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Zynga is a total SCAM! They only allow customers who are Platinum m...ember to email them. I was only a few points short of this level when I logged on one day to find ALL my levels gone and I was back to level 1 (I was at 147) It took me a year to get to this level! There are over 2, 000 messages from people who have experienced the same thing and there IS NO RESPONE OR HELP FROM ZYNGA!!! This is a game where you BUY points! You pay money!! And they still will not resolve or help. Do not get pulled into these games. Everyone should ditch them and then maybe they would do something about it! Shame, shame, shame on you Zynga! Companies should not be legally allowed to sell something with no support and no way to contact them.

Sep 29, 2014
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  • Le
      May 01, 2014
    The Facebook & Zynga Podcast, - lack of care for players
    United States

    Dear Support
    You have taken money from my bank account for purchases of zynga poker
    chips that I have not received on several occasions, please settle this
    matter, Also in my early days playing this game you took up to a billion
    chips off me 1 time and 100, 000, 000 another time yet you blame me and
    there's still no reply from you, why??? Now you have taken 5million
    chips off me when I was placed 3rd in the tournament and this is the
    second time???Does anyone deal with these issues, how about looking into all my previous
    complaints for a change and giving me back what is mine?Take a look at this from FORBES!Paul Tassi
    (QUOTE from FORBES:-It’s one thing to interview CEOs. They’ll give you standard answers
    about how everything’s grand and they’re doing everything they possibly
    can to provide the absolute best experience for players and all that.
    But often times, you won’t be able to get past that PR-approved shell,
    and delve into what the company is really all about.
    That’s why I thought it was a good idea to seek out actual players to see what
    they thought of social games giant Zynga, which has been a powerful
    big-seller of virtual items and is planning an almost billion dollar IPO
    imminently, but has had serious problems with its user base over the
    years.One longtime fan I found stood out in particular as being very
    knowledgeable about the brand, and I decided to give him a forum to
    voice his complaints about Zynga, and what he says is representative of a
    host of veteran players dissatisfied with the company, and the
    explanation for why the company is bleeding users, and fails to retain players past a certain point, something that’s a bit unsettling for investors ahead of their upcoming IPO.
    The player’s name is John Sweeney from Treasure Island, Florida. He hosts and owns The Facebook & Zynga Podcast, writes The Facebook & Zynga Blog, He owns a radio station for players called Social Network Radio, he’s a member of Zynga’s Mafia Wars Players Advisory Committee (PAC) and is also the Godfather of a powerful Mafia
    Wars Family called {KOS}. Here’s what he had to say about his experience
    with the company.
    Forbes: Can you talk a little bit about your past involvement with Zynga games? Which did you play? How often?

    Sweeny: I have been an avid player of all of their
    games for over 3 years now. As a member of Zynga’s PAC we all acted as a
    liaison between the players of Mafia Wars and the company (for free).
    We would gather the players input on what issues the players were
    having, bugs in the game, any exploits in the game would be reported to
    be fixed. We would also give feedback to the developmental team on new
    features they were looking to add to the game and in some cases test out
    features before they were released to the entire player base to make
    sure that they worked. Unfortunately they took our feedback but never
    used it in most cases due to upper management.
    What changed your mind about their games? What has your experience been with their support or customer service?

    What has changed my mind is the complete lack of communication from
    them, the lack of respect they show for their players, the failure to
    incorporate good ideas from the player base to improve the game and the
    fact they just over load the players of ALL their games with too much
    content, thus taking the fun away from the GAME. Yes, they are games and
    should be fun, but they’ve made it a job now, not a game.
    As far as my experience with their support staff, it went from really
    bad to really good to back to really bad. The support staff just don’t
    understand the games and the features and have little or no respect for
    the players, in some cases calling the players liars and making the
    player quit because of it. They never fix the game issues they have or I
    should say they fix very few, to be fair. They instead buy the players
    off with reward points or virtual loot items to make them go away. This
    is not to say there aren’t good ones that do honestly try to help, but
    they are very few and far between.
    What do you make of Zynga’s attitude where they don’t seemed concerned about retaining players?

    This really doesn’t surprise me as this has been the way it has
    always been with them and now it has just gotten worse. They have lost
    complete focus on what to do and can’t seem to dig themselves out of it.
    It doesn’t help that management does not support the Zynga staff as
    management’s answer is that every time the DAU ( Daily Active Users)
    goes down throw new content at the players to try to keep them
    interested- which always backfires on them as too much content equals
    a quick spike in DAU followed by a major drop 2 or 3 days later which
    then requires more new stuff to be thrown at the players. It’s a vicious
    never ending cycle, which is why you are seeing their numbers drop like
    they are.

    Do you think anything about their games is exploitative in terms of getting players to come back and keep playing?

    Absolutely ! They make it very easy to get addicted
    to the games because what they do is keep everything nice and fun in
    the beginning, but then you hit a certain plateau or level in the game
    and you find out if you want to continue to advance you need to spend
    money on virtual items. They keep it cheap and limited to just a couple
    of things at first so you say, OK that is cheap enough and it’s fun so
    I’ll do it. Then you hit the next plateau and find things just got more
    expensive and all of a sudden the game features aren’t working right but
    you are still having fun so you do it again. This goes on for awhile
    but then it finally hits the players ‘Why am I spending money on a
    broken game & a FREE game to advance?’ That is when the players quit
    and numbers go down. While I don’t mind Zynga making money on the game
    they need to keep prices low and stop charging for every little
    thing, these are virtual items not tangible items that you actually own
    and it is just a game.
    What problems do you see with them relying so heavily on Facebook for the success of their brand?

