, with a small child. I could not afford to bargain for AC in May in South Florida, so he was a tad too late. I did not know, until my compressor went out AGAIN today, that there was this issue and is a known issue. I have contacted Honda America, who were no help at all, and the dealer wanted to charge me 105.00 to diagnose it, and I would not be charged if I fixed it there. Hmmm. Honda America says they will only take estimates from Honda dealers and not other STATE LICENSED mechanics. Sounds very fishy to me!! I am now out AC (driving 40 miles to work at the tail end of the flu), and who knows how much money next. They are not willing to pay for it all they said already, and they hadn't even gotten a quote. I feel like I need to do something! I am so angered that they would just brush it under the rug like that. There are SO many people out here that have the same trouble. I have signed the lawsuit petition, but not sure what to do next. I know it's October, but it's HOT here in FL!!! Any ideas?? At this point, I am DEFINITELY not buying another Honda!!! Never thought I'd say that, but I can't afford to replace this thing every year, and neither should I!!

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  • Fa
      Dec 21, 2009

    I agree with you 100%. I also have a 2017 Honda Accord. I took my car in for an oil change on Saturday and I reported hearing a squealing sound when I back up. They informed me that my rear brake pads were at 2mm. I am furious. This is CRAZY there is no way that a brand new car should have worn brakes like that. American Honda will definitely hear this complaint.

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  • Dh
      Jan 20, 2010
    Honda - QUALITY

    Firstly, this is regarding the faulty in the above said vehicle, and after some time and arguments made, the said distributor do not want to bear any responsibility than offering me an extended year of warranty and free service,
    My purchase of this HONDA made HONDA CIVIC, did not reach its quality and perfection, as how it was suppose to be. I did not enjoy my drive ever since i bought it, having engine noise issu and i consulted even the 'service after sales', at the HONDA SERVICE CENTRE, and i continued facing more and much more trouble. and dismantal the new engine . (att photo) It is like HONDA selling its "rejected" cars and cheating its customers.

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  • Al
      Mar 16, 2010

    Honda financial has a ### by the name of Garvin working for them who is the rudest and dumbest person I have ever spoken with. He was so insulting that my family and I will never buy another Honda again. The dealer knows me as I have bought Hondas before and because of my status in the community, and I told them that once they fire [censored] Garvin (from the Atlanta, Georgia office) I will consider buying a Honda. In the interim I will work to discourage everyone I know from buying a Honda. Honda has the rudest employees I have ever dealt with and do not deserve your business. BUYER BE AWARE!

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  • Tu
      Oct 05, 2010
    Honda - I am very disappointed in Honda, and believe me, this will be the lat Honda i ever buy
    United States

    Why does Honda not give loan cars to customers when their under warranty cars must go for major repairs, a loan car is been offered but without insurance, so I will be responsible for any theft or damage on the car, I think this is very bad customer service, my car is at Honda Centurion now for 2 days to repair an Oil leak, the car was four weeks ago also in for the same problem for 2 days, and before that it was at Midrand Honda for the same problem, it is now the 4th time it has been send in for the same problem. Does Honda just expect me to take absence from work when ever their Technicians screws up, and loose out on a days pay, all the other car resellers provide you with a loan car when your car has to go in for repairs. I am very disappointed in Honda, and believe me, this will be the lat Honda i ever buy.

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  • Ba
      Jan 20, 2011
    Honda - Putting the lives of kids in Danger - HONDA
    United States

    I'm terrified & extremely disgusted at the BAD attitude of Honda in Bryanston Sandton. They have a dealership next door to a school that house kids from the age of 3 months to 6 years, but finds it ok to RACE their noise making motorcycles up & down the street in front of the school & office park at speeds that no human being should be allowed to do on a motorcycle.

    We have heard that one of the motorcycles actually hit a farther that was trying to stop the motorcycle from speeding.

    We called the Manager ANTON on friday to complain about the noise. We are running a business from the office park on Hobart Road. (the noise is unbearable). ANTON promised to speak to his staff and tell them not to race down the road. 10 minutes later a motor cycle came down this road up and down 6 times. We take that as an insult and them basically giving us the finger.

