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Lot 142 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon have had someone staying in the unit while they are not in town and I had to have my son go out and get a hotel because he was not allowed to stay with me while I was in town. He has has been driving down the street fast and it scares me because I walk and ride my bike down those streets m. I don't feel safe having this young man staying in our community and something has to happen sooner than later.

My community is Holiday Village

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    My name is Lori,

    I also have somewhat of the same complaint as far as the safety of our community. I walk my dog and ride my bike and having someone who is not even supposed to be staying, let alone living in our community cause such a racket, is something we should not have to deal with. As far as him staying in this unit, it is not fair because i had my grands child for the summer and was told they were not allowed to stay and they were only in high school and this young man looks older than high school but not 55. Please take care of this complaint sooner than later. This is in reference to lot 142.



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      Nov 20, 2017

    In regards to the speeding or excessive noise, you could call the police the next time it happens.

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