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Homesite Insurance / Deceptive Practices

1 United States

ATTENTION consumers of homeowner’s insurance with Homesite*AIG/21st Century*Geico*Progressive !!! CLASS ACTION:

I had a very negative experience with Homesite Insurance and with AIG/21st Century Insurance. We had long been customers of AIG getting our homeowners through them as well as car insurance, had storm damage on our old house and they paid with no problems. Then when we moved, and went to get homeowners like we always had, they got it for us, at the same price with the same deductible we’d been used to for years.

Last year, 2012, we had damage to our house from two storms that hit within months of each other, causing over $10, 000 in damage to our roof, water damage, and structural damage to the roof and windows. 21st Century/Homesite claimed the damage done was due to wind damage and then said that wind damage had a deductible of 2% of the value of our home, which made it a lot of money. We said this is crazy, we have a $500 deductible, and the company has to cover the $10, 000 in damage. But when we went to look at the policy language, hidden in there was a separate deductible for “wind damage” (not defined) with hidden and obscure language not giving a dollar figure but a 2% of value of the home per some formula that is not disclosed.

The AIG/21st Century agent and adjustor told us nothing about this change in all our prior policy experience with them. We know that others have had this inserted in their coverage without explaining or disclosing that they've done this. So, you think you are getting coverage for storms with a deductible of say $500 and then the damage happens with these many storms happening last year and it turns out the thousands of dollars in damage is not covered because of this hidden higher deductible that was not disclosed and something we never had before. They did not change the amount of premium and did not tell of this new Homesite product that deprives the consumer of a majority of the bargain because most storms have wind in them. We know that Geico, Progressive, and other major companies are also offering this virtually worthless Homesite product and passing it off as if you are covered for storm damage within your normal deductible only to find this hidden and deceptive additional Higher deductible that consumers are unaware of. This is outrageous fraud!

I have joined a class action against Homesite and AIG/21st Century (and other companies) and their corrupt practices.. Something must be done about this outrageous consumer fraud. These insurance companies are making billions off of normal middle class consumers like us who are victims of these massive storms in the last two years. We should be compensated for the money we have lost and all they have put us through!

If you are interested in joining a class action, email me at

Apr 10, 2013

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