    We have contacted the Sandton Police who will be visiting Hobart Square soon so that they can see what illigal business Honda is up to. I am also contacting the local news paper soon. This has to stop as it is extrmely dangerous and illigal to go at those speeds.

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  • Lo
      Feb 10, 2011
    Honda - Bad service

    hi even I want to lodge a complain to Honda company about their bad customer sevice. Please provide me with the Name, Addresses, Fax no. & Email ids of Japan Honda Head quarter, Japan Honda Customer Services, India Honda Head & Delhi Honda head as I cannot find this information on the internet.
    Thanks Lokesh +[protected]

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  • Al
      Feb 10, 2011

    you cant find it on the internet, yet your asking people on a message board (which is on the internet) for that information?

    no wonder you cant find anything...

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  • Ho
      Feb 23, 2011


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  • Ho
      Feb 24, 2011

    title>Honda of Burleson pres henry conartist/scammer

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  • Su
      Apr 05, 2011
    Honda - Unavailbility of Spare Part due to Accounts Closing

    On 29th March 2017 morning when i i switched on airconditioner of my Honda Accord 2017, it was not giving cool air. I directly went to honda service station and in the afternoon they told me that cooling coil has some leakage and as the part is under warranty they will replace the same. I asked them about the availability of the part, for that they informed me due to year closing of accounts HONDA has stopped giving parts. and now 8 days hv passed and my car is still my car is in workshop...

    Why do we have to face such issues due to their year closing??

    Why cant they keep spare parts with the service stations?

    Dont sell cars if u cant afford to stock such items in warehouse or with service station.

    I have asked almost all honda service providers and all of them gave me the same reply

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  • Pr
      Jun 20, 2011

    sir, i purchased Activa scooter from pick up honda on 22/11/2017. since than i have baterry problem with my scooter . i have taken it for more than 10 time in authrised service center of honda, they changed baterry 2times and checked the system many times but the problem is not solved . now i think that they don"t want to solve the problem but waiting for warrenty period to expire. i request u to please look in to the matter so that i can get rid of my problem myself, Prity gupta activa no. HR 29 Y 6258 COLOUR ; BLACK DEALER NAME ; PICK UP HONDA, FARIDABAD

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  • Gu
      Jun 21, 2011
    Honda - baterry problem since 6 month
    hero honda
    Phone: [protected]

    hi... my self prity gupta . i purchased a Activa on 22/6/2017 from pick up honda faridabad . since than it has baterry problem . machenics of pick up honda has checked my activa for more than 10 times but they are not able to rectify the problem . now i am very frustrated and now i request you to please refund my money . Prity gupta activa no. hr29y 6258 colour ; black . contact no. [protected]

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  • Da
      Jul 05, 2011
    Honda - poorest customer service by a manager
    United States

    This started off as a really positive experience but turned into a nightmare. I initially worked with Addy, who offered me a great price. I drove all the way from Philadelphia and was satisfied with the whole transaction. In 2 days I had my car. At the time of closing I was told that my real plates would come in the mail and there was nothing else I needed to do. Two weeks later no plates, so I called b/c the temporary paperwork would expire soon. I called for 3 days and each time I was trasnferred to Addy's voicemail. Eventually I complained to the operator that I kept leaving messages but no one was calling back and that time was of the essence. She transferred me to someone who told me I should not worry until 3 days BEFORE the expiration. Needless to say there were still no plates the day before, so I called was able to speak to a Manager(Matt) who promised to follow up and call me on Monday morning. That time came and went, no call. I called, and again played the game of voicemail. I called again on Tuesday as now Matt is not returning my calls, he says "your plates are here come get them"|. I asked how could I do that since my paperwork as expired". He said they would pay for any tickets and I should not worry about it because that's a "no point violation"". I asked him if it was the position of the dealership that there customers should break the law, he insisted that it was a no points violation and I should just come and get it/. I of course raised ***, but my friend had to put herself out of the way to drive from NJ to PA to get me the plates'. On top of all this, Matt was shouting at me like I was in the wrong AND I came to find out that all that time the operator was transferring me to Addy's voicemail, he no longer worked there!!

