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Hob Nob Border Collies


Puppy deposit

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Hob Nob Border Collies
Rochester, Washington
United States
As always, there are two sides to every story. When jan warren contacted me, she did not state that there was a time limit as to when she wanted a puppy. She already has one of my wonderful hob nob puppies and knows of my reputation as being honest and forthright which is why she chose to come back to hob nob border collies for an additional family member and agility partner. I had alerted her that if there was enough puppies with my summer litters that she had a good chance of getting a puppy. The timing of when she sent in her deposit put her quite far down on the list. Once all the puppies were born and i was able to start assessing the litters, it became clear that the chances of jan getting a puppy at this time was slim. She was told this in an email she sent to me to which i responded as such but never received a response back. She was aware that if no puppies were available from my summer litters, then her deposit was rolled over to my winter litters. With no word from jan warren as to how she wanted to proceed once told there was no available puppy, i then get an email that she wanted her deposit back. When i asked her why, stating that i had rolled her deposit over to my winter litters (As is my policy) , she told me that she bought a puppy from another breeder. In addition, she was very negative and untruthful in her preceding correspondence which did not bode well for her getting her non - refundable deposit back. My non refundable policy is very clear. If jan warren had stated that she had to have a puppy no later then this summer and only from a specific litter (S) then her deposit could have been refunded in full if no puppy was available to her. Anyone can read my non - refundable policy by clicking on this link: http: / / www. Jandemellobordercollie.com / puppy_purchase_info. Html

Respectfully, jan demello / hob nob border collies
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D  20th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
The complaint toward Hob Nob Border Collies is unfair and inaccurate. Of course a non-refundable $300 deposit will not be returned. Potential puppy owners should read their agreement carefully. I have found this breeder to be ethical, responsible, and honest. I would not hesitate to get on a puppy list for a well-bred Border Collie.
D  21st of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
This complaint and "warning" is totally unfounded. It is unfortunate this person chooses to air her unhappiness on the www by attempting to "warn" people about this breeder and trying to soil her reputation. Shameful indeed since there is no validity to her claims. This breeder is responsible, ethical and honest with all her puppy buyers. As far as warning people, it is us who should be well warned to stay away from this individual as her behaviour is insulting, unjustified and downright scurrilous. The contract clearly states the $300 is non-refundable. As stated above potential puppy purchasers should read any contract carefully and communicate effectively with their chosen breeder.
N  21st of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
An educated person would not enter into a contract without reading and agreeing to the text in the document(s)
The breeder has presented her requirements adequately. The onus was upon the purchaser to have questions answered prior to signing the contract.
D  22nd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
My experiences with Hob Nob have been exactly the opposite. Jan has always treated me fairly and ethically, and I have seen her go beyond the "call of duty" multiple times to give people the benefit of the doubt. Communication is a two way street, however. When you enter into a contract, it should mean something - that is the point of a CONTRACT! It means you have to uphold your end of the deal too. You don't get to choose in hindsight whether it still suits you or not, and then back out if you no longer like what you signed up for!
N  11th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
To ALL the 6 respondents who made reference(above) to the terms of the contract and the wisdom of reading and understanding them:
I invite you
1.Please DO READ the deposit policy which Ms. Demello has published on her website and which is still there as of this date(10/10/11).
http://www.jandemellobordercollie.com/Puppy_purchase_info.html. Under the heading of"Deposit Policy", you will find the words"All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE with very few exceptions such as not enough puppies in a particular litter, etc." This educated person DID read those (Jan Demello's) words. They aren't so very hard to understand and they do describe a different concept of NON-refundable, don't they? So when does non-refundable become refundable? Let's get that clear first!

2.Ms. Demello seems rather vague about the email exchanges which occurred. She alleges a number of exchanges which did not take place or were not received. In particular she does not recall that when I initially asked her via email about a puppy, she specified she'd accept my deposit if I was "willing to accept a puppy from the summer litters." I retain this email because it is crucial to my complaint. A summer pup suited me, at any rate. At the time, I presumed she thought she might have a real bumper crop of pups, and wanted to assure herself that supply and demand would be equalized.

3. I sent $300, in good faith (not having a written contract), and I say good faith because I purchased a Hob Nob dog 3 years ago and currently enjoy this dog in competitive agility. I did have faith in Ms. Demello.

4. When it was clear there was no pup for me, I looked at the summer drawing to a close, and sought out a pup from another breeder (Sept.4, 2011). This is clearly what provoked Ms. Demello .

5. Despite the grand show on her blog--http://hobnobbordercollies.blogspot.com/--of "Paying It Forward"(an expression which she has surely twisted out of its original meaning), the breeder truly must be hard pressed to justify why she must punish me by gobbling that deposit. How have I caused her to lose $300? How have I inconvenienced her to the extent of $300? What damages has she sustained to the extent of $300?

6. Consumers who are newly considering applying for a Hob Nob pup, OR, evidently, even current Hob Nob owners, should be aware of this contract dispute and review their own situations carefully!
N  20th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Contract or not, the 'gentlewomanly' thing to do would have been to refund Ms. Warren's deposit.
N  3rd of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
A non-refundable deposit is usually stated so that a person wont just suddenly change their mind for any odd reason about what they want to buy. It is not that they will never get their money back even when the goods are not delivered. It states in good faith that they will buy the item when it is supplied. If the item cannot be supplied in a timely manner then the money should be returned. It is like an airline ticket, it is non-refundable, but if the airline does not fly and you do not get to your destination, of course you will be refunded the money. Six months is a long time to wait, especially if you wanted a dog to ge breedable at a certain date, give as a gift etc. If i wanted to fly to Hawaii in June, and the airline could not fly as planned until Dec, they would return my money, even if my ticket was considered non-refundable. If I suddenly decided i did not want to fly at the last minute and the airline is stuck with the extra seat...that is when I don't get my money back. Just an example. I think the money should have been refunded to Jan so she could proceed with her plans.

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