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Home Town Buffet / customer service

1 22500 Towngate Cir # 2076Moreno Valley, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (951) 653-9558

My great grandmother and I go to the home town buffet at the moreno valley mall all the time. Especially when I was pregnant. We would go like 2-3 times a week. We have never had a problem with their customer service.In fact they were great! We had not been in like 2 months or something due to some things, but on june 18, 2008 we went again. My great grandmother loves to go there. Or at least she used to.

We did our usual routine which is I drive up to the front and let her out. Yes, she is 91 yrs old and can walk on her own with out a cane or a wheelchair. She is as smart as a whip too. I let her out and she goes to the line. I park the car and get my son out (Who now is 9 and a half mos). Sometimes (Depending on the day and time) , she may still be in line, or sometimes she has already paid. This day, she had just paid when I got to the line. There was a new girl ringing on the register. I looked at the receipt and she had charged us for 2 adults. I made her aware that she did not charge my great granny for a senior citizen. She called her manager to reverse it. The process was taking a long time, but we were patient in waiting. My great grandmother finally asks me what is going on. She's smart, but she does not hear too well. I said to her in the form of flattery that she must look extra young today because she was rung up as an adult and not a senior. Low and behold, the cashier chick looks up and says well maybe you shouldnt let her come up here by herself! Woah!!! I could not believe my ears. I said excuse me? I said to her well she is 91 yrs old and she is an adult and can come and go as she pleases and I started to explain how I park the car and get my son out etc, then thought to myself, wait, why am I explaining myself to this girl. She had the nerve to say to me that I dont need to get an attitude with her. Mind you there is a line full of people behind me. So she said to me well you dont have to act so rude to me and I said well you dont have to act like a b! She then she flips out more and starts going off on me and I told her to call her manager. After lipping off some more she does and she is still running her mouth. I told her that she needs to just stop talking and hurry and get her manager over here. He comes and the first thing out her mouth is she called me a b bla bla bla. The manager was like well you didnt have to call her a b! Im like excuse me? First of all, I did not call her a b! I said she does not have to act like a b! How dare he come at me like that with out knowing the whole thing. I mean what about what first happened yanno? So I told him. He did not seem like he was really going to get after her for it. I told him I wanted corporates number. He thinks I am stupid, well he gave me the number to the store. So to just skip ahead... I did not call the store. That day I went to their corporate website and filed a complaint. I never heard anything back. I complained about 2 more times on different days on their site again, and did not get any feed back. Finally yesterday I filed a bbb complaint and today I am writing a complaint here. I have not been back since. It upsets me because I would like to go back, but I am so appalled at the terrible customer service I received that day. My great grandmother was so upset because she saw me upset and she has never seen me upset before. It ruined our lunch. We did not eat much that day and just left. When I go in the mall and pass by home town buffet, I sometimes see that girl still ringing on the register. I wonder how many other people she feels she can make comments to like that. Customer service has gone down hill in so many places, it is a shame!

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  • De
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    wow i am so sorry that had to happen to you, my husband and i love that same hometown buffet and we haven't really experienced anything like that. it sucks though. i just wanted to say I feel for you! and your great granny... and i totally agree with her disrespecting your great granny by telling you that you shouldn't let her pay alone. I wonder what that girl looks like and who she is? I also agree she is a major B! for saying that! (or acted like one atleast)

  • An
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I am sorry you had that bad experience. I know kind of what you went through, yesterday I had a bad experience at the hometown buffet in Lancaster, Ca. My husband and I had a coupon for one free dinner upon buying one. It is our daughters 20th birthday. We took her to hometown buffet for her birthday dinner, she wanted to go on the night they have orange chicken. I called the day before we went and asked what night they had orange chicken, they said on Wednesday night. Then Wednesday night just before we walked out the door to go, I called one more time and asked them what was on the menu. I was told orange chicken, then I said you sure orange chicken, she said yes, then we left to go there. As they bring out the dinner food, I asked, when are they bringing out the orange chicken, then I was told they don't have orange chicken on Wednesday. I, my husband, and my daughter all got upset and I told the waitress what I was told. She had the manger come talk to us, and yes, I agree they have a right to change things if they want. In this case they made Tuesday the night for orange chicken from now on. The manager came out and told us it was on tuesdays now. But what upset us, is that just before walking out the door i called and I was assured there would be orange chicken. That was the only reason we went to hometown buffet that night. If we were told orange chicken was on Tuesdays in stead of Wednesdays, then we would have waited til Tuesday, then the manager had the nerve to give us a coupon that we already get in the mail, buy one regular dinner, then get one for 5.99. It totally ruined my daughter's birthday dinner. All she wanted to eat for dinner was orange chicken and I was assured there would be orange chicken. We had no money to go there, we collected enough recycables that paid for our dinner that night. So I am trying to put in a complaint because I feel they did us wrong. My husband was so upset he could not eat anymore, it made him lose his hunger. My daughter was so upset she almost cried.

  • Gi
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    by law does hometown have to lable what there serving, or what is in it like onions ect

  • Gi
      18th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    They can mess things up real easy

  • Lu
      24th of Sep, 2011
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    Specifically went to HTB tonight for a birthday meal of baby-back ribs. We were promptly told 10 minutes by the manager. After about 20 minutes later a rack of ribs came out and I was 2nd in line for a helping. Truly it would have taken a bear with jaws of steel and razor-sharp teeth to drag the meat away from the bone. I complained and they were immediately removed after several employees tried tasting and knifing the carrion. I told the manager and all the staff I could approach that those ribs won't be ready to serve until the next day. I've been a loyal fan of HTB for years, but lately it seems the quality of management is less and less professional and service oriented.

  • Gi
      22nd of Aug, 2016
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    I went to go get a plate of food and something crawling on the silverware. A cockaroach crawling around. I went to tell one of the workers and he killed it.

  • Sc
      1st of Sep, 2018
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    Hometown Buffet - Emloyee
    United States

    A cook n the Modesto hometown buffet has hepetitis c. Should she be working in the kitchen? I don't feel that it's safe. She could contaminate eople or food. Isn't there a state law against her working in kitchen?

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