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Do you actually think I care about my kitys? After all if I did care about them, do you think they would look this [below]? Even my good friend of 15 years, Michelle L. Casserd knows I am only breeding kittys for the money.

Infact go to my web site and look at the conditions I keep my kittens in. I am not even ashamed of taking photo's of them for you to see and place them on the WWW.
I even have my site in Cat Fancy Magazine.

Here is my site: WEBSITE:Just look how Attum, the Grand Champion looks

And how Little Girl looks, just totally full of mats mats.

And we can't forget how Caroline looks:

I have been breeding kittys for over 15 years and I use the money to pay for all my valuable antique's, that I have wall to wall, and my 4 bedroom home in Riverside, that runs me $1, 300.00 a month just for the mortage alone!

I must have material possessions because I am a hoarder!
It states I have my kittys as pets . I do not! She would never allow her kittys to roam around her valuable, antique, accumulated home.All her kittys are in cages, and also cramed in the kitchen area. And she has about 30 + kittys!

It states she gets too many out of state calls for her to call buyers back. I do not.

I just make it sound like I get alot of calls. So it deceives prospective buyers! She just does not want to waste her money on calling anyone back.

Every word in this page was told directly to me by: Debra K. Darling herself. This is NOT hearsay, rumors, opinions or gossip!

Subject: Debra Darling of Hollyhock Persians

Date: Tue, 30 July 2002 11:19:30 -0700
Time: Tue, 30-Jul-2002 18:19:29 GMT IP:
Lesson # 1~~~~ The reason why this page is here to express what happened to me dealing with 2 particular persian cat breeders from California and their breeding practices.

I honestly feel things do happen for a reason and there is something we must get out of a particular experience even though at the time it was truely a nightmare at the time it is happening.To express how I was treated from a regular church going, professed christian lady and her friend, Michelle Casserd, with great hopes this will help you become aware of them, and give you the opportunity to make up your own mind whether you want to deal with them, if you ever come across them, dealing with cats as I have.

The 2 breeders are: Debra Darling from Riverside California who has the name of Hollyhock Persians, not even a registered CFA name! And Debra Darling's friend Michelle Casserd from Thousand Palms, California, her cattery name is Karoun Persians.They both have cat web sites in geocites yahoo & Tripod.

I meet Debra Darling about 3 years ago around 1998 or so. I was looking for a kitty in the paper and came across her ad in the Press Enterprise newspaper. She seemed like a very nice person, and I called her quite often about cats, and she would talk about her life, how busy it was and different things like that. Debra Darling can talk a blue strek, non stop talking, and she can go on forever and ever, is how much she talk, and its all about her life.

I did end up buying a cream and white boy from her for only $150.00 and that was with breedig rights! Talk about selling your kittys cheap! This kitty did have ringworm on the underneath of his foot and I did mention this to her. Well we came to talking and Debra Darling was looking for a himalayan so, I told her I had a blue cream himmy girl and a shaded silver male. That is when I learned about trading kittys. I never knew anything about this before I meet her.

So in actuality Debra Darling was kind of a mentor to me in persians and in California. So I ended up giving her the blue cream girl named Hanna and the shaded silver boy named Oliver, who was only about 6 months old, to her along with their papers, and I truly dont remember what she gave me as a trade.

I was truly happy I finally meet a cat friend, that I could talk to about cats, so I thought. So to show Debra Darling my appreciation of friendship I went and bought her a white blue eyed female and gave it to her as a gift. I gave the kitty to her and she did not even say thank you or nothing. I wondered to myself, if I did the right thing, I got sort of a funny kind of feeling, but just shrugged it off.

The next morning I got a call from Debra Darling telling me 'to come and pick up the kitty I just gave her as it has ring worm I can not have a kitten with ring worm'. So I drove all the way to Riverside to get the kitten and she just opened the door, just enough to hand me a screaming kitty and shut the door. That kitten was screaming bloody murder. Then I started realize something was not correct here.

