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This company is running a job opportunity scam. They run ads on craigs list looking for guys with construction back grounds wanting to become home inspectors. I fell for their sales pitch and signed up to get certified and trained to conduct home inspections in Colorado. They charge $55.00 upfront for and $55.00 monthly for the training and certification that you need to inspect homes in Colorado. Also the monthly dues are suppose to cover Inspection insurance. Anyway I signed up and got nothing but a link to sign up with Inter NACHI for certification which required my credit card number again. I called back looking to talk with the owner (David Knudson) to find out why I'm having to spend more money. He wouldn't answer my calls or return messages. After research on the internet I found the answers..These guys are running an internet credit card scam all over the US. There's a ton of people that have been scammed, I should've done my research before signing up.

Colorado Springs

Feb 22, 2016
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  • Sh
      Apr 05, 2016

    I hired Dave to do an inspection on a property in Dec 2015. After several promises of getting my inspection report to me over a three month span, I let him know if I didn't get the report I would file a complaint. He texted me verbatim "any negative feedback I find on my business I'm sure I can return to your photography business. Good luck in the future. This issue is closed on my end." not only did he cash his check and not deliver the report he threatened to maliciously slander my craft and he's never hired me to do photography for him. Incompetent, dishonest, unethical and malicious. I would recommend steering clear of this business all together.

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  • To
      Dec 01, 2016

    Both these are sent by the same person. It's a disgruntled exemployee trying to do damage to the company and sadly it works. This company has been around for over a decade and does a lot of good work. HIOA for a fact has business with government and private Banks across the US. I doubt they're scamming anybody. They also are in good standing with the state of Colorado, where their headquarters is, which they would not be if they were doing any kind of scam. These are complete fallacies.

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  • Mi
      Jul 19, 2017

    Home Inspectors set me up to study to be a home inspector with I was told it would cost $55 per month plus the one time setup fee. I decided to cancel last december because the material you have to learn was just too much. David's email said to cancel I have to send in a written request, but he did not provide a mailing address so I went on internachi site and found out the procedure, which I followed. I canceled with Internachi last December and found out today that home inspectors is still charging me $55 per month. Internachi told me that they never charge $55 from people. That is when I realized that Home Inspectors was not associated with Internachi.
    I just sent David an email asking to cancel and demanding a full refund for 2017

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  • St
      Oct 01, 2018

    David has been taking money off my mother's credit card and no amount of attempts to get him to stop him from pulling money off a card where no service was rendered at all and sti he keeps pulling money saying that he has an actual claim to mom didn't take the course she isn't a home inspector and she's not on any list to be called for inspection...don't let this idiot scam you or yours out of any money...he steals and he knows it... btw my mom is 70 and lives off a fixed income he is a complete scam ...he takes 25$+ a month of her little money... reply to that you [censored]

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  • Am
      Dec 14, 2018

    @Steve recker Hi Steve! The issue with your mother's card was resolved in September of 2018 by her, with me. We refunded her that month, as well as the month before. She was NOT charged after and is still not being charged. She was very upset to find that you had indeed signed up with our company using her credit card info when you became a member. This is not an attempt to slander you but rather to let you know that you could be affecting our business by posting blatant lies. While we do understand that this business can not work out for everyone, we have many happy members that are doing well and pushing forward. I hope that you have found a job that challenges you and makes you want to do better for yourself. Good luck!

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