Hon Deborah Pratte, Arizona Superior Court Judge Pro Tempore/Court Commissioner / Bad Judge

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This judge lied. I stated my income was $1800. She put down $2500 on the documents. I filed a motion for reconsideration with proof that my income was well below $2500 a month. She denied it. A lawyer told me I got screwed by a biased judge and an appeal wouldn't help because Deborah Pratte is so biased. I have lost all trust in the judicial system when a Judge can out right lie and get away with it. The commission on judicial misconduct was no help. I no longer believe in the Amercian system of justice which has no check and balances on these judges. They hurt innocent people and families. I just want get the word out about this Judge so that maybe others can avoid her.

Sep 18, 2014
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  • Az
      Oct 25, 2014

    You need to file an official complaint anyway. This judge does whatever she wants without regard to the law or her duties. The more complaints filed, the more scrutiny she might be under.

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  • Az
      Nov 11, 2014

    Are you speaking from experience with this judge also?

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  • Az
      Nov 25, 2014

    yes, I am speaking from experience. She has done some outright corrupt things regarding my case, which are easily proved. She is ruining my kids' lives and I have no intention of putting up with it.

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  • Ba
      Dec 13, 2014

    Judge Pratt is the most dishonorable judge I have ever met. She was bias about my case from day one. My ex wife was the one neglecting the kids cps got involved she got no reprimands. She was charged with three separate counts of contempt of court. After judge Pratte reviewed everything she said the my ex wife is "contemptuous" but she is remorseful. Really? The she went on to tell me that I would be more likely to try and play games and keep the kids from the other parent. She awarded my ex 44% of my pay and backdated it 2 months. So I walked out 2 months behind already. Even though my lawyer and I proved she drained my bank account twice then closed them. We proved that she lied on the stand several times and lied on documents that she filled out. My lawyer said that he could tell she was going to be biased from the beginning. He said " I could smell the biased coming off her" I am made to follow every ruling to the letter I have parenting time but yet my ex wife gets mad and takes the kids into hiding for weeks at a time making my son miss school. This judge has done NOTHING! She is ruining mine and my kids life.

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