Lesson # 2~~~~ There comes that funny feeling again, but again I just shrugged it off, I guess we just over look things when we want to keep a friendship with someone. I ended up clearing up the ring worm and someone came to adopt the blue eyed girl. Through that experience I said to myself, "I will never buy a gift for anyone again to be friends with them." Because I think that is what I was doing, just to keep a friend, we tend to over look things other people do, and put up with their quirks just to keep them on as friends, but in reality they are not friends they are just acquaintances.

I use to look in the paper every single morning for what kind of kittys were in the Press Enterprise and Orange County Register, and Debra Darlings ads were almost always running. And I mentioned this to her. And then I asked Debra how come you do not have a cfa cattery name?', she said "it costs too much money."

Then I asked Debra 'how come she does not show her kittys since they are flat faced?', she said she does not like to, she wants to do her own thing and cant deal with shows." But I said to her, ' you can let the judges get a look at your cats and tell you what they think about them.' 'So you know what you are breeding.' She said "she have to be out of my mind to go to a show and deal with all those show people."' Now this is not excately what she said, but close to it. I did learn alot from Debra about raising kittens and all and I do appreciate that very much, but like I said things happen for a reason.

Lessons From Life # 3
I ended up moving to the front of my deplex I was still smoking and truly felt like I did not have much longer to live, that is how terrible I felt. I was in no pain just that I did not know how much longer I could live and smoke at the same time. When I would walk it would be in tiny step not to stress myself out. Or if I got upset it would be life threathening to me, even getting a cold is life threathening to me, is how bad my health is from smoking.

So anyway me and my son, moved in front into a 1 bedroom, my son took the 1 bedroom and I took the living room and all my cats it was under 10 cats or so. Well little did I know once I moved there, then sleeping in the same room as the cats and still smoking I was calling 911 almost every other day, because I would lose sensation in my arms and I could not breath, and let me tell you not being about to breath is the most horriblist experience anyone can have.
Every day I will talk to my son about where I wanted to get buried if I happened to die, it was that serious~ I was very close to deaths door. If you can not breath you can not live. Its that simple. So I had to make a choice either I smoke and die, or I stop smoking and wanted to live.

I did stop smoking (thank God for that) and I thought my problems would be behind me, and I was so wrong. I lived each day not knowing if today the was very last day. Each day I tried to take a shower, the moisture from the water that was contained in the bathroom, made it almost impossible for me to breath. I had to get out of the shower and get somewhere cold by opening up the freezer and inhale my inhaler so I could breath. The I would try to go back into the shower again and just using my arms to wash my hair was too much for my lungs and I had to stop and get out of the shower and run to where it was cold again, and use my inhaler to breath, I came to suffocate each and every day for a good month.
So I do know what it feels like to be at deaths door each and every day each day, and I truly was becoming weary of trying to stay alive.

Now and only now do I understand what it means when the TV reports 500 thousands people a year die annually from smoke related illness. More then any other illness or disease. I surely know now! Smoking is a form of self murder, it kills you slowly but surely over time. It literally sucks the life, right out of your being.

In that year that I stayed in the 1 bedroom I came to deal with a person named Michelle Casserd, she is a cat breeder and friend of Debra Darling. She lives in Thousand Palms, California and Debra Darling told me Michelle Casserd had an odd eye white for sale. So we spoke on the phone and made arrangements that I would pay a little each month for 4 months. I really like the kitty and all but I was still not feeling too good and so I asked Debra Darling if Michelle Casserd would take back her kitty? And it seems the kitty did get ring worm from me, and could I get back the money I already placed on it? and Debra said to me, 'since the kitty got ring worm from you I dont feel Michelle Casserd will give you back your money you put into this kitty thus far.' So there I lost $100.00 on that.

Then Michelle wanted to know if I would 'keep the kitty and she would reduce the price', I said, ' I cant.' So time went by and I was feeling a little better and moved back to the back 2 bedroom deplex with the big screened in patio porch area.