    This is a major issue for them. First off Zynga’s name on Facebook is
    really bad, while yes they are still the largest Social Game company
    they are losing market share to other companies which are much smarter,
    have better reputations and have learned very well from Zynga’s
    mistakes. They are locked into a deal with Facebook for another 3 and a
    half years. The new platform Zynga wants to do will never take off
    because they keep losing their customers due to the way they treat
    people, so why would they come there to play games they already hate?
    The fact that Facebook likes to throw temper tantrums to get their way
    when they want something and stop Zynga and players from allowing posts
    to be put on the site from time to time ( which is an important part of
    their games) is another issue. There are many other social sites Zynga
    games are on, but they don’t support them like they do the Facebook
    games so they die because they make the most money from Facebook. Even
    though the other sites don’t take as much money from their virtual items
    sales, it makes you wonder what’s going on. And what happens if
    Facebook decides to restrict them even more? These are social games on a
    social site that isn’t very social anymore. Where is the real growth
    for Zynga ? How will they make money? Relying on one platform for growth
    is just bad business.
    What do you think the way Zynga handles its customers means
    when it comes to the company going public with in IPO? As a player,
    would you invest in them?

    The way I see it is that the IPO will be a short term hit but will
    die very quickly especially if Zynga doesn’t change its ways FAST. When
    you invest in a company you look at everything and how a company deals
    with their customer base is a major factor. Would you invest in a
    company that has no regard for its customers thus making future growth
    next to impossible under the current climate with the company? Sure they
    will now have to answer to more than just their customer base. They
    will have to answer to their shareholders who will demand change. Which
    is why I honestly feel Mark Pincus
    is looking for this final payoff with the IPO and will then sell the
    company so he doesn’t have to deal with the headaches anymore. Whoever
    takes over will have their hands full trying to figure out which way is
    up and have to try to restore the company’s reputation, not to mention
    try to fix all the games issues that have gone untouched for ages and
    what won’t help is the fact that half the staff who work on the games
    and have stock in Zynga are going to be leaving will just make things
    worse not better for the company. So as a player, I would never invest
    in the company in its current state. Well, maybe I will buy a single
    share just so I can go to the shareholder meetings to demand change, but
    then again Pincus doesn’t care anyway, so I guess I will just buy a
    value meal at McDonalds and call it a day.
    So, what to make of all this? Sweeney is clearly a longtime player
    of the company’s games, and one of the rare “paying” customers that
    Zynga desperately needs. But how are they going to double their number of paying customers the way they say they will, if they can’t even keep the ones they have happy?
    A company’s poor customer service does not necessarily make it a bad
    investment. I hear nothing but support horror stories every day coming
    out of EA, but it’s one of the biggest brands in the business and isn’t
    going anywhere. But when you combine poor support with a unfairly
    addictive, disappointing and often broken product? This is the reason
    I’ve never believed Zynga is a good long term bet.
    This might just be one story of one fan, but it speaks to a shared
    experience of many players. Decide for yourself whether you think this
    is a company worthy of your money.I wonder if you will listen now as another loyal player"" maybe I should seek legal advice due to the insurmountable stress you have caused me??Lee On Friday, 18 November 2011 9:24 AM, Lee Coward <[protected]> wrote: Dear PedroI
    don't know how I violated the TOS you mentioned, I'm innocent here, all
    I did was buy chips and the next thing I know they were all but gone?
    Anyway, please don't block my account again, Im hospitalized here and
    this is the only thing I have to pass my time. If you could explain to
    me how I violated the TOS i will ensure it doesn't happen again!Meanwhile I am sorry but thank you for reinstating me.Kind RegardsLee--- On Thu, 17/11/11, Zynga Customer Support <[protected]> wrote:From: Zynga Customer Support <[protected]>Subject: Reply from Zynga Customer Support[ ref:00D6J52i.5006G7oJS:ref ]To: "[protected]" <[protected]>Received:
    Thursday, 17 November, 2011, 5:38 PM
    Hello LEE,

    recently suspended the account due to playing behavior that violates
    our Terms of Service. After a careful review this suspension still
    stands. If
    you choose, you may reinstate your account. Accepting this option
    allows you to have 10% of your chips back up to a maximum of 1, 000, 000
    chips. In order to reactivate your account, please visit our game and carefully follow the instructions. We really appreciate you being a loyal Texas Hold’em player. The Terms of Service are available for review through the link provided below:

    Zynga Player Advocate
    Your Incident # is: 111117-10275960 Discussion ThreadIncident Entry by

    Zynga Customer Portal

    Thu Nov 17 05:25:00 GMT 2011
    SAYING" Your information has been sent to our customer service
    department. We will review your case (est. time 72 hours) and take
    action as necessary"! NOW I CAN'T ACCESS THE GAME AND IT HAS BEEN 5 OR

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  • Su
      Mar 16, 2015

    I had 9, million in coins and lost all money and had to start all over. I have spent a lot of money on this game and I'm very disappointed. I hope you will take care of this asap

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  • Pa
      Nov 02, 2015

    i completed two offers on consumer rewards for a 500 dollar gift card and coins for the caasino. i completed audible and lifelock but nothing

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  • Ki
      Nov 20, 2018

    I had almost 500, 000, 000 coins last night and was at level 71. This morning I have 13, 000, 000 coins and am back at level 1. I want my coins and level back!!!

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