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Deepak Shah this real crook wont spare him at all he is the leader for this dirty trade people i have paid him 5, 00, 000/-rs for a project he charged me.

i have his details people you can find him below address or soon i will post all his details of his current new business he is doing, a new vigilant team is after him all money he is enjoying now will be soon visible to all by taking my money he cannot run away

the main showman Hermonzenes Fernandes so called deepak shahs business developer all his emails have been with me

Hermonzenes Fernandes is another crook Fraud such character shouldn't be spared, he does all work for Deepak Shah

Hermonzenes Fernandes ### does not provide his mobile number as well, but through my contact in INDIA I have cracked his address:

Hermonzenes Stays in Jaffar baba colony bandra west mount merry Mumbai India.

Deepak Shah address shivam building Sion circle near cine max theatre sion Mumbai India

Deepak Shah Wait n Watch the fun Know

Feb 20, 2013
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  • He
      Mar 01, 2013


    BY KEEPING 911 YOU ARE NOT 911, Deepak Shah is not a [censored]ing small baby or kid that you are trying to prove him innocent WITHOUT HAVING EVIDENCE

    you are one of lucky case that you are saved by not paying for this [censored] all process.

    Surat, YOU MENTIONED IN YOUR POSTING, Hear me out this ### apart from Surat all over India Min 5 centers this mother [censored]er Deepak Shah has picked up money and signed contract and then changed.after taking all money and signing physically contracts you cant say that deepak shah has fallen into trap he has put many peoples money in trap

    I have strictly mentioned in my previous posting a vigilant team is after these all people, i guarantee you all let the vigilant team finish their work friends all will be posted soon

    Deepak Shah is a povert ###, son of a ###, Deepak Shah dont try to be innocent i will post all your links In USA soon what current business activities you are doing soon will disclose to all to catch you with all people together

    I Collect USA address is a home address Deepak Shah we know in USA with whom and whose support you played this dirty trade soon that close person of yours in USA will be involved in this matter i very well know where he works with his home address in states and phone numbers

    Salim and other Friends don't go on his emotional talks this deepak shah such a crook doing fake business since 2 years is now trapped well with all his info accurate

    Now Deepak Shah will definitely will try to prove his innocence but listen Deepak Shah you must have thought about this before its too late for you,

    Hermonzenes Fernandes and Samer Gujral these [censored]ers are working for Deepak Shah i hope these ###s might have left him so far or else soon they also will be in trap.

    Hermonzenes Fernandes i will catch you soon in BANDRA your local area your emails are with me mind you, you people have got Deals for this Fraud Master mind Deepak Shah

    You will pay back soon..

    Deepak Shah continue committing Fraud n Scams soon see you at right new place with gang bang BE READY YOU SON OF A ###.


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  • Pa
      Mar 08, 2013

    Hi Everybody,

    JUST STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE, I am surprised to see SAMEER GUJRAL’S & DEEPAK SHAH’S home address here, I am sure anyone can track them easily. Mr. Anjshuabh those details are right and even I can provide you more details and photographs, Anyone can contact me [protected]

    Here DEEPAK SHAH & SAMEER GUJRAL playing some dirty tricks,

    The post which was send by Salim911 and Deepak R Shah done by these crooks itself

    SAMEER GUJRAL & DEEPAK SHAH is a BIG SHAME to INDIAN BPO INDUSTRY. Just greedy liars, who chose to be in the evil side of the life and they does their evil job in evil ways. They make up fake documents (deed of trusts, document-servicing evidences…). They know exactly how to make down each person, who is in need of Voice or Non Voice Projects hardship. They are like fascist Gestapo team working for “chosen” ones:

    This ### SAMEER GUJRAL $ DEEPAK SHAH is a TOTAL CROOK! They are lucky I have family or else I would be very tempted [email protected]#$%!!! I am not against anyone doing his or her job to evict but forging doc's and fake BPO Process is ILLEGAL! This is what these ### do.

    These People rip off your money and give all fake projects which they made it in house, These people doesn’t have any clients (US/UK/AUS) not even having a real office in INDIA or Overseas


    Get a life Mr. SAMEER GUJRAL & Mr. DEEPAK SHAH

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  • Om
      Apr 13, 2014

    Hermonzenes Fernandes Fraud and raja ram sablok, sameer sub chore hain inka yahi kaam hain fraud karna mere bhi 3, 00, 000 cash RTGS transfer hain inke account me. me to bus inko dhoodh raha hu jisdin ye milenge inhe 3, 00, 000 aur dunga and ha police case kiya tha but kuch huaa nahi to mera police se bhi bharosha uth gaya hain .to me karunga jo karna hain .support karo mera mail me @ [protected] mil ke ladenge to jaroor jeetoge bus sub such hona chahiye bhaiyo inhone hume loota hain agar mil jaao to hum inhe chain se jeene nahi denge bus such ke saath raho Bhagwaan humaare saath rahenge Mahabharat me swaym shri Krishna Ne kaha hain Dharm ke saath raho ..abhi inka time hain humaara bhi time aayega dn't take tension abhi humare haatho ye nahi lagenge kyo ki jo saja hum denge uske liye abhi inke apraadh kam hain but ek din jaroor lagenge tub hum inka bahut kuch karenge Dosto Time badalta hain humesa ek jaisa nahi hota dn't worry Mujhe mail karo me btata hu kya karna hain ye INDIA hain Yaha ka kaanoon bahut majedaar hain Asha ram jaise hasti mit gaye to ye kya hain .me bhi insub ka baap hu abhi mujhe thoda free hojaane do Raja, Hermonzenes Fernandes tum bhi yaad karoge...aur haa mera paisa tum legaye to mene bank ka loan nahi bhara so i m not in loss dn't wrry but all of u'll get solid loss ...definitly

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  • Om
      Apr 14, 2014

    dear Hermonzenes Fernandes where r u i want to pay u 3 more lack rs please come to me and collect it asap...

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  • Om
      Apr 19, 2014

    kindly visit this link to knowv the father of Hermonzenes Fernandes they all are great madher chod and ek dusre ki aulaad hain aur inke behno ki bhi shaadi aapas me hi hogi

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