Hoffman Law Group aka Residential Litigation Group / stole my money and almost made me lose my home

1 860 US Highway 1, North Palm Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8003860915

Hoffman Law group aka The Residential Litigation Group. They scammed us into giving up front $6, 000 for representation North Palm Beach Florida.

I received a phone call from a Mark Lucas from the Residential Litigation Group in August 2012 (now they call themselves Hoffman Law Group. I think they changed their name because they were getting in trouble). He clearly stated that his company and firm would be doing a action suit against banks and that i would be eligible to receive a loan modification and compensation for my banks actions against me. I made a mistake. a Big Mistake. First in believing these people against my better judgment then they say over 6 months you can pay is $1, 000 a month and you would get money back on settlement. After the $6000 up front was given to company they required a maintenance fee of $495 a month. I was told in beginning these matters usually take within 5 to 8 month to complete. That we the biggest lie in hindsight. To date we are going nowhere. They have my money up front and refused to answer my calls since October 2013 when i spoke to an attorney from the office and told him i want to discontinue being part of the settlement. I was told " We would do it pro bono ". I said no. I had received foreclosure papers last February and called the company ... I needed to respond within 20 days or else the judge would sign onto the default. I had to file the papers myself because they took so long to act on my behalf after saying before they took my money that they would provide representation. I have now received the loan modification through my own work. I did not have this company do anything for fear they would screw it up. I have been asking them for my money back that i laid out. I said.. " Please return the $6000 and i guess you keep the monthly maintenance fee of 495 per month times 7 months. To date i have not received a reply. I was told it might take a couple of weeks to put file in order. I am waiting over 2 months and I’m sure the legal fee to leave the firm will negate any of the money i have coming back to me.
Please be careful with sweet talking people from these kind of firms..

Feb 20, 2014

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