    All this aside, they also have a non-optional "optional Millenium package":. On the HOnda paperwork the package is listed under optional, but when I stated I did not want it (window etching, stain removal from the seat for 3 years) I was told that they do it as "standard" and all of their new cars!. This standard costed an additional $999!

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  • Ap
      Jul 29, 2011

    i am with you . Because i am facing same problem in my new honda activa, executives are not agree to replace the battery and every time they dont show any intrest in my problem. I think honda2wheelers are big fraud

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  • He
      Sep 15, 2011
    Honda - honda unicorn dazzler


    I have purchased the Honda bike ' Honda Unicorn Dazzler', last week09/09/2017,
    from dealer 'Kothari Wheel' at Hirabaug branch in Pune.

    I was very happy to when I drive it to home, I was able to drive till home.
    and was in happy and in party mood for new bike.

    But to my surprize, On the very next day it FAILED TO START,
    since then I am following up with Honda, but no one picks the calls to hear my worries.
    Very poor customer satisfaction.

    still, I am afraid, as how many and which kind of problems this bike has, that I will need to face.

    Hemant Kulkarni

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  • Dr
      Sep 26, 2011
    Honda - non saitisfactory services
    Empire Honda Mansa (Service Centre) punjab

    The Manager
    Customer Care Services
    Honda Motorcycle &Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
    Plot. no. 1&2, Sector 3, IMT Manesar
    Sub:- non satisfactory services by Empire Honda Mansa (Service Centre) pnjab.
    Respected Sir,
    I have purchased a Honda Activa two wheeler vehicle from Krishna Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Jind road Sangrur (Punjab) on dated 1/12/2017 (Chassis No. ME4JC449LA8170306, ENGINE NO. JC44E1047101).after first service of my vehicle creates several complications i.e. loss proper balance, creates loud noise when run on road, I also suffered from back ache due to riding on Honda Activa.So due to these complications I have gone to Empire Honda Mansa (Service Centre) on dated 07/02/2017 & 18/06/2017 for proper checkup of my Vehicle but always they misguide me and wasted my whole day moreover their services also not satisfactory, by saying that both shockers loss their proper suspension and advice to go to Krishna Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Jind road Sangrur (Punjab) from where I purchased my vehicle that is about 200 Km from my residence . When I went at Sangrur they told me that there is no problem in Shockers of your vehicle .
    I am writing from the deep of my heart that the dealers of Honda Activa Empire Honda at Mansa (Service Centre) are not giving satisfactory services to customers . when asked again they misguide with me and now they become rude.
    I think this is not fair to the customers .please take this matter very seriously .beacuse many times such small matter becomes big issue .

    With the hope of bes

    (Dr Baljit Kaur)
    Kulwant nursing Home
    Water Works Road
    Mob; [protected], [protected]
    Email address:- [protected]

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  • An
      Nov 15, 2011

    hey i m anumisha n i purchase a honda dio on 11-11-11 but i booked it in august they call us after around 1 mnths so i said my laon is not sanctioned yet i cant take it rt now so they sold it to sm1other after dat whn i asked them for delivry dey dnt gv any interst to my problem n said we dnt hv ur colour scooty n i m sooo frustrated then v called them 1 day accidentially so dey said sir we hv yr blue colour dio so v went to tk the delivry but i was not happy with dere services dey dnt even ask for water when we ask them dey said they offer water when customer ask for it. dey were sooo rude not tking any intrest to wt v were saying to dem i am not happy with dere services this happen in-ESS ELL HONDA BALLIWALA CHOWK, DHERADUN.UTTARAKHNAD

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  • Co
      May 03, 2012
    Honda - bad experience
    6450 Auto Center Drive
    United States
    Phone: [protected] you want a horrible experience see tom fiori, part owner, for his help! this dealership is out to lunch. if you need something done correctly, avoid this place with all your might!! they do not do what they promise and they are not responsible enough to keep your car safely, and the overpriced work will get done at a snail's pace. then of course they hound you on the phone for a 5 star rating with honda incorporated, while they deserve to be shut down, let alone given a single star for quality customer service!! what a joke this place is and shall always be with this clown, tommy, in charge of the circus over there. save your money, time, and frustration. if you need or want anything to do wth honda/acura go someplace else--anywhere is better than this hole. RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, AND DISHONEST~