From: [protected]
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 15:54:06 -0700
Subject: Debra Darling~Hollyhock Persians~Riverside, CA
Lessons From Life # 4 March 2002
I was trying to settle into the 2 bedroom but I was still not feeling too good yet. I went to the doctor and found out I had cancer and that I would need a complete hysterectomy and wondered how I would make it going under anesthesia. Because of the breathing problems I was having. I did not know if I would live or die, and was at the hospital for 4 days, my son took care of my cats. I was so greatful for my son helping me.At that time I just got a computer and my son was teaching me how to use it and all and I had a brief communiction with Michelle Casserd, we spoke on the phone and then email a few times and she has been a friend of Debra Darling for over 15 years.

Debra Darling told me this. Any how we got talking about kittys and and I mentioned to Michelle Casserd about Debra Darlings cats and this is excately what Michelle said about Debra Darling, her friend of 15 years. I will actually quote this. "Debra dont care at all about her cats", "she is doing it just for the money." Well I just could not believe she would talk bad about her own friend for 15 years. I never told Debra Darling about this because I did not want to start any trouble and just let it go.

After that brief encounter we did not talk no more.
It took me a good 6 weeks to completely heal from the major operation. And I thought it was kind of strange that Debra Darling did not even call me to find out how I was. I actually innocently thought, she was my friend. I guess I have alot more to learn about people. Since Debra Darling always wanted me to pray for her and her life, and since she was a church going girl I thought she would care about me. oh well such is life.

Any way I called the landlords father up and he was telling me in no in certain words that he would like me to move, because he did not like my son, who lived with me. So I thought it would be best to move from the deplex and go where I wanted instead of stay where I am not wanted. I guess paying the rent on time each month for 6 years in the same home, does not means anything anymore.

So now I am starting to get really stressed, I said to myself, who is gonna take me now with my cats?
How will I get a place to live?
Where am I a gonna live?
I will have to sell my cats and possessions because I had too much for me to deal with since I am still recovering from the smoking, and still and this is truly causing me to get ill now.

So the major part of belongings that were cat related I called up the Romona Animal Shelter thrift shop, (which is a store to make money for the cat shelter in town) and asked them to come and get some stuff for the store it was a good truck load of stuff. Having that much stuff gone helped me a little, because it was less possessions I had to lift and carry. Then I was starting to feel more stressed and that stopped me from breathing and I started to panic and made 2 trips to the shelter and brought about 5 cats there included 1 I bought from Debra Darling that was gonna have babies in a few more weeks.

Then that night I called up Debra and told her if she could help me and told her I brought 5 cats down to the shelter and one kitty was having a c-section at the vet(it took me 2 years to pay for that operation) and that she could have all my stuff and cats because I was really sick and had to move. Well Debra Darling had her husband borrow his company's flat bed truck a big truck an loaded the truck. It took a good hour & a half to load everything, is how much stuff I had, worth or cats and cages and supplies. The day before Debra Darling came over I gave her $200.00 in cash, to go get the cats I placed in the shelter, because now I would have to pay $50.00 each for them just to get them out. Debra Darling did came to get all of them cats and the ones at the vets. Now as Debra Darling husband was loading the large truck, Debra Darling kept saying over and over to me, about 3-4 times, '"are you sure you want me to have all of this?' At the point I was in I did not even know if I would be alive the next second and found it very difficult to even talk to her while she was there. I truly felt like I was gonna expire soon and fast, . There was so much stuff I guess the worth was about $3, 000.00 or more, if someone had to buy all this stuff for themselves.

Let me give you a list of some of the things Debra Darling took, while seeing dollar signs in her eyes. 13 cages I made, the cages were around 4 feet long 2 feet wide, 22 inchess high, with floors, shelves and doors, they were very well constructed, they alone covered 1/2 of the large truck bed, dishs, cat beds, pedigrees, cfa papers signed over Debra Darling, medicines, grooming supplies, you name it I had it.

