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1 San Jose, CA, United States
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I have lived in Hometown America, Eastridge Estates, San Jose, California for more than 10 years. They have changed the manager every couple years. Every time there is a new manager, he or she set new rules about landscaping and parking in the neighborhood, and the rules are often so strict that I don't feel like my home anymore. Look like I am renting a room in a hotel without freedom to access freely to my house. The new current manager is the worst my family has ever have. Her attitude isn't polite to residents and she doesn't provide answers when we have complaints. Again, she set new rules about landscaping and parking in the neighborhood and asked us to follow. The neighborhood is overwhelmed with parking and my family doesn't have enough spaces to park, even when we requested for parking permit. We can't park in the front way because of her new rules. I often find myself drive around late night to find parking.
We want a nice community and a manager which make us feel like home, providing support and security, but not the one who set ridiculous rules and show off power, and eventually force us leaving.

Oct 29, 2018

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