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  • Aa
      Jul 06, 2012
    Honda - terrible service by jugal kishore honda lucknow

    TERRIBLE service by jugal kishore honda service centre

    I went for the paid service of my activa (job card no. 12465) on 06/07/12. The major problem being my shockers not working well and making squeaking sounds on speed breakers, this problem was told to the servicemen on my previous servicing as well, which was my last free service. Neither was this problem solved then and nor has it been solved now, even though it is a paid service this time. What is even more shameful is that I personally enquired of the mechanic if the shocker has been repaired or not. He replied in affirmation to the fact that it had been.But to my utter dismay as soon as I crossed the first speed breaker I realized that the shockers had not been repaired at all.

    Furthermore, despite getting it written in the job card to check the brakes, I could easily figure out nobody had bothered to tighten the extremely loose breaks. I had to get them tightened personally
    the scooty had not been washed or cleaned properly either.
    And since I knew how shoddy a job they do in waxing the scooty and that they are wise enough to wax the seat of the scooty (which makes it extremely slippery) I asked them to not wax it

    I returned home with my activa neither cleaner nor better working than I had before giving it for servicing
    I wasted 480 rs on servicing and approx 50 rs in commuting back and forth.
    It's not the money that bothers me. It's the fact that despite repeated attempts at getting my scooty repaired I'M not succeeding.

    What good is one of the best scooties(activa) in india to me if it isn't serviced properly and not working properly.

    I am also not satisfied with the very system of taking in the vehicle for servicing, which is, in short, ridiculous.
    Customers line up from 7am outside the showroom to get a number. Most of the workers come by 7:30 but the person responsible for giving the number arrives around 8. After that the customers have to descent a very steep slope and stop midway on the slope to get the number. This causes huge rush and is very risky as the ramp is very steep and narrow. Those who do come early ultimately get left behind unless they push past the others to get in. With around 40-50 people lined up it very chaotic and its very easy to lose balance and get severe injuries.

    What I would suggest is that as soon as people come they should be given their job card number there and then. After that when the service centre opens around 8:30 the vehicles should be brought down serial wise and the customers' job cards should be prepared, to avoid unnecessary chaos and terrible accidents.

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  • Da
      Jul 08, 2012
    Honda - financial services
    Honda Financial Group
    United States

    I dont understand why Honda Financial is doing this.
    My wife and i have been Honda Customers since 2017, It was our first new car. We since then leased a 2017 Honda Civic. We generally recommend Honda to a lot of our family and friends. Recently my wifes job was sent overseans and i had to take a reduction in pay at work. We always made a monthly payment on our vehicles. But unfortuneatly we filed bankruptcy because of the debt we started to incure. During the court proceedings, we told the court local and in district court in Lexington we were keeping both cars. paper work was filedwith the court system stating keeping both cars, reaffirmed the loans. My lawyer stated all was good, all paperwork taken care of. My wife sent in the June payment for both cars. The accord payment was accepted for June and July, but the June payment was returned. Wife called and honda financial said give us 14, 000 dollars or we are going to rpo the car. You guys said you were going to even repo my accord and i only owe $4500. we have made al lpayments forboth cars. Honda Finanical said we didnt sign and return affirmation paperwork. My wife and I have not received ANYTHING for Honda Finacial Group and my lawyer stated she received nothing from Honda. So what gives? I would understand if we were months behind, or we received additional paperwork and refused to sign. We want to keep both the 2017 Accord and the lease for the 2017> These automoboles are how my wife goes to school and I get to and from work. The only way my wife knew the Civic was up for repo is when she tried to make the June payment and it was returnrd. She would have never knew her car was going going to be repossed unless she called because of the returned payment. Please explain this.
    My wife and I did reafirm both cars in the original paperwork that was filed with District Court in Lexington KY. I am hoping a resolution other than repo of both cars can be met, and other than comimg up with several thousands of dollars you know we dont have. I have called a few times to customer support, but our request for help from Honda has so fall fell on def ears.
    Please reconsider the repocession our our car. Honda can count on., as always, on the time payments for the remainer of either contract.
    Many Thanks
    The Boswell Family
    CC Christina Carter, Lawyer
    The Richmond Register

