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If you are smart enough to read this site, BEFORE you check in to Highline Medical Center, you are smart enough NOT TO GO to Highline Medical Center. They are a 'regional' hospital with send-out service for most lab tests - a downtown Seattle hospital will have in-house labs [translation: my sister waited FOUR days for a diagnosis of appendicitis while writhing in pain at Highline Medical [appendicitis! easy, right?? NOT for Highline Medical]; by the time the surgeon operated, her appendics had perforated and her recovery IN THE HOSPTIAL BED was one month! Highline Medical rates an 85% on national reviews for ability to diagnosis ailments [not good!most hospitals are getting 98%-100% ratings]. Buyer Beware!

Solution?? Call 911 and zip up to ANY Seattle hospital for better care than this outfit gives.

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  • Dj
      24th of May, 2010

    Terrible care. Incompetent Hospitalists who are Doctors that the hospital assigns to you. You can't have your own Doctor. Just another way for the Hospital to make more money. From my experience these Doctors are arrogant and unbelievably incompetent.

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  • Ji
      25th of Jul, 2010

    there er suck the doctors and nurses are rude they talk trash about right at the end of the bed they will accuse of wanting pain meds even if your in a lot of pain they will accuse of just wanting drugs even after being sent to the er a buy your regular doctor do not go to this place for anything any where is better then here even if you are on the verge of passing away ask to go some where else and also there complaint department will do nothing to help there board of trustees will do nothing and the ceo's office will do nothing to help they all side with the doctors and nurses this hospital needs to be shut down i my self have had a lot problems with them my family has had a lot of problems with them and i also have friends that have had problems with them to also i have post complaints on other sites witch the ceo's office of highline has gotten remove off the other sites a long with other peoples complaints but they keep all the good ones and just got rid of the bad ones

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  • Cg
      15th of May, 2018

    I beg everyone please do NOT see Dr. Ani Fleisig or Highline Medical Center. They employ a doctor, Dr. Ani Fleisig that gave me a bad port, messed up ileostomy and ruined my insides. I now live with a permanent Colostomy bad and no way to reconnect me. My rectum was destroyed by an infection and the scar tissue that was causing me even more pain. Shortly after my release at Highline, still increasing pain, we called her office to see what we can do. One of the front office ladies told me that I should take to aspirin and go to bed. Tried that and didnt work, the pain got worse. Within 6 hours of my release from Highline I was in another Hospital's ER associated with Highline and confirmed I had an extremely bad infection.

    Following next morning the previous hospital recommendations ER visit we called this office again, explaining to the front office staff what happened at the other hospital. Yet again this office recommended I take to Asprin and go to bed. After getting frustrated we asked to speak with the doctor and the staff member came back on the phone after speaking with the doctor and told us the same thing. Luckily we called my Oncologist and staff member asked me to come to the Oncology section of the Hospital complex. They confirmed the other hospital notfied Dr. Any Fleisig of the infection my email. After getting poked numerous times they found out she put the port in wrong, the infection is extremely bad and kept me in their office till I had to be sent to the main Hospital.

    So this Hospital had 5 days to run an infection test but Highline ran no infection tests. Not including the increasing pain medication instead of finding out if something is wrong. By the time I found a doctor with advance training in ileostomy and colostomy surgeries fixed me. Numerous studies show that typical for people to get infections., p07727

    I found out later this doctor doesn not have any education to proform exptremely complex surgeries. Remembering when I first went to her office the staff was very rude and Dr. Fleisig apologized. She has a great review on WebMD for breast reconstruction surgery. Listed she is educated to be a doctor but her lack of after surgery care made me run to my oncologist. Luckily he got out of there but honestly he and his staff saved my life. Many of the staff at the Cancer Center remember how I looked like I was dead.

    If anyone else want more information please contact me. I know other people had issues with Dr. Ani Fleisig or the Highline hospital like this.

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