All in all there were 8 very large garbages full to the brim with cat supplies there was so much stuff it took a good 1 hour to 1 hour & 1/2 to just load all of it. Not mentioning all the cats worth hundreds of dollars each. All in all I would say Debra Darling got about 3-4 thousand dollards worth of cats and supplies from me while I was going to my death bed.

If she was a decent human being she could have seen I was so ill I will just hold all this for her until she gets better. But not Debra Darling, she saw dollar signs in her eyes when she came to my house to get those things. That is why I placed on the page the icon of the person with $ signs blinking.

About 6 months later she called me up asking me if I wanted Ting Tang Too back and I said yes, he came with a very bad scratch in his eye, and that did not clear up for almost 1 year. SHe gave me back Butterscotch a female queen, my cfa year book a few cat beds and some needles and then. Debra says, "I still owe her $400.00 for butterscotch since she took care of her."

Meanwhile she sold all my cats, the kittens she had, and told me she lost so many kittens and cats bringing my cats to her house, she could never make up for the lose she lost, so I have to pay for butter sctoch. And I told her if she did not give me butterscotch cfa papers I would tell every one about what she did to me and about her breeding practices, and that is how this site got started.. Because of Michelle Casserd, Debra K Darling good friend, writing that terrble letter about me.

To: catbreedersociety.[protected]
Dated : September 23, 2002 at 02:30:07
Subject: Re:Debra Darling~Hollyhock Persians~ Riverside, CA

Lessons From Life # 5
I was suppose to be getting a kitty from Whimsy that was her chinchilla golden and before she was preganant she distinctly told me she, "has to really watch it with her because the last litter was really hard for her and she could not get the kittens out." This was about 6 months before she said she may never breed her again because she had a concern she could not have another litter. Whimsy was only 8 years old. Well any how Whimsy did get pregant and she does not know how?

It was 1 weeks before she was due and Debra called me up crying telling me, "Whimsy just died on the kitchen floor with all her babies inside". I never felt so bad in my life. I made a memorial on her site for Whimsy, but little did I know, Debra Darling did not want that in her site! I wonder why?(Do you know that the only reason Debra Darling called me telling me this is because I was suppose to get a kitten from this litter.)

Then about 3-4 months before that Debra Darling told me 2 more of her males died because of, crystalized urine. It is true that she does have alot of cats die because she did not take care of her 30-40 & up cats the way they are suppose to be treated.

Since Debra is a very busy 24-7 person, taking care of her "out of the house grown children", she does not have any time to care for all the cats that she has, and buy the way they are all in cages, that I made.

I was starting to feel better in life and I had meet a wonderful Himalayan breeder who offered me a trade. I requested I wanted a cream point girl with a pug nose, show quality she said she only has a boy with a flat nose in between the eyes, and I would get that kitty and I would give her a silver pet quality and that was agreeable. I placed him on my web site and stated where the kitty came from. Well Michelle Casserd emails me and asks me why would a himalayan breeder give you a show quality kitty for a pet silver? And then she wanted to know if this breeder had any ring worm..

Well then I found out that Michelle Casserd wrote to this himalayan breeder and said bad things about me, and then Michelle wrote to me and said bad things about this himalayan breeder. I said, "what is going on here?" I will enclose the letter she wrote about me, to the himalayan breeder, and in turn the himalayan breeder sent me the letter because I requested it.( The letter is listed under Michelle Casserd's name on this page) Now as I mentioned to you before Michelle Casserd nor even Debra Darling knew nothing at all about me, never asked me nor cared to ask me about myself. I called Debra Darling about the letter her friend.

Michelle Casserd wrote to me and Debra tells me, "she is sorry that Michelle Casserd caused so much trouble and if this is going to be an on going thing I can not deal with it until after Easter. Is this a good friend or what? So I say to Debra Darling, 'how can you be a friend with this kind of person for 15 years, and not know what kind of person she is?' I asked her, "why is she a christian associating with her that she is a trouble maker and a gossip.?" And I went on, , Well ya know the real truth of it is I am glad all this happened because the real truth came out and I know that Debra Darling and her Michelle Casserd are the same kind of person.