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  • De
      Jul 23, 2012
    Honda - odyssey blue tooth
    Wheaton Honda

    Endless problems with Honda Blue tooth system. HONDA'S NEW NAME FOR BLUETOOTH IS THE HONDA GLITCHY NONUNIVERSAL ENDLESS PROBLEMS BLUETOOTH SYSTEM!!! The dealer charges me 65$$ while the car is under warranty to say he can't find a problem WITH MY BLUETOOTH THAT HAS ENDLESS PROBLEMS. What a rip off. I am not going to take my car in and waste a whole day driving to the dealers and then find a ride home and then find a ride back to the dealers etc. if there is no problem!!! What happened to good service. Wheaton Honda Edmonton has BAD BAD SERVICE!!! When I bought the car they promised me that they have loaner cars I could use while my car was being serviced. NOT!!!

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  • Sa
      Oct 30, 2014
    Honda - defected and rusted parts
    A/302,rajaram residency,opp. atul tower,kandivali (west)
    Phone: [protected]

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    My name is Sagar Shah and i had purchased a Honda Activa 110cc on the special occasion of Dashera (8/10/2017) from an Authorized Dealer named- Morya Motors located in Kandivali (West).My engine number is ME4JF502JET344124 and number plate is MH02DR7598.During the time of Diwali i was out of town for a week just the day after coming from that trip i took my activa for my office and i noticed a sound coming from my front tire when a bumper or a kacha road comes i was shocked that how cum a noise can come from a vehicle which is not more than 15-20 days old? even i didnt used it much it was just 95kms used? So i went to the Dealer from where i purchased the vehicle..they told that my mudguard was not placed well soo they advised me to give the activa for it 1st service..just the next day i gave it to the Authorized Service Center located at Borivali (East) for servicing..the next day wen i went to take my activa they told that the parts under the front headlight were old and the left side corner under the headlight section is cum a 15-20 days activa is rusted and is dented from the front? I didnt come accross any accident also soo how can it can be rusted?? the Authorized manager told me that the dealer might have given me a Re-painted old activa..please take my complain into consideration and do fair with me...
    I even have a photo of the front section which i have attached to it do see it..

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  • Pr
      Nov 08, 2014
    Honda - activa honda starter problem
    mywings Honda
    pune Maharashtra
    Phone: +[protected]

    I bought Honda Activa in march 14, and noticed / complained starter problem at second servicing to service center but they haven't worked on this. After one month again shown it to centre and after 3 days of followups I got with tempararily charged battery. Next day morning faced the same problem. Now service centre has sent battery for warranty replacement on 28th October 14, I have called couple of times but there is no response yet. I am sure if I don't follow it service center will not do anything.
    Request you to please look into this and save my Activa click starts on road.

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  • No
      Jul 02, 2015
    Honda - financial help
    Grand Forks
    North Dakota
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    When I leased my 2017 Honda, I received a brochure with the automobile. It quotes, "First Class Service" "At Honda Financial Services, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to every customer, at every interaction, every time. We have a nationwide network of customer service representatives who have been specially trained to quickly access your account, answer your questions and help you every step of the way."

    I called Honda Financial yesterday and could not talk to anyone. Just a computer menu. No people were available to access my account, answer questions and help every step of the way. Honda Lies. I have not missed any payments. I have owned 13 new Honda vehicles. This will be my last, as Honda lies to its customers. Shame on you Honda!

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  • Lo
      Jul 28, 2015
    Honda - 60 day late payment
    Honda Financial Services
    PO BOX 600001
    City of Industry
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    After 3 years 8 months of paying 550.00 a month I got behind by 60 days. after receiving checks in the mail in my business. I tried to pay but was unable to make payment on line, on phone, or with ATM Visa Card. They told me the only way was through Money Gram or Western Union. They do not make easy to bring my Account current. I was surprise how arrogant and unreasonable the ladies were. After making the payment they would not answer my call, I was on hold on two different lines for over 45 mins.

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  • Th
      Jul 29, 2015

    I think the simple solution to your problem would be to pay your bill on time.

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