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We had Peter from Hometite Security quote and install front and back security doors on our house. I must say it has such a headache dealing with him. He seems fine at first being punctual and polite and this is where it all ends after the job as awarded to him. The security door at the front is measured incorrectly leaving gaps of around 22mm around the door frame, it was screwed in with small 12mm screw that even a child could pull out with their bare hands, not to mention the gaps that not only looks ### but lets bugs pass thru. On the back door the tracks are so crooked they are higher by almost an inch on one side and so badly fitted the so called security door can be lifted out. We had the pleasure of waiting 5 months for these doors to be made.
Buyer Beware this guy is a shonk!

Jan 03, 2015
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  • Ho
      Oct 13, 2015

    This complaint is not from a customer but from a disgruntled ex relative who is trying to tarnish our business. Firstly, they didn't have the ordacity to put their name and address down. Secondly, the address of the company is incorrect as that is a family members address as we have moved house and tha'ts how we found out it was actually the ex relative who posted this complaint. Also, Peter does not use 12mm screws. Never has and never will. We have strict safety standards and guidelines we have to adhere to so there would be no way our doors would not be safe for children. We have been in business for over 25 years now and never had one complaint ever. We offer 100% money back guarantee. Free call backs. All our work is not acquired by advertisement but sheer word of mouth as Peter is such an expert at his field. He always receives referrals from his happy customers. The longest anyone ever waits for doors is 3 weeks and that's due to manufacturing not due to Peter's fitting expertise. Its very sad that an ex-relative has to stoop so low. They really do need to get a life. Please dont hesitate to contact Peter on the mobile phone number above if you wish for a free measure and quote. You can then meet Pete in person and judge him for yourself. Thank you!

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  • Ho
      Mar 31, 2016

    Peter is an excellent tradie who always leaves his customers satisfied and is honest and truthful. All of his work is via referrals and word of mouth thanks to his great workmanship. This ex disgruntled relative needs to get a life and tell e truth instead of trying to ruin people's livelihoods. To no avail by the way. Meet Peter and judge him for yourself. A wonderful person with a heart of gold.

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