I just wanted to share with who ever wants to read this just the kind of people we are dealing with. I cant believe women are so wicked and caddy and such troublemakers, and such gossip.

So what happened after I read the letter Michelle wrote about me, I just let Debra know the kind of person she really is and how she treated me all these 3 years and that I do not respect her anymore, and even though she treated me like dirt I do forgive her, but I want to stay far away from this kind of person who goes to church every sunday and tells people she is a christian, and tells people to pray for her. I was so distraught over the letter, because I never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I took down Debra's web site I made for her and told her to get her friend Michelle Casserd to make one for you, , as she made her own..

Well they changed the password and still has the site up I made instead of making their own, that site was worth about $500.00 if she had to go out and pay for it. Then I will enclose the letter I got from Michelle Casserd about it I told Debra, 'that if she did not give me the cfa papers for my own cat I would tell anyone I could about dealing with her for the 3 years. Michelle calls that a threat, what to tell people about my experiences with dealing with Debbie? What does Debra have to hide?
And basically that is the end of the story and I leave it up to you to judge who is right and who is wrong and who is the peace makers and the trouble makers. I will not discuss this with anyone, I know no one is perfect in this life, I know I am not perfect, I will leave them to their own devices and they both will have to answer to God. I am not a mad anymore, all I am doing is expressing what happened to me with these 2 persian cat breeders, that is all

I tried very hard to write this very objectively and not bring forth any opinions of my own, but rather just tell the story how it unfolded and what I experienced with these 2 persian cat breeders Debra Darling & her friend of 15 years Michelle Casserd. There is just one more posting that will come after this one about what Michelle Casserd said about the kittens she sells.
The kind of kittens Michelle Casserd sells have truly very seriouss problems. SHe has one queens that does not know how to eat on her own. She was feed by hand from birth and she does not know how to eat on her very own, if she did she would starve to death. That is just one issue with the kinds of cats Michelle Casserd has. So lets just say she has a lot of very special needs kitty. SHow quaility or not they have special needs.

To Debra Darling...9/24/02..., this is Shar -Dew I am writing because I am still awaiting from you a reply from the letter I mailed to you about the letter that Michelle Casserd wrote about me.
Its been months now like maybe 4-5 months and I never heard back from you. I do have some questions for you such as # 1.
That letter that Michelle Casserd wrote was it the absolute truth? # 2.
How come when I wrote you a letter expressing how I felt about the letter Michelle Casserd wrote about me, you never called me to explain? You actually called thinking I was having a nervous breakdown? That was truly a cut in the heart. #3. Is this letter that Michelle Casserd wrote any indication at all the kind of relationship you have with Michelle Casserd, that is talking and bad mouthing other people? I dont know is why I am asking you all this, I dont want to assume things I want to be sure. #4
WHY would you associate with a person who writes letters about people such as what Michelle wrote about me and still be friends with them? #5.
I would want an explaination to the letter I sent to you, because truly I would like to place this experience behind me and get on with my life and I sure you would like to do the same. There are 2 sides to every story and I am asking for your side now, thank you for listening to me express what I have to say.

