Hobo Prince Economic Project / Stay away from them!

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Don't fall for their lies or you will be scammed. Complete fraudsters. Never ever give your money to them!

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  • Ae
      6th of Jun, 2012

    Even though it seems like it should be totally obvious, some people might need to have some concrete reasons why the Hobo Prince Economic Project, or HPEP, headed by Shelby H. Bell, is a scam.

    Here are the reasons: Bell is lying about having the money to back up the project. He is not a billionaire and does not have access to 1.8 trillion dollars to fund HPEP. According to one source, he has a background as a petty scammer.

    Bell has repeatedly made claims of being personally worth 357 billion. Poor people may hear this number and be both impressed and awed - maybe they want and need someone to believe in. They have no idea how much 357 billion or for that matter 1.8 trillion dollars is. Try - one eighth the size of our country's national debt! Bell could not possibly have access to this much money. He is simply not the wealthiest man on the planet! His huge "asset" does not exist.

    Shelby Bell is promoted as some kind of amazing religious-oriented, humanitarian hero. But he is lying and continually creates delay after delay in coming through with any of his promises.

    He never has said where his alleged wealth comes from. The International Bill of Exchange document shown on his website is a complete fake. This is typical con artist strategy. In reality, the Hobo Prince Economic Project is "Hobo Prince Broken Economic Promises Project".

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  • Ae
      6th of Jun, 2012

    You guys at complaints board need to fix your "quotation" amp;amp;amp problem!

    To make it clear, the alleged huge monetary asset of Shelby H. Bell does not exist.
    The Hobo Prince Economic Project is in reality, the Hobo Prince Broken Economic Promises Project.

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