HFCHarassment over payment date

HFC called me at work because my account was 29 days past due.

I said that I expected to be able to make the payment in another seven days when I got paid, but that I wanted to review my records which were at home to be certain exactly when I could do it.

Basically, I was bullied, badgered and insulted for over 20 minutes, because I said I did not want to commit to an automatic payment date until I went over my finance records which were at home. I was told that they could give me until my second paycheck but I HAD to commit to a date.

The superivisor I spoke to was as disrespectful and threatening as the original caller, saying I had been late before. I pointed out that while I had been late I always made my payments.

At one point the supervisor asked me how I would like it if my employer told me they couldn't tell me when they would pay me. He said that I thought that just because they were a big company I thought I could pay late...etc., etc., etc.

I am guessing these people are paid based on payment commitments. It is small wonder this company is going under.


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