From: Shar-Dew

Subject: Debra Darling~ Hollyhock Persians
Time: Wed, 31-Jul-2002 17:13:58 GMT

This is Shar-Dew Cat Design I am the one who made Hollyhock Persian cat site and if you go to her site at: on the links page you will see Debra Darling and her friend Michelle Casserd
(#1)took off the logo of Shar-Dew Designs because Debra Darling --&-- Michelle Casserd of they do not want to give me credit for the web site that I made.
#1. I wanted that web site down! Debra K Darling's friend Michelle Casserd says she knows how to make sites, then why doesnt she make one for her friend?
(#2) On the home page of her site it states "she has 'cats for pets, not just for breeding?" That is a total falacy, Debra Darling would never let her 30-40 cats allowed to roam through her house, as its totally full of very expensive antiques. She has all the females that are having babies smashed into her kitchen area, and the rest of her cats are outside on a wooden porch area outside in cages that were made by me.
(#3) Debra Darling will give you a health certificate when there is nothing wrong with any of the cat she sells you. But if there is something wrong with them, she will not guarantee a kitten, as she did with me. Listen to this. I actually paid her $450.00 for a male that had a cronic loose bowel movement. He can not eat regular cat food. I spend over $200.00 on his blood work up and have the letter from the vet stating this kitty is not well at all. I even contacted CFA about this sick kitty, which I will include(#4)Go to Debra Darling's available kittens page she has kittens CONSTANLY all year long, there is never a week that goes by she does not have kittens, after all she makes a living selling kittens. She does this a livihood to pay for her 4 bedroom 2 story home, full of antiques.
Since she advertises in Cat Fancy magazine now she deals with shipping a new thing for her, but she would rather deal with out of state people who do not know her and her practices with back yard breeding practices.
(#5) Before I got a kitty back from Debra Darling she asked me if I was really sure I wanted this kitty back, we are talking about Butter Scotch, because when she had her the kitty screamed at the top of her lungs around the rest of her cats, that is because she had so many and all of them having babies in a kitchen area, no cages no organization and this particular kitty did not like another kitty and when she told me this I just got chills up and down my spine, realising this kitty may have been abused, and she also told me she bops the cats that does not listen on the side of the head, can you belive this, hitting cats?
(#6) It states in her site( the last page with her phone # 'she gets so many out of state calls for her kittys she cant call them all back, that is a falacy also, she just does not want to waste her $ calling people back, she is making it sound like she is getting a lot of visitors, she is not! I watch the papers, the Press Enterprise, the Orange County Register and the Cat Fancy Magazine, she constantly has kittens.And she has been doing this for 15 years... our poor cats, and she is mixing all the colors up and making a horrible mess of the golden, silvers.If you would see the condition her cats are in, I cant even believe she takes pictures of them in the condition they are in, isnt she a shame, people will find out about her? Just go to her site and look at the condition her cats are in. Just go to her web site and look at the matted fur of her main male stud she uses to death. Look at each cat, especially Little Girl, look at all the mats, and she has the nerve to take pictures of these kittys and and yet place them on her own web site.
And what she is doing to the colors, she may be having bi-colors with blue eyes but they only have 1 good eye, which means the other eye they can not see out of. They are genetically messed up. Debra Darling is destroying coats and eye colors of all she gets her hands on, its a shame.
How do I know this? I use to associate with her for 3 years and she told me all this stuff herself. I would advice anyone who wants to buy a kitten either as a pet or a breeder or show, to be very careful to ask their name and the name of their cattery.
The 2 breeders I am talking about is again: Hollyhock Persians owner: Debra Darling, of Riverside, Ca and her friend Michelle Casserd of Karoun Persians of Thousand Palms, Ca
7/29/02: Michelle Casserd re-made the site I made for her dearest friend Debra Darling and did not even have the "knowledge" to get a different URL she used the same one. I want that site down! And let Debra Darling make her own site, from the very beginning, from scratch!5/13/03I received a post from "Brannaway" persians and I asked them, "Did you see the condition she is keeping her GRC Brannaway Attum in? They made one remark, "yes sadly I did."!

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    The above post was written by the infamous RoseMarie Zizzo. She claims to be able to help people who have been conned by pedigreed cat breeders. She can't. Zizzo can't even help herself. Really, isn't it evident from her writing that she's off her meds?

    Hello, RoseMarie. Have you paid Melanie Lowry her $7, 5000 plus intrest yet? Or are you still trying to get the court to believe that ### and bull story that you're broke, homeless, and sleep in parked cars?

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    OMG! Look at the dates on the e-mails! 2002? Srsly? Get a life!

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